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It's finally done! Bleakstead is up on !
Also, special thanks to @EchoIsTired
for providing a fun easter-egg track! RTs appriciated!


My rendition of the marriageables so far
(with quite a few liberties)

Story about spending the night at the airport. 

Took this in January at DFW. I was flying out to visit my girlfriend and ended up missing my connecting flight. I didn't have money to get a place to stay so I ended up staying overnight at the airport until my flight in the morning. The experience was a bit anxiety inducing but I ended up having the opportunity to explore the airport, without people, late at night. It was an incredibly magical experience. It's something I want to emulate in my art.

Hello everyone! I made a game earlier this month called Bleakstead. It's a creepy, quiet, weird, walk through a tiny desert town and it's PWYW. Check it out at:
Boosts greatly appriciated

Everything on my itch page free and will run on Windows, OS X, and Linux!

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Some screenshots of a new game I'm working on. The apartment and park (the foggy area with the blocky buildings and trees) are sort of dream worlds connected through the sewer hub. I have other strange, dreamlike, and creepy games on my itch page at:

I need to organize my pictures of rusty metal and create a folder for all the dirty concrete I'll be looking for.

#OC #doodle Gay Dads

I haven't drawn these two in a long ass time so.... I missed them.
Jimmy on the left, Max on the right.
Max is a trans dude whom I love a lot.

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