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if you interact with me and i don’t reply to you or acknowledge you even though i’m tooting about other things, i’m not ignoring you, i’m just too overwhelmed for social interaction at the time.

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what to expect 

— i don’t boost a lot and most of my toots are unlisted.
— i toot about games a lot!
— and being an autistic nb lesbian!
— and whatever else is on my mind! (which usually means tech and anti-capitalism, and also translation sometimes)

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some extra info 

— if you need something specific cw’d, please don’t hesitate to ask!
— feel free to send follow requests, though i would appreciate it if you interacted with me at least once before! if i refuse yours, it’s probably nothing personal.
— do let me know if i mess up. i want to try to become a better person. relevant info: i am white, i do not experience transmisogyny, and i am able-bodied.

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social media and interacting with people can be difficult for me, so consider 

— if i’m not sure how to respond to something, or if i can’t interact anymore, i’m likely to just favorite your toot and not respond.
— i feel like i’m terrible at articulating ideas and arguing/debating with people. i’m really self-conscious about that, so i usually never do it.
— i’m literally never trying to be rude or mean, so if i come across that way, it’s unintentional. please let me know so i can make amends.

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tech, google being creepy 

not to make things sound dystopian but i find it interesting that sites use google services to prevent bots, making it so that if you can’t be recognized by google as "human" (= as a specific person in their database), you can’t use the site :blobthinking:

where could i upload a 2 minute video that’s not youtube to show people here? i tried to upload it but it got eaten :(

a fun fact that may be incorrect because i don’t know chinese and my source is pretty unreliable 

in chinese, the onomatopeia for the sound a fox makes is "miao" and it sounds a lot like "meow"

FF7 spoilers 

i have never played FF7 but i've noticed lately that there is a trend of making aerith beat the crap out of sephiroth in fan content and i think it's neat

just realized all the ageism against kids resources are found at adultism, not ageism

there’s still not a lot but it’s better than literally none at all

oblique reference to needles 

(injects hamefura directly into my bloodstream)

just finished writing 23 catch-up entries for my journal

ACNH shitpost 

no joke though, having to mentally keep track of which colors i’ve bought already is torture

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ACNH shitpost 

if you don’t experience executive dysfunction and want to know what it’s like, imagine that you have to buy every color of a specific item at the able sisters’ shop. that feeling of dread in your heart? that’s it right there

ageism, child abuse 

(casually wonders how many parents had children for the power trip, confusing their feelings of wanting to control someone with feelings of love, due to cultural assumptions like “disciplining your child and demanding unconditional respect from them is good for them, even if they don’t realize it”)

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ageism, child abuse 

child abuse isn’t as prevalent as it is because children are somehow weak and vulnerable by nature, but because the institutions of parenthood and the nuclear family makes it near impossible for children to choose their living situations and escape their abusers

said abusers also think they’re entitled to abusing children because everything in society tells them that they’re their property and barely human anyway


it’s basically: as an adult/man, you’re better than this, why are you bringing yourself down to their (children/women’s) level?

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the pressure for adults to stop doing things that are considered childish is the exact same as the pressure for men to not do anything deemed feminine

being associated with children as an adult is shameful, because being a child is shameful

a horrible french/english quirk 

thousand = mille
million = million
billion = milliard
trillion = billion

when i get through today i’ll treat myself with the latest episode of bakarina :blobowo:

half a mind to block google and amazon’s phone numbers so they stop pestering me about “critical security risks” that are just me every time

i briefly saw light mode twitch and i hated it, 0 out of 10


the best effect of melatonin is that it makes me too sleepy to care about things, which effectively makes it harder to be anxious about things. i intended this post to be funny but it’s not really. oh well

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