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if you interact with me and i don’t reply to you or acknowledge you even though i’m tooting about other things, i’m not ignoring you, i’m just too overwhelmed for social interaction at the time.

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what to expect 

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some extra info 

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social media and interacting with people can be difficult for me, so consider 

mob psycho 100 season 2 spoilers, autism 

one of the funniest cis takes i ever saw is "not all trans people say trans rights"

forget music genres. the only important music categorization is what it makes you want to do. examples:

- tap along to the beat
- hum along
- make up lyrics
- cry

mob psycho 100 

question about exercising 

mob psycho 100 

autistic characters 

tai chi 

3707 deaths
+ 429 extra deaths to get some extra stuff


reply to this toot with your best guess of how many deaths i’ll have once i beat chapter 9 (pretty sure i’m on the last room)

No Spoilers Please Or I Will Cry

too tired for elekk the past few days, but never too tired to say that It’s The Autismβ„’

i will now slink back into the shadows

celeste chapter 9 releasing in like 2 hours is actually the worst

a handful of characters that are blatantly autistic but not canonically so:

- ema skye
- reimu hakurei, youmu, renko, probably maribel too and yukari by extension
- many more

ask me about any of these tbh

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