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where to find me computer-game-wise -

:ffxivmsq_comp: Calamity Janine on Mateus! (see also !)

:splatoon: on splatoon 2 occasionally!

⚔️ also on Warframe for nintendo switch on occasion, username Harpalyce!

:animal_crossing: AC Pocket Camp friend code 1635 5060 585 !

:poke_go_mystic: Pokego friend code 1990 3912 2833 ! (i usually don't have gifts to send out but feel free to add me anyway if you feel like it!)

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a note on my tagging for CWs:

i may be a little slow to tag for CWs!

i promise this is not intentional dickery! the various medicines i take for my illnesses (including pain meds, etc) mean sometimes i don't brain so good.

i promise it's not malice, and i will always be happy to put cw on things if asked, feel FREE to do so and TELL ME if i've forgotten!

similarly, i often don't have spoons to caption my photos. i hope to soon however, and i welcome help in the meantime if you feel inclined!

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more introductory stuff that i should pin:

1. i have a really cute dog! her name is holly! you'll find me tagging pics of her often with ! 🐶

2. i really am getting into fashion as much as spoonie body will allow, and i particularly like ! (NOT touching the fetish aspect of it at all. i just like frilly dresses!) i am working on chronicling my endeavors there at , though it's slow going right now, but we'll get there someday! 💖

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HOKAY hello world!

and more importantly hello elekk! o/

my name is harp! i'm moving accounts so it's not impossible that some of y'all have already seen me around, as it were.

i'm harp, i'm 30, token cishet girl lol; i'm disabled with chronic pain issues, try my best to be chill and kind, and have computer games as my main hobby alongside (as health allows) writing fanfic, drawing, et cetera!

i came to masto as a tumblr refugee last december and haven't looked back! :>

don't try to make paprikash solely with smoked paprika though you will end up with it just punching you in the mouth and not being able to taste any-fucking-thing else.

doing like 1/3 smoked paprika and 2/3 regular for paprikash is fuckin gr8 tho

more worldly cooking tip:

smoked paprika is fucking amazing

get some. trust me. it has a fantastic meaty umami quality that normal paprika doesn't. put that shit on fried eggs, you will thank me later. also makes tuna salad et cetera fucking godly.

get on the smoked paprika train, it's fucking lifechanging

here's your exceedingly white-ass cooking tip:

yknow the french fried onions people put on green bean casserole? put them on your oven-baked mac and cheese instead of breadcrumbs. shit's fucking nice, especially if you've used real sharp cheddar in the mac n chz

@wigglytuffitout here, this toot, just now, this is the first time that the dead, murder-stare of your avatar finally appeared to me as itself instead of adorable joy

i have decided to succumb to the mayonnaisey embrace of the pea salad

in case you've wondered just how white i am today, i am currently sitting here trying to talk myself out of going and eating a bunch of english pea salad* as a 2am snack because i know it is in the fridge and i know it is delicious and I Wants It

*this but no bacon and with pimentos instead of onion

i need to get up and get my evening meds but my dog is asleep on me so i am going to be trapped here forever

During the Banquet of Cats you meet Poke Ptaszynski, a genderfluid wood machinist.

"harp," you may say, "is this just a scheme to make people inclined to make this joke pay penance via expensive kitchenware to the victims of their jokes? is this some sort of williams-sonoma based reparations scheme?"

i mean, yeah, but like... i'm also not wrong. pan people who hear that joke constantly deserve a nice bit of cast iron kitchenware for the burden of such an experience

bad flirting idea:

upon finding a pansexual person, make the requisite "so you're into kitchenware, right?"

but then write your number on the card you attach to a really good le crueset enamel dutch oven, and/or preseasoned cast-iron skillet. if you immediately apologise for the joke with really nice kitchen shit, they might let it slide and even be charmed in the "he a little confused, but he got the spirit" way

jim sterling is the one person i watch on youtube i'd most like to go to waffle house with at 2am when we're both a bit tipsy, and i mean that in the most sincerely complimentary way possible

in my finding nemo fish trying to say anemone voice: it's a kemenomemoni. A kememememni. A kemenamenami. A...a kemonomimi

I wish i was 10 again and every single videogame i played was the best game ever

I'm chasing the high of a scholastic book fair, or the plasticy smell of a gamestop at a mall before the depression, and im failing

ah yes it's the relateable mood of

i am clean but at what cost

LB mintbot keeps saying fuck 9S and I don't know why but i absolutely agree

it's a good concept ok

note: this doesn't work on sidon because he just slings good guy ganon over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes

i should actually write or at least outline my stupid shippy botw fic at some point, just so i can inflict on you all the mental image of good-guy-ganon being the romantic equivalent of one of those dogs who are way too big to be lap dogs but know with absolute certainty that they are lap dogs and are going to sit in your lap now, except instead of a great dane it's a lanky gerudo man doing this to the two hylians in the polycule

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