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my pronouns 

I'd most prefer a/am pronouns. if you've never heard of them, that makes sense, because I made them up. thought they sounded cool. they're pronounced like how they look. here's how to use them:

next favorable are splat pronouns. although please never attempt to say them out loud, or just like. pretend to make a censor bleep noise with your mouth, I guess? these are meant to be used in text only:*e/h*/h*s/h*s/h*sel

after that, I still like being referred to without pronouns, by name, or with other roundabout non-pronoun words

now that I have pronouns in place, there should be no grammatical issues from trying to avoid pronouns. so never refer to me by they, he, or she. "it" isn't really mine to take as far as I'm aware, but I'm not against it. it still ranks far below no pronouns, though.

why would you get ANY tattoo done for a tiktok meme anyways

set up a dummy twitter so i can finally transfer nintendo screenshots :ACNH_Showmanship:

cringe is a defense mechanism against acknowledging the full breadth and force of your own well of unwilled desire

i have good news, everyone:

alie brosh of hyperbole and a half fame has not only returned, but with a vengeance, and is now published in the new yorker.

the story is about a poop mystery

the preview is, incidentally, my favourite panel of it

im getting extra ribs added to my ribcage so i can't even suck other people's dicks


it's mallomars season so obviously there are 7 boxes of it in the house

i dont really need/want faster internet or higher definition video

the bookmark feature is for saving the music people link to on here for when I'm sitting down listening to music. nothing else

sunshine is also over. I accidentally played it too long and now it's almost 1a

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This one weird belief a fool has- the wise men DON'T want you to know! Click NOW to recreate what has yet to be created!

my cover of What a Fool Believes by the Doobie Brothers out now for Bandcamp Friday. i play a real cowbell in it!

what should I do before work

in super mario 3D all stars he says "so long straight bowser" instead

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