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because it's been a hot minute

i'm veronica, i'm about to be 25 and i'm nb aroace like bi or sth idk the only people i think are attractive are mostly just women and james mcavoy and no one else

i live in nevada but in my heart i live in boston. i also really want to be a vampire

i post almost entirely about my ever-revolving list of special interests, which always means kpop and sometimes means other things as well, like xmen, twilight, and pokemon

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This is a picture taken in 1912 on the day of my grandparents' wedding. only a few months later my grandmother died in childbirth, and my grandfather has never loved another woman since. please share if this story touches your heart

folks hello i am still trying to get my video captioning gig off the ground

if you make videos, would like them to be accurately captioned, and would prefer to pay some captions-enthusiast weirdo off the fediverse to make em, rather than one of those weird captioning sweatshops: txt me 💋

when i was first becoming gay i was like "hmm... when i look at women... these are not... straight feelings..."

and when i watch bp content i'm like "hmm... when i look at bp... these are not... the feelings of someone who hates blackpink..."

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how much longer can i keep pretending to not be a blink

everyone wants to talk shit about mondays but honestly i think thursday is a solid candidate for worst day of the week

does anyone have any youtube channel recommendations? lately i've been really into videos of things being cleaned/repaired, like oddtinkering and aurikatariina, and i'd love more channels similar to those. bonus points if the channel creator(s) are marginalized in some way

me looking at my youtube playlist and seeing that i have at LEAST 4 more mixes ready to post... :(

is there anyone left on earth who still has an aesthetic blog on tumblr. i need more aes blogs to follow

another mix might be coming today. yes it's a summer mix. yes i'm posting it in december. i procrastinated too long

i have another mix that's almost ready. should i post it tonight or wait a day or two

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