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Time for an post!

I'm an old woman and even though there is definitely some queerness going on my identity I go by she/her pronouns. I transitioned well over a decade ago. In fact, it's been so long it is at times easy to forget I'm trans at all.

Some of current hobbies include (you can follow my work on the tag), playing (though I play much less than I used to), and . I play both on consoles and PC. I have a setup and a .

I tend to stick to singleplayer games; usually (action) RPGs, sandboxes, turn-based strategy (mostly ) , and all types of puzzle games. I don't exactly have the reflexes anymore to play most platformers or shooters and the likes. Quick-Time Events are my enemy.

My body is broken and living with chronic pain hampers my physical ability throughout the day. I have to carefully plan my chores and appointments throughout the day/week as too much activity can leave me exhausted for days.

I am passionate about and and almost always have some crazy new project in my head which I may or may not be actually smart enough to accomplish. I try to adopt applications when able and am somewhat of a and security advocate.

Media has shaped and continues to shape much of my life. I love , movies, , , popcorn action flicks, , , and the other usual geeky stuff. Especially fond of old and shows and movies.

I am and may not always 'get' the proper context or tone but it mostly manifests in hyperfocus and making obscure pop culture references.

I was lucky enough to grow up with access to all kinds of technology and computers during the rise of computing - and later, the internet - which made me naturally tech-literate and able to 'speak' computer though that doesn't mean I can program at all. We just have a mutual understanding.

Sometimes I see people spout so much nonsense and misinformation and state their obviously heavily personal biased opinions as facts that I don't even bother correcting them. It would likely result in a pointless argument because they are 100% convinced that they are right. More so when it's a popular opinion to have amongst "the cool people".

I get it. It feels nice when people agree with you, but maybe check where your/their opinions really come from before repeating it and preaching it like gospel.

Do some introspection and figure out why you feel so strongly about it. And don't be afraid to find out that you might be wrong. That is also okay! Learning and adapting to newly found facts is a good thing!

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i view bitcoin and blockchain as a sort of antithesis to the promise of P2P and digital data, because artificial scarcity is a myth to digital data and it was all about sharing for mutual benefit

to see it used to enforce an artificial scarcity with greed and CO2 is perverse

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Queerphobia + queer rep in kids media, She-Ra season 2 spoilers; Part 2 

"Reunion" avoids that issue by telling a story about Bow hiding his identity from his parents, and having to admit his true identity to them.

It shows clearly how scared he is about telling them, the fears he has, but ends in them being supportive.

It tells all three messages:
1. "It's good and normal to be queer" (Bow's two dads)
2. "It's going to be okay, you'll find people who support you" (Parents being supportive)
3. It's scary to come out, and that's not your fault (Bow's fears related to telling his parents the truth)
...but without ever actually *showing* homophobia.

The kids who have experiences queerphobia will get the message, but those who haven't (or who have never even witnessed or heard about it) will just see 1) gay parents beinf normalized and 2) "BTW, here's a completely unrelated storyline about Bow's childhood"

It's genius

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Queerphobia + queer rep in kids media, She-Ra season 2 spoilers; Part 1 

I just rewatched SheRa: Reunion and only now realized its about coming out

A lot of kids shows that try to be inclusive of queer kids choose to tell the story of a gay teenager coming out, experiencing homophobia, and then finding people who accept them.

That story is good and helpful for kids who are currently coming to terms with maybe not being straight, or who have started coming out to people. It tells them "hey, you're not alone in this. And whatever it is you're going through right now, there are people who accept and love you for who you are"

But when watching some of these movies from the 2000s, a lot of them seem quite backwards. Young children who grow up in more progressive environments might only learn about homophobia through storylines like that. Even if the underlying message is supportive of the gay character, there's still the idea of "according to all these people, something is wrong with you".

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We do not always have the high ground in an argument.

I am including myself in this statement.

If you refuse to look critically at your stance because you feel so certain you're right, then the likelihood that you are very, very wrong is only going to increase.

If you expect someone who is physically disabled to try harder than their best, that likelihood has reached 100%.

This is a reminder for me as well as for others.

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What does it take to get the checkmark on profile links? I did the rel=me thing and it's been a few days. Wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

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Anyone who's like "Internet anonymity leads to people posting headass shit, so we need a real-name policy" has clearly never used Facebook

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ASD, Research, annoyance 

I hate researching things about ASD through my school's library, so much of it is like "parent surveys but only for the autistic participants" "children only" "no autistic people were consulted in the making of this study and it's so obvious" :blobcatknife:

meanwhile I'm just trying to find research information on actual autistic people's explanations of their own sensory perceptions

i have a bit to sort through but if anyone has anything related I'll gladly look!

I may be biased, but I love being Gen X and having lived through the rise of home computing.

I remember the magazines and TV shows with old nerd men showing and explaining the latest innovations in tech we all take for granted now or have been rendered completely obsolete.

I remember playing games by having to play a cassette tape first (LOAD ''*'',8,1), the gigantic hard disks that could contain a whopping 40MB, and the excitement when things like VGA and parallax scrolling became a thing.

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The other thing that's really weird is how unconcerned everyone is about the easing of lockdown now that *they've* had *their* vaccine

People who last year were up in arms at the reopening are now more like "well I've had mine, so 🤷‍♀️"

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"Covid doesn't affect young people" is a myth perpetuated by people who make money by employing young people on low wages to do "key work" "front line" jobs

There should be industrial action, there should be a groundswell of people saying "no, we aren't coming back to work in your pub or shop until we're vaccinated and it's safe", but they have got everyone so desperate for work money with the policies of the past 30 years that it can't happen, people have to risk their health

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Is ever gonna get back up? I was actually planning to delete my account there but it's been down for what.. two weeks now?

Realized I had never painted Hordak yet. Quick and dirty but here he is.

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This one might actually make you too mad. 

Because I'm grinding my teeth to stumps

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A CEO gives away the game in a series of tweets 

I love when people tell me CEOs have to make the salaries they do so we can attract top talent... Who then turns around and farms out what limited "boss work" there is to do to others

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