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anyone know a good backpack that isn't $200

this is it.... i have found the worst game programming take i will ever see

@woomy pretty sturdy, can come in various shapes and sizes, some are sparkly. Yup, much agree.

being nostalgic for things I made that I irrationally hated for years is nice

Just imagine a band of queer punks outplaying the unspeakably perfect harmony of the divine host. just imagine it

my hands are way too sensitive to the cold today for someone who works in a freezer

400% sure that identity is just stapling together other people's pictures of you

cute things 

oh, you desire? hah. you fucking nimrod. you fucking cup of weak silt, you putrescent whiff, simply disconnect from the material and beg the divine for a crumb of transcendence. fucking acolytes, i swear to god. read a book.


I should write about gayness and stasis

i will subscribe to all ur newsletters if u link me

preferably don't just say "use inkscape" because I don't want something focused on vector graphics although I do know I /could/ use it

what's a linux compatible program that works like adobe indesign/microsoft publisher. something to make pretty pages

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