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"It’s taken me a while, but I’ve come to realize that a demand for a debate is the first sign of an ignorant wanker looking for attention."

-- @pzmyers

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Here is the address to complain to: 

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my apologies for responding to a post on the internet, won't happen again

(this is here for the next time I need it)

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I block pleroma/GS instances when I spot them, so if you're a non-shitbag using one of those techs, I likely will not see your responses, and I'm sure I've missed amazing responses from lovely folks, but I consider minimizing exposure between myself and pleroma/GS a higher priority than worrying about missing out on people. I'm not special. you'll find others to talk to; so will I. ^_^ <3

so apologies if my silence is rude, but it's due to circumstances beyond our control.

be well! ^_^

Honestly? Where are the
a e s t h e t i c

I feel that Mastodon Culture is too focused on shitposting and being a descendant of Weird Twitter and we're missing out on some really good other aspects of Online Life (OnLife)

Gimme them soft gradients and cozy nostalgic images and music that sounds like Animal Crossing

Every so often the relentless, unstoppable, Terminator-grade positivity of my part of the Fediverse gets on my nerves. I have a twitchy reaction and want to scream "The world doesn't work that way!" :flan_shout:

But then I remember: It could.

Yes, parts are shitty. They need fixing.

But it's also full of people lifting each other up, so we *can* fix those things.

The fact that this is weird and uncomfortable reflects on my life, not on any of you.

Keep on with the Terminator positivity.

Goodnight, Fediverse. :flan_sleep:

Do continue the revolution without me.

Story time. 

haiku, extremely bleak film, a HASHTAG! 😱 

me, rolling out of bed, mumbling: maw like a chasm in the earth, breath that reeks of generations consumed, ughhh, coffee

MH-, morbid, 90% raw truth and 10% trashpost, suicidal ideation stuff (but am safe) 

hi, internet. what does a :') mean because I am the old

I keep hearing about this "censer ship" but I can't find one online anywhere to put weed in. halp

(not CW'd because the word is used once, please consider your own personal and local CW policies before boosting. thank you for your consideration. offer not valid in Utah, Medicine Hat, Portugal, any of Jupiter's layers, the Crab Nebula, and some sections of Heaven)

I want to take a modern day queer and trans version of this magazine spread

any local gays please hit me up I will absolutely do a fashion shoot for you

sonic is a class traitor and knuckles is the prol hero we need

an entire generation was raised to hate desk phones via office exposure

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