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My name is cindy, I'm a Pre-HRT, trans girl, I'm ace and I tend to toot in boosts with pretty long strings between when I'm active.

I'm a gamer, some of my favorite games are and (though my first was 4 and I haven't played the earlier entries to the series)

favorite movies/shows include and most of the super hero genre

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I wish the billions (trillions?) that were being spent on self driving cars was being spent on public transit.

me to myself: I don't need more games I don't need more games.

Steam: hey the doom reboot is only 7 bucks right now

if your batman and I'm batman, who's driving the zeppelin

in other words "I'm seto freaking kaiba accept no substitutes"

I think both the appeal and absurdity of seto kaiba can be explained from one scene in a yu-gi-oh movie, were someone is trying to use a form of magic not before seen to erase him from existence and he just activates tech built into his desert archeology clothing to stop it.

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good place live toot 

good place live toot 

good place live toot 

good place live toot 

the longest part of the day.

delaying watching the good place while my dinner is in the oven

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so if people can list Jedi and the flying spaghetti monster has their religion. Can I list the heart of the cards as mine?

orginally I was thinking about signing up for disney plus after the good place ended since I seem to use hulu less and less these days.

but looking at it, if I take a down grade to hulu adds I can get both disney plus and hulu for only a buck more a month then I was spending (this also includes espn but I don't have any interest in that)

so now I'm conflicted

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You, a gamer: *happily plays games from 20-30 years ago*

I sent the ceiling to the shadow realm.

yu-gi-oh the abridged series quotes

so they're turning fantasy island into some sort of horror movie.

trust your fate to the heart of the cards

no shit post will ever compete with this, which aired on TV, during an episode (not a promo it was part of the episode) and yes the song was made just for it.

yu-gi-oh could get wild

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