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if you interact with me and i don’t reply to you or acknowledge you even though i’m tooting about other things, i’m not ignoring you, i’m just too overwhelmed for social interaction at the time.

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what to expect 

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some extra info 

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social media and interacting with people can be difficult for me, so consider 

FFIX spoilers (early game) 

FFIX headcanons 

ah, a good day to remember that google is really, incredibly bad


karty: just like a party except you play kirby air ride with your friends all day

ads, driving, random thought 

imo get rid of college and just let people try jobs as apprentices and learn from mentors, instead of spending a fixed amount of time learning things that may or may not apply to what they’re trying to do

didn’t charles martinet say what β€œso long gay bowser” was actually supposed to be once

persona 5 snark 

pol, racism ableism etc 

lb is. a v good point in terms of how (most) people are actually using the ok boomer meme

but i still kinda wish we were not using the same word for both of those definitions

(points at capitalists, terfs, biphobes, transmeds, exclusionists and their ilk) abuse is the same

caps, swearing 

abuse, shitpost but sincere 

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