wait is drone falconry a thing

if it's not, can we make it a thing? like really lean into how ridiculous the whole thing is and then keep on going. and by keep on going, i mean whip off a tiny velvet hood to reveal the drone's camera before sending it aloft,


oh fuck wait if the drones can talk i know where we're heading:

"Aieou... aieou..."

Tom opened one eye at the window and groaned.

"John MADDEN! John MADDEN!" "Nine nine nine, nine nine nine -" "Aieou!" "Uuuuuuuuuuu-"

Five o'clock. Five o'clock in the morning, and the drones had already started singing.

"John MADDEN!" "Football!" "Nine nine nine -"

Tom put his pillow over his head and screamed into it. He always hated Moonbase Alpha season.

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