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Common CW abbreviations I use:

* mh: mental health
* ph: physical health
* alc: alcohol
* pol: politics, sometimes plus locale, like:
* uspol: United States politics
* pda: public display of affection
* nsfw: not safe for work (this is rare, I prefer more specificity)

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How to contact me:

Email: noelle.d.anthony AT gmail
Discord: joyeusenoelle#5565
Telegram: Joyeusenoelle

author death 

Storm Constantine, author of the Wraeththu series of books, has died at the age of 64. I hope that the earth rests lightly upon her, but I'm also quietly grateful that we don't have to deal with any more Wraeththu books.

someone who easily gets excited or intoxicated is turntable

FYI: one of my old bots now lives at @monsterbot13, where she's been forcibly rebooted and refreshed, and has been scrubbed of references to anyone else she was associated with.

I'm not going to be around for a while. You all take care of yourselves. Please be better than I've been, and do good in the world as much as you can. I have faith in you, and I'm sorry for all the times I've let you down.

@meemu Would you please email me at noelle.d.anthony AT gmail? I don't want to overstep your boundaries, but I am given to understand that we might mutually benefit from a less-public conversation.

@katja I don't know if you'll receive this, but: I made a bad decision last night, and I apologize. You deserve better than what I gave you.

I would like someone to please take Elekk off my hands. I am struggling to be its voice and maintainer.

gosh dang it I was going to go to bed like an hour ago

I'll be real: I'm as white as you can get. My ancestry, as far as I know, is England, Ireland, France, and the Netherlands. I have olive skin, and I've been mistaken for Greek in Greece, but as far as I know I have no ancestry other than those four nations. This is why I seek the counsel of people who have different heritage than I - and heritage to whom the modern and semi-modern world has not been kind. It would be irresponsible of me not to do so, and I'm grateful for the different perspectives my friends and fellow admins afford me.

baseball, death 

Holy cow, Tommy Lasorda died yesterday. SETL.

In this case: "Oh, interesting 'Brinstar' remix... and you've decided to put the Standard Rock Drum Beat under it, no thank you."

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Sometimes I come across a song on Youtube that I've apparently only listened to for 15 seconds or so, and think, "huh, I wonder why I stopped listening to it".

and then I get 15 seconds in and say "oh, that's why."

It's still weird to me that the Metroid title theme is in Bb Major.

re: questionable content, spoilers for old comics 

(Sadly, 2262 is not evenly divisible by 741, and 741 strips before 2262 is 1521, which is just the group partying with Marten's dad. But 741 before that (780) is the first time Faye and Angus meet outside of Coffee of Doom. We have not yet reached 4485 (3744+741); I hope nothing bad happens then!)

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questionable content, spoilers for old comics 

This is either extraordinary planning on Jeph Jacques's part or an astonishing coincidence.

This is the final panel of strip 2262. 741 strips later (3003), Bubbles makes her first appearance. 741 strips after that (3744), Faye and Bubbles admit their feelings for each other and kiss for the first time.

there are old compresses, and there are cold compresses, but there are no old cold compresses

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