i took a break right now and need to go eat something but i'll open my island again in a few. kicks is here today and he's selling purses and backpacks if you want!

me now, realizing that every dude in tokyo mew mew sucked but i guess that was the payoff for the girls being so good

going through my dream log from high school and dying at the few months where vega from street fighter just showed up for no reason

we can be locked down for another 30 days and i still won't finish KH3

lyrics, caps 

felt compelled to draw a gijinka of phoebe from animal crossing since she was one of my starters

i went on a 4 hour discord call instead of taking my usual noon nap and it was fun but i'm so sleepy

i'm so happy ACNH has a flexible character editor so i could make this happen but i decided to replicate human/exo-skin jenny from MLAATR in AC

scratch that it's a conversion mistake so it's really 60 but that is an absurd amount of money for DLC

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oh my god P5R's DLC pack is 90 bucks??? isn't it supposed to be the complete version what the shit

covid - 

i'll open sooner actually, i'll just be afk while i monch

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able sisters is open in my town btw, and i just went nuts buying so many clothing alts that i can finally put together some wand outfits.

i'll be opening my gate around 8PM EST so like... 10-15 minutes, just gotta eat first

do you like pop'n music? no? well too bad because i drew a whole bunch of it the other night

brain has smoothened from focusing on something at 4am so much that i was browsing MZD's wiki page for an art ref and saw a bottom comment from someone that said" go white boy go" and i lost my damn shit

youtube.com/watch?v=QAPo-g-m8_ sketching out a bunch of pop'n music characters to the OSTs and i'm obsessed all over again

youtube.com/watch?v=QsbTflpZ22 every time i watch a video of a pro player doing the EX/hell 14 version of this song in pop'n my damn jaw drops

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