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I already put this in my bio but I've seen an uptick lately so. please don't follow me unless you have publicaly avaible toots. I like to think I'm not too picky but I do check who follows me, and if your account is empty I'm going to get suspicious.

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My name is cindy, I'm a Pre-HRT, trans girl, I'm ace and I tend to toot in boosts with pretty long strings between when I'm active.

I'm a gamer, some of my favorite games are and (though my first was 4 and I haven't played the earlier entries to the series)

favorite movies/shows include and most of the super hero genre

the party: "so we are building a megazord"

the DM: " I never used the word megazord"

the party: "so yeah we are building a megazord"

I want to see the movie were the very big monkey punches the very big lizard

since yahoo answers is shutting down, here's a highlight reel of some of yahoo's best answers. it includes such classics as "if people walk on the sun they'll have to do it at night"

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"There's no rule that says a kobold in a Megazord can't play basketball."

so Disney plus really released one part of the star wars holiday special while trying to pretend the special as a whole doesn't exist

I thought I was tired of hearing about NFT's but now the main story seems to be NFT's suddenly disappearing.

I'm really hoping this will finally drive home how ridiculous of an idea they are.

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sometimes I just get a sense of dread at the thought that it feels like if Disney decided to, they could just buy like all of Minnesota and turn it into one big roller coaster and it would be very difficult to stop them.

getting kinda tempted to pull out my old copy of soul caliber 2

just remembering the time I gave an out-of-context explanation of persona 5's ending and my DM responded to the toot by asking me to stop reading his campaign notes.

I didn't see it happen but something took the turkey so I have left a fresh offering to the local cat

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there is a new neighborhood cat that has been visiting my "back yard" (I live in an apartment on the ground floor, it's not really yard size but I don't know what else to call it). I have left it an offering of sliced turkey hoping it will see me as a friend soon.

today in "I am such a nerd"

I know what the different colors in starfleet uniforms mean (at least from TNG onwards)

pacific rim would be so much my jam. but they decided to make the main robot's name a slur so fuck it.

and the upstairs neighbors rugby league is in full effect

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