@noelle It's an artpiece and not actually workable, but still

@noelle I'm so happy cars can now be bound in place, like a demon.

@noelle I better the owner of that car would be pretty salty

@InspectorCaracal @noelle I mean, in order to pull it off, you'd need to somehow draw a circle around a car while it's driving

if it's parked someone's just going to mess up the circle when they get in

@noelle @InspectorCaracal I feel like someone might notice you spreading salt around their car

caps lock was used in this post 


i wonder if humans might feel slightly sorry for a confused #AI.

One way to pull something like this off would be to jam the navigation system. Most self-navigating cars use Lidar which doesn't do so well in torrential rain or snow white outs. Using similar technology to snow up the Lidar would be very cyberpunk, indeed.

@noelle Between this and "Phase of Moon bugs", I wonder if the robot apocalypse is going to be like digging up occult tomes of legacy bugs, like researching weird monster weaknesses in Chronicles of Darkness or the like.

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