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decided I am just gonna board up this account--follow for my art posts and/or @toroidal for regular posts

decided I am just gonna board up this account--follow for my art posts and/or @toroidal for regular posts

decided I am just gonna board up this account--follow for my art posts and/or @toroidal for regular posts

lutris also is giving errors that it hides too quickly when I try to put in one of the installers. so I guess I'm not playing this lol

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do you like shirts and mousepads and stickers with weird art on them??

WELL redbubble is having a 20% of everything sale and i have stuff up on redbubble!

use code SHOPTEMBER at checkout


#mastoart #nightcrew

someone: and what's your name

me: (realising i left my 'what's my name' cheat sheet home) uhhhh

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mutual aid request for a Black transperson 

An acquaintance of mine could use some help to keep them in their housing for next month. any little bit helps!
venmo: @liberationforall
cashapp: $vsunnymoon
paypal: @sunyatax
and their gofundme:

now that that's done, I'm still kinda thinking about playing ffxiv for the fishing and mahjong. but idk if I feel like figuring out WINE compatibilities and shit. anyone have any experience with playing it on linux?

I was going to make this look dirtier but the render time started shooting way up and I wasn't paying attention to what I had done to make it take so long. so it looks a little cleaner than I wanted. but still, I think it looks Okay

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might be close to moving on to camera tweaking and compositing now

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be on the clock when you go to the bathroom

if i was a terrestrial isopod and i had multiple romantic partners, we would be in a roly-polycule

if anyone was curious: (long) 

the original tutorial uses the effect that gives me a stepped layered effect (a displacement material where you multiply a noise texture's strength by x, either floor() or ceiling() the value, then divide by x) and tries to use the same noise+fragmenting to apply color, but because of how you can't have infinite polygons, the exact noise texture can never be perfectly matched, so the color has spots where the approximation is off. so I just use the object texture coordinates and split the vector so I only get the z values, and do a similar fragmenting process (but tweaked slightly so the colors line up with the layers? I admit idk how to get it exactly but I just eyeballed the numbers)

original tutorial: (there's a top comment explaining why the color and displacement is off better than I did lol)

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figured out how to spoof layer colors better than the tutorial I was basing this effect off of

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Proton mail, who claim they don't keep IPs, have handed the IPs of climate activists over to the French police. The activists had their homes searched and were arrested.

So the only way Protonmail is secure is if you use a VPN

oh so I can't play a big cat with tits yet. I see how it is.

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