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my pronouns 

I'd most prefer a/am pronouns. if you've never heard of them, that makes sense, because I made them up. thought they sounded cool. they're pronounced like how they look. here's how to use them:

next favorable are splat pronouns. although please never attempt to say them out loud, or just like. pretend to make a censor bleep noise with your mouth, I guess? these are meant to be used in text only:*e/h*/h*s/h*s/h*sel

after that, I still like being referred to without pronouns, by name, or with other roundabout non-pronoun words

now that I have pronouns in place, there should be no grammatical issues from trying to avoid pronouns. so never refer to me by they, he, or she. "it" isn't really mine to take as far as I'm aware, but I'm not against it. it still ranks far below no pronouns, though.

something i think about sometimes is how the chinese type of wheelbarrow, with a very large wheel in the middle, is superior to the european type, which has a wheel at the front, in every way. because the wheel is under the centre of gravity, you only need to use physical strength to move the barrow, not support it. somehow in over 2000 years noöne in europe got clued into this

English dudes with flat butts? Oh, you mean "assless chaps"

literally I do not want to hear the people in the deli when they open their mouths. never ever

is the word still ableist if it's the medical term for the issue? I think so 

anyway the thing is called haglund's deformity, it's an issue of soft tissue/bone buildup at the ankle making a bump that rubs up poorly against hard backed shoes. I wish there was another term for it besides that or. ugh. "pump bump"

there's also haglund's syndrome but that apparently includes other issues that I don't have, I think, but I might just call it that anyways

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oh oh oh, I forgot to share that I recently found out my ankles are legitimately minorly fucked up. like I had just figured everyone just had rubbed raw and sore ankles after walking for a bit/after a long shift, I guess

tiktok really isn't convincing me to get it when, whenever someone sends me one, it autoplays to another video after one loop, and the next vid in the queue is always some fucked up shit getting dug out of someone's skin

hey if you're a computer person would you like to fill out this form to see how well known these cursed computer things are?

300 wikipedia editors rushing to change every 'is' to 'was' in the prince philip article and getting stuck like the three stooges

a loud shout of solidarity with the traveller community facing extreme prejudice and having their way of life criminalised right now in this country on this International Romani Day

the Romani have always been forgotten in many circles, one of the first groups to face the ire of the nazis, and to this day constantly under attack for their nomadic way of life and ethnic origins from beyond Europe. they have always fought for their right to exist and continue to every day while ethnic tension against them is boiling across Europe, as it always has

A lot of US leftists don't consider unions for athletes, entertainment or porn to be legit bc they're not on working in a Soviet spark factory pounding girders. Just bc these workers make stuff you enjoy in your leisure time doesn't make their work less grueling or dangerous.

one of the true Elekk Experiences (tm) is

"i was asking a rhetorical or maybe silly question and unfortunately harp read my post right when her adhd med kicked the fuck in and now i have several paragraphs of vaguely related domestic history knowledge help????"

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was able to get tested earlier than I figured I would, hopefully I'll be done w this thread after this, lol. reading a dictionary of medieval slang and similar now

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I can't believe I'm not making this up: there's an effort afoot to renovate and restore the area around NYC's Penn Station, called the Penn District. Each part of the plan by real estate firm Vornado is given a number: Penn 1, Penn 2, etc.

The centerpiece is a skyscraper whose height will rival the Empire State Building, and unbelievably, it's been given the code number Penn 15.

good morning... slept mostly okay I think. shifted between my sides a couple times overnight. kinda sore. this is the first time it's been like, actually cold, too. the blankets do their job well though

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did some reading (adventure time comix instead of smart people things). gonna go walk w my partner at a socially distance as they take out the trash. might read more after that, might watch some videos, might sleep

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