does "weathering with you" follow the shinkai formula of looking absolutely gorgeous but having a real boring white bread romance between teens that takes up more than half the time? after "your name" his movies might just not be for me any more

my phone has a very weird idea about who it thinks people are

sora: anyone can cook!!!! (fucks up the egg mini game for the 50th time)

i wish there was a ratatouille level in KH3 only because i would pay to have linguini completely removed from that whole plot and replaced with sora. i did not like him fjhdabbsdh


the only other KH character that is on the same brain wavelength as sora is GERALD, especially when he ignored those two birthday cakes that got eaten when he turned around

overslept a bit today and had a dream about donkey kong, today's mood has been set

β€œsuch power...will you be the one to follow in my footsteps?β€œ

i'm really never going to get over @FlynnAndTonic narrating the KH3 ending while the SH2 dog song plays in the bg and @mint is having a conniption at the same time

here it is. the epic conclusion of the kingdom hearts saga in all of its glory.

i need to draw this as GERALD and buff riku or else i can't die peacefully

sat down with pokemon SWSH for a few hours last weekend and made it up to before circhester gym. kinda cleaning through it with minimal captures but that's ok bc i just wanna finish it and get at least one game off of my pending list

pokemon swsh spoilers 

i want to recapture the feeling i had when i was 14 and saw the opening cinematic to KH2 and heard the "aha ah ahhh ah", but i never will

ok i take it back more RPGs should implement a giant pizza cutter as a weapon

if i ever met zach aguilar i would need to record him saying "the bell doesn't dismiss you, I DISMISS YOU" in byleth's voice

and i want to remind you all that the line up to get in to watch inside the store begins the day before. so people slept outside in the freezing cold just for that reveal, i honestly feel bad fhdjdjdj

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