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This is a picture taken in 1912 on the day of my grandparents' wedding. only a few months later my grandmother died in childbirth, and my grandfather has never loved another woman since. please share if this story touches your heart

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when you're an english noble in the 18th century and you're about to go horseback riding on the grounds of your estate but first you gotta perform w your kpop group real quick

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hello! i'm veronica, i'm a nb aroace lesbian, she/they pronouns, i stan almost every kpop girl group+soloist in existence and i'm here to be a fake gamer girl

Animal Crossing New Horizon 

pride and prejudice and zombies is the greatest movie ever made. the fact that it is a surprisingly close adaptation of the jane austen book... AND a zombie movie... and the two are blended together seamlessly... the cinematography and acting are beautiful... nothing i've ever experienced before in my life compares to this moment

i keep having to pause it in order to chill out because literally it's so exciting and... idk how to explain it. it just ticks every single box for me

i'm watching pride and prejudice and zombies and i am SO obsessed with it

          ✫`    ✫  ✫
  ✶      ✫´🌟        
       ٭  ´         
 .   .  ٭.  ٭ `´   
`✫     `    .      ✶
               .   ✶
    ´✶ `    🌔٭    ✶
     ٭´   ✫ ´ ✶.  `

Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not but "activism" that's basically just soliciting random people on the street to support whatever cause you're working for is... bad and doesn't do anything except piss people off

some animal crossing villagers will ask you to suggest a catchphrase for them so now one of my villagers says "lesbians!" a lot and the other says "jopping" and honestly maybe i should be banned from this game

i made my town song in acnl red velvet's "dumb dumb" and it's weird to hear it played all the time by npcs

This is much more general good advice than its sender intended (context was a corporate email about how to not fall for phishing scams).

I have no respect for cute men. they are basically a scam

i only showed up today bc we had a quiz and he just said it got pushed back to thursday... fml

sending telepathic thoughts to my jane austen teacher to cancel class right here right now

i feel like everything in my life could be ok if only i could just go home and play some animal crossing

when a person gets cancelled on here im going to reply to their apology toot with "tea ! anyways stream feel special by bernie" with my bernie fancam

I've spent my entire life sans undertale, not sure what the big deal is

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