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Hiya! ⭐ I'm Cat (she/her) and I'm a freelance artist based in Texas! I really love and drawing, so even when I'm not working I'm probably still doodlin 🎨

This is my (new) personal account where I'll talk about my interests, like: video games, tv shows, girls, kitties, and more! 💖 I'll also dump sketchies and sona doodles here :blobpard:

Check out my main @catkaiju for more finished artwork! If you only wanna follow for the doodles, I'll also RT any art I post here to my main! :blobcatcomfy:

(Finally made a new post! Yay!!!)

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I'm taking some comms cause I really wanna draw some cute furries! I'm happy to draw humans too tho :ACNH_Bashfulness:


$20 Headshot ​
$40 Portrait
$50 Half Body
$65 Knee Up
$80 Full Body ​


- halftones optional
- couples are double the price (only available for portrait sizes and up)
- USD, paypal only, payment upfront
- humanoids or anthros are OK, ask about ferals
- OCs, show characters, and fan characters are OK, ask about real people
- commissions are for personal use only

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it's adorable to see egirls gaying up in their natural habitat

heard theres homosexuality happening on this here instance

So yeah, that's Neofeud. It's definitely political cyberpunk, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-imperialist, from first-hand experience. Help us keep a roof and feed kids and such and keep working on Neofeud 2. :)

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does anyone have any mask recommendations that i could buy online? i am looking for and want to purchase a triple-layer, 100% cotton, adult-sized mask that has adjustable straps that wrap around the back of the head; also with a nose bridge wire that can be pinched

heads up if you use twitter at all

in typical jack dorsey fashion, the new tipping feature on twitter, which uses paypal, sends the tip recipient the full name and address of the person sending the tip

if you don't have a business account set up to obscure that info, you could very well dox yourself

im glad twitter finally figured out how to fix the crop issue on the images in the year 2021

bigotry in general & a question abt terms 

what do you call it when incredibly bigoted people think they're lefty/progressive/woke/not-bigoted while also using bigoted language & phrasing??? what do u call a fucker like that specifically?

cause there's so much of That Type Of Guy around, like former channers and shit like that, it's maddening

doing hot girl shit like reading queer webcomics & sobbing like a baby 😎

masto is gonna mute the colors on this but *kanye shrug* 🌺

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