If you ever think for an instant that misogyny in gaming is new, remember that there was an uproar when the Queen was added to chess in Europe because she was a "powerful female figure".

@noelle reminded of this extremely good comic back when gamergate was a thing

@noelle no one tell fifteenth century gamergate that in most languages other than english, the "men" in draughts are promoted to "ladies" rather than "kings"

@noelle dost thou fucking shit me comrade?

jesus christ, men were a mistake. alright guys, pack it in. factory recall. we fucked it too hard this time.

@noelle Can you point me to the original tooter or the original source? I would like to read more about this.

@noelle chess is the perfect metaphor for gaming in general because it didn't matter what's going on with the rest of the board, it's game over when the little man up the back gets upset.

@noelle that's just something that... Never crossed my mind... Though.. Seeing how big of a bunch of bastards these people were.. It makes a perfect sense :c

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