TIL that in the US, you can get advertisers to stop sending you physical mail by telling the post office "that you, *in your own discretion*, believe [the advertisements] to be 'erotically arousing or sexually provocative.'" (Emphasis mine.)

USPS and the advertiser are not legally allowed to contest this.

So if you tell them that CreditOne mailings just make you *too horny*...

@noelle i'm sorry but coupons and savings are just too hot. please never tempt me with redplum again

@noelle @KitRedgrave shuffling up in an overcoat and a wide brimmed hat pulled low to hide my features, furtively browsing the magazines for their coupon sections, sweating profusely

@Elizafox @noelle "Dear Bill Collectors:
Please stop sending me Findom in the post"

@noelle ...Sigh. Because apparently they can't just do a "no solicitation" list like they have for phone numbers.

@KitsuneAlicia I mean, the no solicitation list has always been purely voluntary and therefore never respected, so this is better *in a way*?

wait nvm apparently it's not voluntary. I could've sworn it was. Maybe it used to be?

@noelle you know, some of the wilder credit card ads I've seen have literally put *cologne/perfume* inside the envelope. it's definitely some creepy corporate idea of a seduction ritual.

@noelle this sounds like an effective way to get most of your mail misdelivered by a carrier

(I hate how much discretion mail carriers have in not delivering mail)

@noelle i just have this thing with variable interest rates STOP KINKSHAMING ME

@noelle, for credit card offers, I would take everything in the offer and send it back with the provided pre-stamped envelope (not filled out and maybe with some extra trash). For quite some time the offers increased, but eventually I stopped receiving them. The second to last one I received didn’t include an envelope, which I saved until the next one which included an envelope. I shoved both offers in the envelope and sent it back. It was somewhat of a fun game for me.

@noelle Why is america like this? In germany you can just put a *no advertisements* sticker on your mailbox. And if you still receive ads you can go to court.

USPS vs corporations 

USPS vs corporations 

USPS vs corporations 

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