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hey! I made transparent, separated images of all of the icons for the animal crossing: new horizons reactions for easy use as personal icons/instance emojo/etc!

thanks to spriter's resource submitter ziella for the spritesheet I got them from:

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finished a bitsy game for the first time in months, and it's only one room

enjoy your stay at hotel ℕ!!

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okay like

this is kinda cool as hell

probably absolute dogshit to maintain for anything nontrivial but

a good etiquette is that if you're finding you want to censor a word, instead consider leaving it as-is, so wordfilters will catch it, and using a euphemism for the word (e.g., "f-slur") in the CW of the post

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breaks my fucking heart.

"One young black Tekken player said he had racism in the FGC and was scared to come offline because of it. I told him I will come with him if he wants. There is alot going on even beyond Twitter statements. We need to make it more safe for EVERY RACE and GENDER."


this is fucked up. People just stealing from the cultura. fuck wearemitu

"I need help writing an opinion piece for a media outlet. I’m trying to start a thread of all of the artists, brands and creators that @wearemitu
has stolen from. Please mention them below if you know of any. I’ll start with mine:"

selfies, eye contact 

yea check out my video essays or streams or something idk

Edgy people have no rights. Edgy people are not protected under the constitution.

the velveteen rabbit looks fuckin busted. just, wrecked. the velveteen rabbit has visibly Been Through Some Shit

@melissasage [NTFS file timestamps, according to the documentation of the ‘FILETIME’ data structure in the Windows Software Development Toolkit, is a “64-bit value representing the number of 100-nanosecond intervals since January 1, 1601 (UTC)”.]

I can't make this shit up

I have a quilt up for auction as part of the Archival Workers Emergency Fund auction.

So I made a <2 min video about the quilt's inspiration and construction!

#quilting #quilt #sewing #quilts

also, monetary donations can be sent to feeding vulnerable folks on chicago's west side at

cashapp: $WestSideMeals2020

venmo: @JohnWaltFoundation

should have my website show a message if you _don’t_ have an adblocker installed recommending that you get one

I work most effectively in small bursts of productivity. 5 minutes of intense focus, followed by 10-20 years of spacing out.

All 3 issues of Blue Pill Arcade are now available digitally on Gumroad!
(it's cheaper through patreon, but i realise not everyone can or wants to use it)
I don't know how to pitch it anymore. "Wholesome romance, except there's drugs and trauma and VR??"

tips for tolerating fireworks for folks who don't like 'em (OK to RT) 

It's that time of year again in the US when knuckleheads show their support for veterans by doing stuff that disturbs anybody with PTSD. Tips:

* wear earplugs or ear defenders
* you can help cover noises with tv, a radio, a fan, or a white noise generator, and by keeping your house closed
* if you feel shook up, it helps to have deep pressure, like from a weighted blanket. talking to somebody really helps, so don't be shy about calling a friend or a crisis hotline. bonus if you can make a deal with somebody to talk to you even pretty late at night.
* keep pets indoors so they don't get scared and run away

Foss people learn basic UI/UX challenge

vague, not about anyone important 

hfhdghfhfh posting from husky and your bio says "blocking accounts is for the weak of spirit"

gotta love an edgelord

lyrics, audiohazard if you grew up on the same american media as i did 

Interjections! (Hey!)
Show excitement! (Yow!)
Or emotion! (Ouch!)
They're generally set apart from a sentence
By an exclamation point
Or by a comma when the feeling's not as strong

hey!! we all know black autistic representation is needed really badly; in a beat is a film about darrel, a young, black, autistic boy and his experience with autism and spd; it premieres on youtube for free july 10th at 6pm

link: the trailer for in a beat:

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