oh and i made a discovery today: GERALD is figma rideable

fun fact: today's the day i made mint! i checked the creation date for when i saved her first design. below is the first piece of art i ever got of her!

it is weird that it's been a year since i made this cute green girl, feels like it's been forever. at first i felt silly for putting so much effort into making her but mastodon's enthusiasm for her and how y'all just rolled with it was a big part in why i like this place so much πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

MLAATR's 16th anniversary was a few weeks ago, so i put together some jenny doodles in CSP a while ago. i still love this show after all this time...

kinda hornt 

ohhh and an update on my lil thaumaturge viera. she still wants cool clothes

that being said, i'm pleased to announce that i finally found a counter for when al uses carlslurp.jpeg: zidenny

apologies for the hiatus from here and discord. it turns out i'm fuckin shit at balancing a lot of social media accs

ugly gamer dude shit 

harassment, creep friend 

oh hey, turns out an old friend of mine that i dropped for having a gut feeling he was a creep was actually one and he was pulling manipulative and sex pest shit in his friend group. good fucking riddance LMAO

health, exercise junk 


he's definitely gonna judge the hell out of our living space because it's decorated with nothing but nerd shit uhhh sorry dad us millenials need a picture of max dressed as powerline hung up and a case full of dragonball figures to continue going on in this economy

my dad is finally visiting my bf and i's place tomorrow and instead of relaxing on this nice saturday night i'm freaking out and cleaning everything before tomorrow

whenever cindy calls noctis and friends or appears onscreen i HAVE to reference that spongebob bit where sandy pretended to be really stupid to be petty as hell and goes "weEEEEYLLLL HOOOWW-DEEEEEEY!"

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