so around a century ago, there was a comic strip called The Outbursts of Everett True, where the titular character saw people being rude jackasses and decided to deal with this harshly and folks a lot of these still hold up perfectly in modern times

but i am delighted to announce

somebody's found the comics about mask-wearing

and They're Good, Folks

(uncaptioned, feel free to help out with descriptions here, i'd appreciate it)

@wigglytuffitout i, too, wish i could activate my laser beams of judgement. but i suppose they must have removed those from humanity sometime between then and now. everything else is the same.

@[email protected]

Everett, wearing a mask: I think it's everybody's duty to help combat the spread of contagion.

Man standing, hands on hips: Well I don't think these muzzles do any good. If a person's going to get it, he's going to get it, and I'm going to take my chances.

Second panel, Everett stands quickly. "Well, then, take a tip from me - wear one and improve the looks of that face - you owe THAT much to the community!!!!"


@[email protected]

The man looks very startled, or perhaps Everett just knocked him into the wall, as his hat is flying in midair.

@sexybenfranklin @wigglytuffitout i regret to inform you he also has opinions regarding socialists

@wigglytuffitout Second comic: 2 panels.

Panel 1: A street. Everett is walking, wearing a mask. A man sees Everett's mask and says, "Haw-haw!! 'Fraid of the 'flu', Everett!"

Panel 2: Inside of a house. A woman has just opened the front door and shouts, "John!" The man from before is walking in. He has a bandage on his head and another wrapped around his face. He is in pain.

(Side note: Condo drew, like, two dozen pineapples on the woman's blouse.)

@wigglytuffitout Third comic: 2 panels.

Panel 1: Everett is walking along the street past a pile of wooden crates. A man walks up to him, going, "A-choo! A-choo!".

Panel 2: Everett is sitting on an upturned crate. The man's hat is beside it. Everett says, "Hey, sonny, run around to the Board of Health and tell them to send the fumigating squad! I've got one of those open sneezing 'flu' spreaders under this box!!" A boy who has already walked out of frame says, "Yes, sir!"

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