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If you have an issue with Elekk and for any reason you can't contact me, please contact @alice (@c0debabe) or @TheShyIon (@theshyion). Both of them have admin access to the Elekk front-end and Alice has SSH access to the back end in case anything goes wrong.

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Common CW abbreviations I use:

* mh: mental health
* ph: physical health
* alc: alcohol
* pol: politics, sometimes plus locale, like:
* uspol: United States politics
* pda: public display of affection
* nsfw: not safe for work (this is rare, I prefer more specificity)

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How to contact me:

Email: noelle.d.anthony AT gmail
Discord: joyeusenoelle#5565
Telegram: Joyeusenoelle

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Today I learned about r/Retconned, which is like r/MandelaEffect except in r/Retconned it's forbidden to suggest that the timeline *isn't* being secretly altered by superpowered beings just to fuck with people.

Just a reminder that since the Super Mario Bros were delivered by stork, they were not of woman born and could defeat Macbeth in single combat

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When I woke up, I thought for a moment that I was in my old room in Maryland, and tried to get out of the wrong side of the bed. This naturally resulted in me rolling into a wall. So that's how my day is going so far.

I'm :gay: :gay: :gay: :gay: :gay: :gay: :gay: :gay: :so_gay:


Ah yes, that's exactly what I remember the plot of The Secret of Monkey Island being.

Ben Walsh filed a FOIA request for the infamous NROL-39 logo and got a high-res PDF in response:

If any of you have considered throwing money my way, today's a good time, because I'm about to cash out from PayPal.


Middle Earth actually had a second set of well-known rings. Although not as powerful at the main set, these were certainly nothing to shake a finger at. Silver in color, they, like their gold counterparts were usable by anyone. Their only real power was the ability to provide near instant long-distance communication. At first this would seem good. Unfortunately anyone with a ring had a chance to intercept the message. Those that knew, called it "The Tolkien Ring Network"

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women's clothing suggestions :boost_ok:​ 

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