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I made a kofi account and I have a paypal.

If you ever want to throw money my way for any reason, here they are. I'll be pinning this.

Thank you <3
Please DM me for the paypal if you want it <3

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Always donate to your favorite charities general fund.

It allows the org to use the money as they NEED and not be confined.

If you say they /have/ to use it for a certain purpose, they legally cannot use it for anything else, even if there is a /desperate/ need.

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I live by the method in my relationships.

If a relationship doesn't bring me joy, I thank it for being in my life when it was needed, and I remove it.

Can you all just start paying me to read fanfic?

like, donate to me and let me know which fic you want. I'll read that shit.

I stopped reading for tonight.

but holy shit, it's fucked.

Like, it's fundy level southern baptist bullshit.

it's westboro baptist church level bad.

I will gladly start over form the beginning if enough people join me next time.

holy shit. this "christian" harry potter fanfic is so fucked up.

this horrible fanfic has me talking in a southern accent.

it's horrible.

who wants to read shitty HP fanfic with me real soon?

Thinking of doing the Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles???

this shitty cgi Garfield movie has an extremely nsfw (in text only) unofficial Garfield fan comic in it. You can see it on the door under 2D Garfield.

meta about screenshot dunking 

Help, I don't know whether it's okay to marry an American woman!

meta about screenshot dunking 

"Anti-SJW, anti-bullshit, if you're offended it's you're problem" on someone's profile. Frankly it's great when people save me the job of wondering if they're even worth replying to.

Listening to Game Grumps compilations are the best way to make me smile and laugh out loud when anything makes me sad.

I'm just dying of laughter.

Probably the biggest signifier of privilege is how much and how often you are allowed to make mistakes without catastrophic personal repercussions. And how much you're allowed to hurt others before it's seen as a bad thing

I ranted about how much I love Final Fantasy 9.

(I know that there was a portion of my audio that got dropped. I wrote what was missed in the summary on the site)

As always: is always open to anyone from the culture cousins! Be it from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, be it American or Mixed or Indigenous, whether you speak Spanish or don't, whether you're a few generations removed or an immigrant yourself.

We accept you. We are the people reclaiming a history and identity taken away from us by colonization. We see you and we invite you over. You're our family, too. :vaso:

Fediverse surveillance instance: Fedichive 


Ready to have a fun time comparing the NES and SNES versions of SimCity?

Also, completely related, Soyo Oka is amazing and I love her.

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