anyone know how to do change a username on here? going through with my rebrand tonight and i'm lost lol

buaner going around amaurot except it's the spongebob episode rock bottom

dammit google play stops operating in october and i really don't wanna use youtube music FUCK

(changes to culinarian) hey guys welcome to binging with buaner

people are apparently complaining that dunkin brought the pumpkin spice iced coffee out too early and it's like y'all. everyone is fucking miserable, if having pumpkin coffee can bring someone an iota of joy in this hellscape, who even cares

it originally was going to involve the spanish word for burger but i can't think of a pun with it sadly so i'll just go with it in english

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i think i finally settled on a long term handle! will probably start changing all of my socmedia stuff tonight then

one part of the song that plays in here reminds me of a drum n bass track from my library but i can't remember which one and it's driving me nuts

shadowbringers location spoiler 

me getting a ticket to go back to new jersey from grand central station

square: loz... i heard you like art deco themed cities...

me: omg square you didn't!!!

shadowbringers location spoiler 

greetings from manhattan

wish you were here

shadowbringers spoilers, nsfw text 

buaner after this scene: (furiously googling "how to peg a ghost himbo")

i hope that mcdonald's employee who threw the ice cream cone back into the car of the two annoying white girls who were trying to film an extremely overdone and unfunny tiktok prank video is having a great day

mint told me not to look at the guide for crown of the immaculate and i was like UH OH WHY.... and now i'm cackling

who wants to do crown of the immaculate with me πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

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