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I already put this in my bio but I've seen an uptick lately so. please don't follow me unless you have publicaly avaible toots. I like to think I'm not too picky but I do check who follows me, and if your account is empty I'm going to get suspicious.

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My name is cindy, I'm a Pre-HRT, trans girl, I'm ace and I tend to toot in boosts with pretty long strings between when I'm active.

I'm a gamer, some of my favorite games are and (though my first was 4 and I haven't played the earlier entries to the series)

favorite movies/shows include and most of the super hero genre

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apparently the danganronpa games are getting re-released as a compilation for the switch?

*puts on my shirt that reads "chihiro fujisaki is a trans girl, viewed from the perspective of a transmisogynistic author who believes trans girls are just boys in skirts"*

don't make me tap the shirt

I had two job interviews today.

the first was cancelled while I was asleep. hopefully the second one goes well

my area went from tripple digit weather, then three days later a frost advisory.

now two days later were back to tripple digits

the humble bundle store is currently offering steam copies of surviving mars for free (just need an account from the store, and steam ofcourse)

periodically amused by the fact that according to the best equations we have to describe physics in the universe.

black holes are literally a divide by zero error (it's why we have no idea what happens past the event horizon)

I've been trying to avoid downloading the epic games store because last thing I need is yet another gaming store front.

but dam control being free is what finally got me

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Control is now free on the epic game store and if you have a PC that can play it, go pick it up right the fuck now. Game of the year, all years.

ohh, it's a blink and you'll miss it detail (so wish it was easier to see) but apperantly Loki is listed as gender fluid in the show.

if elon musk can make money by convincing people his hyperloop was a good idea (and not an expensive death trap)

then why can't I sell my idea of a streetcar propelled by saturn V rockets.

I like how the MCU seems to have decided that if we're going to deal with ass hole Loki. then he's going to constantly get his ass kicked looney tunes style

hello and welcome to the federation. here's the officer uniform.

and here's your barely more than a potato sack

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star fleet has access to machines that can make clothes on comand atom by atom.

yet outside of their uniforms civilian and office always wear such boring outfits

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bad DND ideas I'll probably end up trying anyway.

having my kobold charecter use her staff of thunder and lightning as a pogo stick

loki is not what I was expecting. but it's off to a good start

few other video game songs manage to embody "something is about to get fucked up" like this

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