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If you have an issue with Elekk and for any reason you can't contact me, please contact @alice (@c0debabe) or @TheShyIon (@theshyion). Both of them have admin access to the Elekk front-end and Alice has SSH access to the back end in case anything goes wrong.

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Common CW abbreviations I use:

* mh: mental health
* ph: physical health
* alc: alcohol
* pol: politics, sometimes plus locale, like:
* uspol: United States politics
* pda: public display of affection
* nsfw: not safe for work (this is rare, I prefer more specificity)

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How to contact me:

Email: noelle.d.anthony AT gmail
Discord: joyeusenoelle#5565
Telegram: Joyeusenoelle

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if anyone wants a book cover designed
please let me help you

trying to follow this and i triple checked it and i'm following everything perfectly but right after the beos boot splash screen it crashes. help please?

i dunno about ALL computers being gay but the ones i build certainly fuckin are

I'm gonna take that one panel from "Amigara Fault", paint work clothes over the guy, and replace "hole" with "job", and then use that as my resume cover letter from now on

hey, subs

you are allowed to say "i cannot do that"
your owners do not have the final day on what happens
you are the last line of consent, and you are allowed to reverse consent at any point
your owner should love you, not make you scared to defy them

when maple gets new kicks that means byte's installed floofier pawbs on byte's legs

I really wish Duolingo (and similar programs like Rosetta Stone) worked better for me. Unfortunately, I just don't learn as well through immersion as I do through the classic "vocabulary and inflection patterns" method. My brain wants to know how the language works and what the parts are, not just sentence repetition and "if you pick the wrong answer enough eventually you'll stumble onto the right one".

the eternal problem of people thinking that the protagonist of the LoZ games is an elf named Zelda tells us all one very important thing

children think that a girl being the sword-wielding protagonist of an RPG is perfectly fucking normal

so! a new project i'm working on is a #MastoTips guide!

i've got the basics down, and i'm still organizing a little and formatting

i will continue to add as i go, and you can suggest things or add them yourself (esp for things i don't use/don't know about) as long as you're not a doink about it

you can also suggest guides/things to include at the end

"...that's why it seems the world has gone crazy. It's a real mindfuck to realize that your most basic fundamental moral values (like 'lying is wrong') are not shared by everyone."

I wonder how many people who love Invader Zim are familiar with Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

(This is not condescending, I'm genuinely curious how well-known Jhonen Vasquez's earlier work is among his Zim fans.)

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