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"It’s taken me a while, but I’ve come to realize that a demand for a debate is the first sign of an ignorant wanker looking for attention."

-- @pzmyers

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Here is the address to complain to: 

Flight Lt. & Prebendary Ethel Morris
The Dimples
Mr. Buenos Aries

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my apologies for responding to a post on the internet, won't happen again

(this is here for the next time I need it)

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I block pleroma/GS instances when I spot them, so if you're a non-shitbag using one of those techs, I likely will not see your responses, and I'm sure I've missed amazing responses from lovely folks, but I consider minimizing exposure between myself and pleroma/GS a higher priority than worrying about missing out on people. I'm not special. you'll find others to talk to; so will I. ^_^ <3

so apologies if my silence is rude, but it's due to circumstances beyond our control.

be well! ^_^

world's asleep, post like nobody's watching

you say you are unafraid of the birdyguard for being a pigeon, yet you scream and flee when pigeon swoops at your face. curious

I create special editions of books for charity auctions at conferences. The plague has shut down the cons, so I'm opening this to THE WHOLE DANGED INTERNET.

Only five copies of this edition of "FreeBSD Mastery: Jails" exist. Four are spoken for.

This auction will help human trafficking survivors purge their police records. ENDS SATURDAY!

humans who have birbfriends sometimes have birdyguards. do not hassle the birdyguard

I like seeing people's faces on mastodon. I kinda just wish the world wasn't such a cruel and toxic place that people had to be careful about it.

alternate ways to spell numbers:




fun fact: my chemical romance's first scrapped attempt at a 4th album was originally named "conventional weapons were no match for them" after a line in neon genesis evangelion

when it was eventually released as a series of singles, this title was shortened to just "conventional weapons"

is there a word for when you open a bottle and the liquid makes that ONE big bubble at the mouth of the bottle, but you're at just the right angle to think you're imagining it, and then it pops on lips when you drink?

(there really should be, because this was a lot to type)

been focusing kanshudo instead of duolingo; duo has gotten somewhat stale sometimes, and kanshudo is more varied anyway

also like, kanshudo is more comprehensive as a reference source when you do have complicated questions, so, yeah.

BraIn: fine. for celebration. just keep in mind that it'll lead you closer to reading the raws ^_^ 😈

bRain: awwwww!

braIn: pursuing the long win. a neat double bind, and a deftly stitched one. you've got my words in your kit.

braiN: [REDACTED]!!

BRAin: you don't have to seem so satisfied!

braIn: it is a bit troublesome. but probably for the best in the long run.


Brain: ...okay, it is actually a bit weird doing that. but I'm willing to live with it.


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brAin: y'know

Brain: NO

brAin: we've done a non trivial amount of Japanese

Brain: and we are going to do more. no yuri yet


can't sleep: language study time

s'how my brain soaked in my first language, and so far seems to be working. might as well keep going

just... hope I don't turn out to be a shitty translator, I guess? 🤷


something something interfaith ministers are sects workers

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