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my pronouns 

I'd most prefer a/am pronouns. if you've never heard of them, that makes sense, because I made them up. thought they sounded cool. they're pronounced like how they look. here's how to use them:

next favorable are splat pronouns. although please never attempt to say them out loud, or just like. pretend to make a censor bleep noise with your mouth, I guess? these are meant to be used in text only:*e/h*/h*s/h*s/h*sel

after that, I still like being referred to without pronouns, by name, or with other roundabout non-pronoun words

now that I have pronouns in place, there should be no grammatical issues from trying to avoid pronouns. so never refer to me by they, he, or she. "it" isn't really mine to take as far as I'm aware, but I'm not against it. it still ranks far below no pronouns, though.

slowing down the slime posting so that the instance doesn't crumble

hi so florida governor ron desantis is really pushing for this bill and the first hearing is tomorrow. if you believe in sending letters to your representatives or whatever here’s the link:

I named my dog bub. I gotta invest in a chicken coop soon but idk where I wanna put it yet

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playing stardew valley and not having any storage space because I'm hoarding literally every piece of trash makes me wanna play the horrifically dull in the best way survival sim made for euros who have never heard of a person of color. like fuck the game is ugly and slow but those are the good parts. the bad parts is literally everyone involved in making or playing the game

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I got a week in tonight, chose the river farm. I think I will barely farm and instead mostly fish. I'll fill up the farm space w fruit trees when I get the money for it

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someone steal the source code of haven&hearth from those two dipshits who make the game and host a fresh server for it where I don't have to deal w literally every player being some kinda chud

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I need more dry dick survival sims. like if there's story or fun involved I want none of it

Sad poetry reading voice: This one goes out to the poptart that fell apart in the toaster.

Meta you maybe don't want to hear or have already heard 

The more I hear about Larry, the more I have to wonder, how did he get away with shit this bad for this long? I haven't heard anyone say even one redeeming thing about him. It sounds like he was thoroughly unpleasant to be around in every sense, and he also wasn't really funny or friendly even to people he was mutuals with?

Surely he got reported very frequently. If he managed to be ableist, racist, harassing, in favor of locking people up for being weird in his view, and just generally the worst, what was he doing on here and why did it take so long for this to happen?

This isn't in any way a criticism of Melissa, what happened last night was a blessing, clearly, but holy moly! Dewclaws went two days without being banned for a fucked up racist incident and we flipped, but Larry got away with this since 2019. That's bad! That's not good, actually!

if you think that coercively locking people up for harmless behaviors you think are weird isn't ableism, I invite you to read literally anything about the history of mental institutions

installed like 40+ mods onto stardew valley. no I haven't started playing

my face looks weird as shit but at least my hair is cute now

would love to take some
commissions rn to soften the blow of a vet visit and hopefully not have to dip into my savings meant for our move, ty 🖤

btw idk if people are usually looking for art/animation/game jobs & resources but ive been following this site for a couple of months and enjoy getting it every week:

t-shirt that says "I'd Rather Be Building Something Ridiculously Large and Flammable in Blocks Game"

so i found this chapter cover that hadnt been colored in bunkoban so i decided to color it myself

type of guy who gets Taki powder blown into his eye but takes 0 damage from it

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