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If you have an issue with Elekk and for any reason you can't contact me, please contact @alice (@c0debabe) or @TheShyIon (@theshyion). Both of them have admin access to the Elekk front-end and Alice has SSH access to the back end in case anything goes wrong.

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Common CW abbreviations I use:

* mh: mental health
* ph: physical health
* alc: alcohol
* pol: politics, sometimes plus locale, like:
* uspol: United States politics
* pda: public display of affection
* nsfw: not safe for work (this is rare, I prefer more specificity)

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How to contact me:

Email: noelle.d.anthony AT gmail
Discord: joyeusenoelle#5565
Telegram: Joyeusenoelle

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"You know, they say if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. ... I'm sorry, I don't know where that came from. Go ahead." - Statler, to Waldorf

say what you need an introductory guide to why computer fairies meme: rotate the potate

Is your child texting about ?

BTW: Before The (Clone) Wars
AFK: Another Fast Kessel (Run)
STFU: Sith Totally Freed the Universe
NBD: No Bothans Died
FOMO: Fear Of the Mandalorian Order
SMH: Smuggler's Merchandise Hatch
WTF: Wookiees Talk Funny

deciding exactly which group chat(s) to send which funny link is the most delicate art of our age

Unfortunately, I have ended the session as a T-Rex; when Polymorph fades I'll be a bard with 10 HP left and taking 1d10 necrotic damage for every spell level I cast. >_< @Crash

The trouble with high-level campaigns: I may have just derailed @Crash 's D&D campaign with a single well-worded Wish. >_>;;

I'm starting to worry that this campaign is going to fail. I've gone days without a backer and it's really demoralizing.

If you folks wouldn't mind... most of my support comes via birdsite ( I know... :blobsad: ) so if you could check out my professional account there and boost anything you like it'd be much appreciated.


Soon, it will be time for kobolds vs. dragons.

Me: I don't really get the idea of paying a dungeon master to DM for you

Me: I want to Tabletop but I don't want to DM and everyone I know also doesn't want to d-ah

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