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"It’s taken me a while, but I’ve come to realize that a demand for a debate is the first sign of an ignorant wanker looking for attention."


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Here is the address to complain to: 

Flight Lt. & Prebendary Ethel Morris
The Dimples
Mr. Buenos Aries

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my apologies for responding to a post on the internet, won't happen again

(this is here for the next time I need it)

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I block pleroma/GS instances when I spot them, so if you're a non-shitbag using one of those techs, I likely will not see your responses, and I'm sure I've missed amazing responses from lovely folks, but I consider minimizing exposure between myself and pleroma/GS a higher priority than worrying about missing out on people. I'm not special. you'll find others to talk to; so will I. ^_^ <3

so apologies if my silence is rude, but it's due to circumstances beyond our control.

be well! ^_^

wonder how hard a total conversion of Outer Worlds would end up being in the long run 🤔

I wonder what the best ttrpg for like. Fantasy/sci Fi universe battle of the bands stories would be. You're trying to become Stars but you've gotta beat everything from the other bands to malicious record executives to your own shithead fans to an actual bounty hunter with a laser gun

Off Writing (literally; just talking history of corrupt presidents, no replies please) 

I read about executive privilege when I was young and asked: what if a corrupt president?

that wouldn’t happen, and the authority stating so was quite sure.

did the same years later. got a slightly better teacher. read about Teapot Dome and a bunch of other raw teething fits and disgusting abject fuckups and sautéed propaganda vehicles that only the States can really cook up properly

and asked: why didn’t they fix it?

seemed like it would have been a good idea.



(utter whiny speculation, or: rambly faffing about my writing career, mh-~) 

been up lately. very little sleep. the friends I have I Florida seem like they’ll be okay.

feeling weird mix of sorry for myself, abject grief (well, more about stalled, well, everything! due to grief)

saw my work recently again. made an embarrassingly small amount last year; that’s not a shock. just disappointment. (turns out I’m used to that, so 🙃) but it’s definitely because I have no publicity path or ad campaigns. the next best option?

release another book.


anyway, it got me thinking

hypothesis 1: anything described, if possible, will be created in some form eventually unless the data is lost

hypothesis 2: this is true of the past as well; things today are a product of both the predictions and sciences of the past

hypothesis 3: ppl are often assholes about money

hypothesis 4 logically follows: we are the monkeys, all of us are looking at the ‘typewriter’ right now for some value of that, and what we produce is all dissected and rearranged and half rebooted and retitled and scriptfixed wherever money is remotely involved.

nobody ever thinks about the monkey part right away. being similar enough to real life monkeys creeps many humans out on a subconscious level.

but at the end of the day we’re all the monkeys. even building autotypewriters, in a very convoluted manner. might not need the monkeys again after a certain point. 🙃

the day may come that authored novels become the exception; the kind of thing commissioned for ‘true human verisimilitude’, something something something.

honestly, I think I’d end up writing anyway. some part of me misses it more now than eating cheese or when I was naive enough to believe my biodad was a good person. it was my world for decades of my life; I probably have enough established lore notes that I wouldn’t need to push to get something okay on a first pass. and if my other notes didn’t get destroyed I’ve basically got a map I built for a five segment fantasy story that could probably work out, plus other stuff

anyway: here’s hoping one of us all, regardless of the matter of our composition or the composition of our matter, somewhere strikes deeper into literature/code than Shakespeare himself someday 🥂


mh-, blurry unfortunate reality 

sometimes I worry about the really insidious propaganda that’s targeting queers 😔

sometimes I see stats that make me worry about just how much transition is becoming painted as criminal

then I remember

to the government

all queers have been criminals most of history

so, I mean, at least I’m not queering wrong. that’s good at least 🙃

re: (me, on a carnival swing ride, singing in my head) 


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Japanese lessons and general author rambling 

(some part of me is always still delighted despite my absolute misanthropy that somehow I managed to spend nearly eight years in high volume Japanese drilling time; at this point I’m nearly ready to read children’s books, and I’m looking forward to it, even if I need to set aside my issues with any plot failings I might project onto another author’s work; it’s their book, not mine, and I can’t formulate criticism without more vocabulary. or at least more verbs. my suspicion is that this will be the hard part because I’m hoping to find a Japanese language book intended for children and tweens; that may take a lot more work though. hard to search for things when you’re still learning the names! 🙃)

(me, on a carnival swing ride, singing in my head) 


Nintendo should produce a Wacky Races-style animated series about Mario Kart.

how is it not called the Webboscope at least ffs

If you haven't tried mansplaining photography to someone who's had a photo in NatGeo today, well done, you're doing better than that one dude from earlier

Sorry – screwed up my copying of AutBall’s alt text (because Twitter makes it hard to copy)

Second attempt!

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CW: sheer gameing nonsense 


cursed meta narrative shit in my head 

you could make a really bonkers arg out of war of the worlds now, with deepfakes and shit. berenstain that shit

me, meeting new people: let’s see, how terrible will this experience be 😊

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