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if I were to try and design a workable frontend for a pictochat clone that runs something activitypub in the background (so users can be followed by mastodon users and such), how important do you think it is that I keep the DS screen low-definition pixel art style (scaled up ofc) for the UI/post creation/etc

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finished a bitsy game for the first time in months, and it's only one room

enjoy your stay at hotel ℕ!!

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Are you a goth and also non-binary? Do you like Animal Crossers? Well have I got the hoodie for you!
My creator code is MA-2601-8272-6670

support the troops*

*people who are forced to work minimum wage jobs during a pandemic

heeeey, i'm kinda... out of money & we're running kinda low on food. buy a logo? they work as profile pictures too & i can color them and add backgrounds if you like!

I think I wanna watch YouTube videos

made a little lofi track in 19-Tone Equal Temperment! I named it "Ghost," because my copy of FL is haunted and it did not want me to make this.

listen with headphones! that Little Spiral bass synth will *not* sound good through your phone speaker

has anyone here read that short story about the guy who chooses to reincarnate as a horse and has a fucking meltdown as he's forced to reckon with his rapidly encroaching bestial nature

please do not comment on someone’s non-sexual post with some kind of sexual remark (even if it’s a joke) unless you are close enough where this is an established part of your relationship. i see this happening more and more lately and it’s rather creepy and upsetting

scraping up the styrofoam with my little fork

Am I the only one who looks at absurd celebrity homes and sees somewhere which could be a home for an entire community?

Like, it has enclosed farming space and everything!

just had a terrible idea but I'm sure someone's already done it

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wanna do a shitty rp but idk what bit I would want to do at games top

Anyone who wasn’t around in late 2018 doesn’t know how horribly horny this website was. Every night the timeline became literally unusable because like 75% of your mufos would go “the sun is down, time to post nudes.”

why did I say "breasts". fuck the meat room rotting my brain

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