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where to find me computer-game-wise -

:ffxivmsq_comp: Calamity Janine on Mateus! (see also !)

:splatoon: on splatoon 2 occasionally!

βš”οΈ also on Warframe for nintendo switch on occasion, username Harpalyce!

:animal_crossing: AC Pocket Camp friend code 1635 5060 585 !

:poke_go_mystic: Pokego friend code 1990 3912 2833 ! (i usually don't have gifts to send out but feel free to add me anyway if you feel like it!)

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a note on my tagging for CWs:

i may be a little slow to tag for CWs!

i promise this is not intentional dickery! the various medicines i take for my illnesses (including pain meds, etc) mean sometimes i don't brain so good.

i promise it's not malice, and i will always be happy to put cw on things if asked, feel FREE to do so and TELL ME if i've forgotten!

similarly, i often don't have spoons to caption my photos. i hope to soon however, and i welcome help in the meantime if you feel inclined!

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more introductory stuff that i should pin:

1. i have a really cute dog! her name is holly! you'll find me tagging pics of her often with ! 🐢

2. i really am getting into fashion as much as spoonie body will allow, and i particularly like ! (NOT touching the fetish aspect of it at all. i just like frilly dresses!) i am working on chronicling my endeavors there at , though it's slow going right now, but we'll get there someday! πŸ’–

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HOKAY hello world!

and more importantly hello elekk! o/

my name is harp! i'm moving accounts so it's not impossible that some of y'all have already seen me around, as it were.

i'm harp, i'm 30, token cishet girl lol; i'm disabled with chronic pain issues, try my best to be chill and kind, and have computer games as my main hobby alongside (as health allows) writing fanfic, drawing, et cetera!

i came to masto as a tumblr refugee last december and haven't looked back! :>

@wigglytuffitout I see anyone spreading this bullshit Imma do more than punch them, Imma straight-up tombstone piledrive their ass

You also fight Hobbes, a bot that tries to make us part of his experiments before we rebel and destroy him πŸ‘€

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my favorite part of the Nier raid in ffxiv is that the Marx and Engels bosses are factories that make more robots.

That’s right.

They’re literally the means of production

i am sure that @FirstProgenitor is way ahead of me, but i did notice on th' youtubes that

there's a fresh episode of monster factory doing code vein


i'm going to go rent a pressure washer to clean out my sinuses

gates to my island are back open if people want to come over and have a look-see at what my shops are selling! the dodo code this time is L86HX @katrani :D


I made a Coloring Book for my DnD Monster Inktobers! I LOVE how these guys turned out! They are absolutely available for sale on my Etsy now!

If you’ve ever wanted to buy work from me, now is a VERY good time as all of my conventions for this season have been cancelled! Purchasing through my etsy is the main way I’m making a living atm and it helps a lot!
#art #mastoart #coloringbook #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #illustration #monsters #artforsale #etsy


note: this includes Dr. Oz.

if anything, it is ESPECIALLY dr. oz, because dear lord

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now on a totally different note, here's a really bad lewd idea! 

i am absolutely serious about the punching. this is shit that's gonna get people killed. this is shit that probably HAS gotten people killed ALREADY.

this is not just a silly-billy widdle rumor, this is somebody attempting to kill disabled folks. maybe intentionally, maybe duped into it, people being dead is the result either way.

fuckin deck them! thanks!

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hey folks, please do me a favor, since apparently this is confirmed to be an actual rumor people are actually believing in and passing along.

having does not give you immunity to / / .

if anything it's deadass opposite. people with lupus are immunocompromised and are more likely to be hit really hard, dangerously so, by the disease. especially with medications they need being denied to them.

if you see anyone spreading this bullshit, please punch them.

my tailor shop has a really cute halter-top tuxedo dress in stock along with lace socks (also pj's/spa band hair, and uhh a worrying quantity of cowboy stuff) if anyone wants to stop on by! (flower seeds today are red pansies, white hyacinths, white tulips, yellow hyacinths, yellow pansies, and yellow tulips as well!)

the dodo code is 7QGLR !

yes this is because i'm looking at the face masks i had around and going 'hmmm' because a, they're 'winter weight' with fleece lining, and b, they're kinda smallish. my sister left behind a huge stash of quilting fabric, might as well make something with it since thanks to covid we're gonna be in face masks for a bit

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so i may be resorting to remembering how to do some hand stitching, but i also have made the bad life choice of ordering one of those handheld sewing machines

i know they are crap compared to a real sewing machine, but:

1. trust me when i say it is much better than my hand stitching

2. shoulder broke and this is how i can most reasonably sew one-handed because holy shit you do not know how shoulder-intense working with a sewing machine is until YOU'RE DOING IT AND IT IS BAD

@wigglytuffitout Just going to late out leave the White Mages by their shitty tree, I've got a carbuncle.

in which a wigglytuff is extremely cynical 

in which a wigglytuff is extremely cynical 

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