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Time for a proper !

Hi, I'm Phil. I'm 25, and live alone in the middle of nowhere in Poland (which in itself is a middle of nowhere).

I play a variety of games, though recently metroidvanias (Bloodstained hype) and platformers (CELESTE.) have dominated. Plus whatever comes out on Switch.

My timesink genres are fighting games (Guilty Gear) and Monster Hunter (my all-time favourite).

And I play FFXIV, so there's that.

Other than that, I like cycling. And wall climbing.


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"If you had to recommend someone play 5 games to really get a feel for you/your tastes, what five would you pick?"

- Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
- Hollow Knight
- Guilty Gear Xrd -Rev2-
- Path of Exile

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Charlie Brown is playing fighting games again

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Anti-nuclear people are the anti-vaxxers of climate change

"slake" has to be the worst word in the English language, at least out of the morally neutral ones

That area before the security check in airports is laid out like a tower defense map

There's like lanes and stuff and one special security guy tower that redirects mobs so that each tower gets a manageable amount of them to deal with

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And now, a vertical slice of (Bot, may be bad) 

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And now, a vertical slice of (Bot, may be bad) 

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@suivran crying is good, i take every opportunity to shed a tear

idk pixel galaxy still just straight-up makes me actually-cry on demand (happy crying though)

ujico is an absolute magician

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(puts chips into my sub sandwich) i'm a fucking culinary master

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Linux users are wizards: they do more work for the same functions, but in exchange they get more flexibility and power.

Windows users are sorcerer: they get innate support and intuitive functions, but not nearly as many tricks as the wizards.

Mac users are warlocks: they bonded their souls to a malevolent power that doesn't actually care about them.

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teaching how to play and selling kazoos at a festival to smashed people and watching the horror on the face of their friends as you walk away is pure 100% clown.

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kangaskhan is the baby and the mom is just its stand


code vein, somewhat spoilery 

anime characters are so bad at accepting apologies

it's always like "no, if anybody should be apologizing it's me"

Yeah, I feel like it's _harder_ than 1, but much more forgiving about mistakes. I like that.

I'm playing One Finger Death Punch 2 and it really does make the 12yo boy in me squeee

It's overall a bit smoother, but the most important change for me is that there's no extra trophy for perfecting a stage anymore

I know it's stupid (and my own fault) but my brain won't let me go to the next level unless I get the highest rank, which severely hampered my enjoyment of the latter half of OFDP1

so yeah, probably my favourite Flash game-in-spirit now

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transphobia, ukpol 

code vein, spoiler 

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