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Here is the address to complain to: 

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my apologies for responding to a post on the internet, won't happen again

(this is here for the next time I need it)

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I block pleroma/GS instances when I spot them, so if you're a non-shitbag using one of those techs, I likely will not see your responses, and I'm sure I've missed amazing responses from lovely folks, but I consider minimizing exposure between myself and pleroma/GS a higher priority than worrying about missing out on people. I'm not special. you'll find others to talk to; so will I. ^_^ <3

so apologies if my silence is rude, but it's due to circumstances beyond our control.

be well! ^_^

you've had elf on a shell

now try

noid in a void

me: *sees a game she'd love to play*

also me: *won't play most of them because she's terrified it will ruin the version she has in her head that might be better than the actual game (but, in reality testing, has proven to be rarely lost entirely and less often the superior version than she had originally assumed)*

If you haven't yet, PLEASE consider leaving a comment on the MEATPUNKS Kickstarter page!! It's the easiest way to show your support, and it does a LOT for us!

my friend made a documentary about a Native American community in Michigan's Upper Peninsula 

Y'all don't even realize how good I am at being asexual on main.

I've been so good that you don't realize that EVERYTHING I post is asexual on main.

Isn't that fucking rad?

hair brushed / clipped back: ✅
all medications: ✅
ALL medications: ✅

time to get my last damage placements and then just play a game that isn't Overwatch because I'm never gonna get out of bronze

Nice to see more companies put the ever controversial "respect other players" and "kick toxic dipshits out of your gaming groups" advice in their books

them: are you more of a cat person or a dog person
me, sweating, pulling at my collar: uh, uh, i am a human person? definitely a human person, i assure you. no cat people or dog people here, haha!

:brain1: never use <table>
:brain2: data tables are valid
:brain4: most content can actually be represented as tables

#biononymous #biopricacy

Major breach found in biometrics system used by banks, UK police and defence firms

Fingerprints of over 1 million people, facial recognition and other personal information from Biostar 2 discovered on publicly accessible database

(to the tune of we built this city)
i pet that kitty
i pet that kitty and booped their nose

what's that thing when you get a story idea too terrible to work but too fascinating to abandon

tired: deadpool's funny, so he's awesome

wired: deadpool is sophormoric and gleefully so but is also sometimes an insightful examination of comedy as a response to severe trauma. in the next six hours I will show

long, alphabet faff 

people are really on this website thinking they can legally tweet whatever they want, huh?



"When my company that sells sex devices starts another office, I don't think we'll be able to add 'international' to our name."

"Why not? What's your name right now?"

"It's 'Business Machines'." :bloblewd:

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