I don't suppose there are any people around familiar with Nginx.

's SSL cert failed to renew, and I know exactly why, but I don't know how to fix Nginx's configuration to do what I want.

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Trying to figure out what the "resubscribe" button does... I was going to try it, but then I get a dialogue asking me if I'm sure, like maybe this is a potentially dangerous action and I should know what I'm doing -- which, of course, I don't. <.<

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Image transferred. THIS MESSAGE WILL SELF-DESTRUCT IN... well, however long it takes to finish setting up the server so I have an IP address for it, and then getting the IP address change to propagate...

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I don't spoze there's anyone receiving this who knows much about the sysadmin level of Masto, Ruby, or Rails?

I'm trying an experiment, and I haz a question, and all the people I'd normally go to are (presumably) asleep.

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TOOT.CAT UPDATE (...for all the crickets)

toot.cat's SSL cert expired yesterday (Saturday) morning. I was finally able to get in touch with Briar Rose yesterday evening, and the domain is now transferred to my control but I don't yet have the site data.

So... toot.cat will be back as soon as this can be accomplished.

Today's just a day for outages -- first toot.cat, and now selected Discord servers. <disgruntled face>

I guess that's because of HSTS, which says that browsers mustn't...

Pale Moon (at least, the version I'm using -- 27.6.1) apparently ignores HSTS, however.

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Ack, toot.cat's SSL certificate apparently just expired.

And Firefox now helpfully won't let me override that and connect anyway.

unpopular take 

No more xmas and no more cats, please. I was doing much better without either of them.

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i need help

i am out of money and out of time

please share if you can't contribute

i hate begging but please please please help me stand up against these people who are trying to destroy me for standing up to them.


...yyyess, that's better.

Maybe the parenthetical should go in the biog. Yeah.

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Profile edit: avatar perfectly centered over background

Profile view: avatar just a bit above center of background, because text below and such I guess.

Oh whatever...

A little off to the right, too... I think that's my bad, though; should be fixable. "Alf a mo'...

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