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This is a picture taken in 1912 on the day of my grandparents' wedding. only a few months later my grandmother died in childbirth, and my grandfather has never loved another woman since. please share if this story touches your heart

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hello! i'm veronica, i'm a nb aroace lesbian, she/they pronouns, i stan almost every kpop girl group+soloist in existence and i'm here to be a fake gamer girl

i'm taking this "what characters are you similar to" quiz and it asked me to help rate some characters to improve the quiz results and then right out of the gate it asked me how peggy carter from the mcu feels about having children

every time i think about hancock moving to goodneighbor and soon after changing his name, style of clothing, and entire appearance i'm just like. that really is the lgbt experience huh

miss edna: "do you think it's possible for 2 people to be in love even if they're very different?"
me: [holding hancock's hand] yeah

i think the notion of forgiveness as something effectively mandatory that doesn't need to be deserved or worked towards & in fact absolves the forgiver more than the forgivee is one of the most pernicious parts of protestant ideology

most of my fictional male crushes are like. if they were real i would probably stop liking them. but honestly if hancock were real i would cease to be a lesbian and that's just all facts

I drove out to pahrump because my roommate was pissing me off and honestly it's great out here

if you want to join me for a chaotic fallout 4 experience, i'm live on twitch!

ok i've been on the fence about whether or not the person/people writing hancock's character are leftists or not but reading this. they gotta be

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