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My name is cindy, I'm a Pre-HRT, trans girl, I'm ace and I tend to toot in boosts with pretty long strings between when I'm active.

I'm a gamer, some of my favorite games are and (though my first was 4 and I haven't played the earlier entries to the series)

favorite movies/shows include and most of the super hero genre

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three random words or my hope for the future, you decide?:

giant robot pancakes

and yes I am a bloodlines fan and I am very much looking forward to the sequel, to the point I joined a discord server made to hype and advertise it

Vampire the masquerade fans. Stereotyped has edgy goth teens. Meanwhile in the discord for an up coming vampire the masquerade video games were sharing memes like this.

random thought of the day.

is chess by mail still a thing?

is big ben somehow your god father?

:nods yes:

watching old twilight zone, as you do.

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I am once again asking for your financial support 

and now I have a really depressing song stuck in my head

can we just get rid of cars and transport via railgun and really big matresses?

Character one: "don't trust the hippos"

Character two: " but they gave me this gun!".

NPC:. Got it don't trust the hippos

Car won't start and apparently Uber has decided to give me personally the finger. Has it will not accept my debit card, my PayPal or my Google pay

one thing I liked about the prequels was Qui-Gon Jinn. we need more jedi that just embodied that quite wisdom he was able to convey

that incredible scene with frozone. except instead of super suit it's "robot body"

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