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I'm currently the admin supreme on elekk rn (we rotate depending on spoons of the week)

So, please come to me with issues with elekk.

I will respond when I can, but please have patience, i work full-time.

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I realized my last intro post was made over a year ago and isn't really valid anymore.


Hi! I'm Milly!

I'm one of the Admins of Elekk and I would like to think I'm pretty rad. Please DM me with any issues that you are having, either with a user of the instance or with a user off instance that you're afraid of starting beef with. I will glad mediate... or throw the first punch, depending on the situation.

My best friend in the whole world is Rhys (@revolverocelot). We are kinda one unit on things.

If you've heard anything bad about me, the person saying it probably pissed off me or one of my friends, I get testy when I feel one of my friends is being put in a bad spot. Or when I spot a racism.

As it says in my profile, I am Ojibwe, Two Spirit, and on the Ace Spectrum. Use they/them pronouns, please. And don't be icky while posting with me unless you legitimately are a friend.

I am physically disabled and have a few mental and neurological disorders.

I am also a Youth Pastor. Have fun reconciling that.

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I made a kofi account and I have a paypal.

If you ever want to throw money my way for any reason, here they are. I'll be pinning this.

Thank you <3

Love you all.

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Always donate to your favorite charities general fund.

It allows the org to use the money as they NEED and not be confined.

If you say they /have/ to use it for a certain purpose, they legally cannot use it for anything else, even if there is a /desperate/ need.

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I live by the method in my relationships.

If a relationship doesn't bring me joy, I thank it for being in my life when it was needed, and I remove it.

Pev has left the closet and has started to explore the greater room and apartment

milly informed me that sonic has tokidoki toys rn and im screamin

milly gave me naan and this is true friendship

New job, food 

My boss gave me a pint of korma, 2 lamb samosas, 3 sheets of naan, and some ice cream.

I'm so full

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New job, food 

New job threw an ice cream party for me

Also gave me like 10 lbs of Indian food to take home

France isn't leftist you dumb piece of shit lmao France is literally trying to outlaw Islamic practices for "not racist reasons"

New job orientation includes "never comment on a customers gender. It is theirs."

I am missing so many bits with my hustle rn.

Some are even about me

I'm just here, missing them.

Pacha: screams at milly while they are trying to sleep

Milly, unironically: I love cats ♥️♥️♥️

anyway, as i clear out tabs a bit, here is an old joke from twitter where bioware was saying "give us your tshirt ideas for dragon age day!" and i did. can't imagine why neither of mine got picked

Rhys: hi, good morning. Hope work was good

Me: I'm at your front door. Let me in.

Ive woken up from my exhaustion nap and I'm still confused about how the day went


Yesterday i had an interview, and after i already had gotten the job, the gm decided to introduce herself and ask me shit like, this is no joke, "are you sure you can manage wearing a uniform." And "driving is hard sometimes." And "can you prepare food safely"

To "hi you came into to be a server would you like a full-time job with benefits instead?'

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