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I think more role playing video games should have local multiplayer

“just play mmos” that’s not the same and you know it.

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ffxiv endwalker could do nothing but remove belts from the game and I'd still buy it

Nice long hike again today, though the heat was challenging at times. Here's another wildflower pic, this time with bonus bumblebee

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It's raining on the weekend for the seventh week in a row. And a state of emergency has been declared, so I'm trying not to go out. A relative died of COVIC-19 this week.

Please take care of yourself.

Cool flowers from yesterday's hike!

Triteleia laxa (previously Brodiaea laxa) is a triplet lily known by several common names, including Ithuriel's spear, common triteleia and grassnut. It is native to California where it is a common wildflower, and it is occasionally found in southwestern Oregon. It bears a tall, naked stem topped with a spray of smaller stalks, each ending in a purple or blue flower. The flower is tubular, opening into a sharply six-pointed star. The plant grows from a corm which is edible and similar in taste and use as the potato. The most used common name for the species, Ithuriel's spear, is a reference to the angel Ithuriel from Milton's Paradise Lost.

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audacity acquisition, negative 

for context, audacity was pretty recently acquired by 'muse group.' almost immediately after the acquisition, they attempted to push telemetry involving google and yandex services. after pushback, they scaled it back to self hosted telemetry, but this software has existed for over 20 years without it

now they are adding a contributor license agreement, and i think their own pre emptive faq explains what's scary about changes they're pushing this time:

"Right now we're new to Audacity, so we haven't written much code yet, but that will quickly change. If you look at our other open source project, MuseScore, over 80% of code line changes (insertions + deletions) on that project have been made by people who are or were members of the internal team. We cannot allow the fact that we accept contributions from the community to become a disadvantage that prevents us from using our code in other products."

"It also enables us to change the project license in the future, should the need arise."

hopefully a fork organizes soon. there's already a lot of talk about it in the thread

-- robot bunny

Uropappus sp, aka silverpuffs, a genus of North American plants in the dandelion tribe within the sunflower family

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slides this vampire-related pun directly over to @FirstProgenitor while looking him deadass in the eye

We found some wild strawberries on our walk yesterday. We ate one and it was delicioussss

Wild radish blossoms from this morning's hike. We also got to see a small hawk eating its breakfast and we were swooped by swallows

watching a bunch of heist movies lately and some of them are just weird, in the sense of "why did they make it this way??" weird

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landscape view hiking in England's South Downs National Park: rolling grassy hills, hedgerows, the occasional copse of trees, and hardly anyone around

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today *might* be the last ever bandcamp friday??? bandcamp are being vague 👀

if you want to pick up some music from independent artists, like us maybe, today's the day✨

all our music is pay what you want!!!

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