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Remake the xmen movies and keep everything the same except professor x is wearing these the entire time

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This is a picture taken in 1912 on the day of my grandparents' wedding. only a few months later my grandmother died in childbirth, and my grandfather has never loved another woman since. please share if this story touches your heart

i'm reading a fanfic where every character in xmen first class is a hermit crab

words cannot describe how ready i am for this comeback

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

One of the best explanations of TERFs


how on earth could the us image plummet more than it already has. what exactly about this country is redeemable in the slightest

this is hella prevalent in nonbinary/genderqueer spaces. don’t call someone an enby, or ftm, or mtf, or masc, fem, andro, etc. without their permission. y’all get too close to the woman-lite, man-lite binary shit sometimes and we need to do better.

nonbinary is an umbrella.

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lrt - i have never wanted to pin someone else's toot to my profile so badly in my life

*joins a discord server*
*mutes every channel*
*never checks it*
I'm socializing!

@jennie trans children deserve to start correct puberty on time with their peers

hourly reminder that trans children deserve puberty blockers

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