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"It’s taken me a while, but I’ve come to realize that a demand for a debate is the first sign of an ignorant wanker looking for attention."

-- @pzmyers

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Here is the address to complain to: 

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my apologies for responding to a post on the internet, won't happen again

(this is here for the next time I need it)

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I block pleroma/GS instances when I spot them, so if you're a non-shitbag using one of those techs, I likely will not see your responses, and I'm sure I've missed amazing responses from lovely folks, but I consider minimizing exposure between myself and pleroma/GS a higher priority than worrying about missing out on people. I'm not special. you'll find others to talk to; so will I. ^_^ <3

so apologies if my silence is rude, but it's due to circumstances beyond our control.

be well! ^_^

financial help request 

the terrible secret of space 

sea creatures will often greet each other socially through sounds; for instance, whelks will call out to approaching friendly whelks with a... (WORST PUN EVER, I'M SO SORRY YALL) 

Covid shitpost 

covid-19, billionnaires 

Just a heads up - keep your eye on your government at the moment, a lot of authoritarians are using the pandemic as cover to introduce laws that further their agenda, Hungary for example is trying to get around gender marker changes by making identifying documents say the AGAB rather than allow people to correct it, Idaho in the US also has or is trying to ban trans youth from participating in sports as their gender, and many countries are pushing for oppressive infrastructure which they've wanted for years but the pandemic has actually got people frightened enough to start buying into it, fascist and authoritarians often use crisis to tighten their grip on the system.

Jeopardy works only because the audience is too confused at a low verbal level by hearing statements followed by questions stated in the tone of voice of an answer that they can't tell what's happening and go with the crowd response

there is no pain like the pain of failure -_-

Millions Unwilling To Telecommute After Widespread Webcam Filter Glitch Turns All Users Faces Into An Entire Dog, And That Dog's Face Back Into Their Face, But Small

job ad: machine learning educator, Seattle/remote 

Zoom's encryption has some major flaws, is "not suited for secrets", and Zoom has servers in China generating meeting encryption keys for users in other countries, Citizen Lab researchers discover (by me)

amongst all this, everybodys seemed to have missed the extremely good news that Morrissey has been bought by PepsiCo Inc. and has had to change his name to Peppissey

Nintendo Switch: making taking pictures of a computer screen with your phone camera cool again instead of actual screenshots

Moon Milk 

OH: "In the near future, automated Wisconsin dairy farms are being menaced by Hypercows. Only a quirky team of women in power armor can preserve our pizza. This is Cheesy-Yum Crisis 2040."

netflix proposed 'freud' and i clicked because i like pain. on the other hand it's in german and i could use some practice

midday thoughts 

I'm starting a new conlang where the only pronoun is "you fucks"

(DISCLAIMER: I am not doing that. and please do not do that.)

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