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where to find me computer-game-wise -

:ffxivmsq_comp: Calamity Janine on Mateus! (see also !)

:splatoon: on splatoon 2 occasionally!

โš”๏ธ also on Warframe for nintendo switch on occasion, username Harpalyce!

:animal_crossing: AC Pocket Camp friend code 1635 5060 585 !

:poke_go_mystic: Pokego friend code 1990 3912 2833 ! (i usually don't have gifts to send out but feel free to add me anyway if you feel like it!)

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a note on my tagging for CWs:

i may be a little slow to tag for CWs!

i promise this is not intentional dickery! the various medicines i take for my illnesses (including pain meds, etc) mean sometimes i don't brain so good.

i promise it's not malice, and i will always be happy to put cw on things if asked, feel FREE to do so and TELL ME if i've forgotten!

similarly, i often don't have spoons to caption my photos. i hope to soon however, and i welcome help in the meantime if you feel inclined!

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more introductory stuff that i should pin:

1. i have a really cute dog! her name is holly! you'll find me tagging pics of her often with ! ๐Ÿถ

2. i really am getting into fashion as much as spoonie body will allow, and i particularly like ! (NOT touching the fetish aspect of it at all. i just like frilly dresses!) i am working on chronicling my endeavors there at , though it's slow going right now, but we'll get there someday! ๐Ÿ’–

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HOKAY hello world!

and more importantly hello elekk! o/

my name is harp! i'm moving accounts so it's not impossible that some of y'all have already seen me around, as it were.

i'm harp, i'm 30, token cishet girl lol; i'm disabled with chronic pain issues, try my best to be chill and kind, and have computer games as my main hobby alongside (as health allows) writing fanfic, drawing, et cetera!

i came to masto as a tumblr refugee last december and haven't looked back! :>

I'm serious though!!

Rarity = Posh
Pinkie Pie = Scary
Applejack = Ginger
Rainbow Dash = Sporty
Fluttershy = Baby

I can now recognize Toto Africa just from the beginning.

I was in the car and I heard some drums echoing in the night-

Thereโ€™s a segment of ex-fedi users who went back to twitter because they feel masto is too โ€œwoke-poisonedโ€ and I like to call them the โ€œI just donโ€™t understand why I canโ€™t say itโ€ contingent

nothing like waking up to THE GREAT TASTE OF SINUS INFECTION

well, folks, with that last reply... that's it. i've peaked. i've done the best internetting i will ever do. time to log off, hit the showers, and retire to be the pun coach at a local high school but also teach math really badly because they don't have enough money in the budget to let me only be pun coach. try the veal, tip your server, good night and good luck

pokemon swsh spoilers 

honestly when i get more spoons and can do cooking, i would love to make

1. my own sourdough starter, wild caught ofc

2. salt-cured egg yolks

3. raindrop cakes

4. fuck i forgot what i was gonna put for the last one. i was all 'oh i will save the best for last' and of course whoosh there it goes. clean out of my head. thanks, brain, super cool of you. watch me remember within 5 mins of posting this this involves a philosophical approach to soups which i am not prepared for this involves a philosophical approach to soups which i am not prepared for YES I DID KNOW THAT I ALSO WANT TO TRY IT the yolks are the best part, I bet it is DELICIOUS

on that note anyone wanna hear about the old, old, old fallout original settlement i placed as being somewhere in augusta and being disarmingly idyllic (hence why my character was a naiive dumbass) and their brahmin dairy focus with exports of condensed milk and canned cheese and butter BECAUSE YOU CAN PUT CHEESE AND BUTTER IN CANS I LEARNED IT FROM YOUTUBE

honestly i do firmly believe that the only worldbuilding question you will need is "what do breakfast, lunch, and dinner look like in your setting for someone dealing with scarcity, someone of the middling sort, and someone in luxury/with abundance"

and because of that every time i learn cool food shit it accidentally means i want to worldbuild

iceberg lettuce is an abomination tbh. romaine is fine. spinach is fine. baby butter lettuce is also great. iceberg is just water that you can crunch and we already have ice for that

i will also fight you on this one honestly. it's good. it's fucking delicious. please do not make it spicier as i will cry, but chipotles are GOOD. there are few better friends for some chicken tendies or an exceptionally boring salad with a much higher proportion of iceberg lettuce than you were counting on, ok? it's good.

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