hey! I made transparent, separated images of all of the icons for the animal crossing: new horizons reactions for easy use as personal icons/instance emojo/etc!

thanks to spriter's resource submitter ziella for the spritesheet I got them from:

everyone feel free to steal these from me without credit. I didn't design them, or rip them, all I did was separate them lol. just don't rat on me

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did this for a friend's private discord and remembered that like. had the acnl ones and a few other instances did too, but I wasn't sure if anyone's done the new horizons ones yet

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also if anyone adds these to their instance please @ me with them so I can see how they look!!

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@woomy oh fuck i've been looking for a general sprite rip for acnh for a while so thank you for linking to that too!!

@vagabondsun np! honestly was a little surprised that spriters resource already had it but definitely not in a bad way

Adding this to the instance in a few minutes, thanks @woomy !


bon je sais pas si la catégorie dans laquelle j'ai mise est opti, dites moi les gens de l'instance x)

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