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Time for a proper !

Hi, I'm Phil. I'm 25, and live alone in the middle of nowhere in Poland (which in itself is a middle of nowhere).

I play a variety of games, though recently metroidvanias (Bloodstained hype) and platformers (CELESTE.) have dominated. Plus whatever comes out on Switch.

My timesink genres are fighting games (Guilty Gear) and Monster Hunter (my all-time favourite).

And I play FFXIV, so there's that.

Other than that, I like cycling. And wall climbing.


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"If you had to recommend someone play 5 games to really get a feel for you/your tastes, what five would you pick?"

- Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
- Hollow Knight
- Guilty Gear Xrd -Rev2-
- Path of Exile

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given that I recently started watching haikyuu I 500% feel attacked by this

the whole "being vaguely threatening" thing turned out to be a great marketing campaign for duolingo, didn't it eh

path of exile, contextless conquerors spoiler, jokingly negative 

the only cringeworthy thing is marketing

like, all of it

one of my favourite things about speaking multiple languages is using set phrases from languages other than the one I'm currently speaking

like, I might be speaking english with somebody, but if they sneeze I'll say "na zdrowie" (bless you in polish), or if they're going to eat I'll say 'guten Appetit"

tl;dr hobbies are neat, enjoying hobbies is neat, people who enjoy hobbies are neat

OTOH I remember when I was starting to get into boardgames, and had like half a dozen or so under my belt, I once wandered into a nerd shop and just told the guy to "sell me a boardgame", and his eyes lit up SO MUCH

I think I spent like 1 1/2h talking through what I already played, what I might like, until finally settling on one (that I ended up liking, too)

talking to somebody who genuinely loves their hobby and having them introduce you is ALSO really cool

there is a certain sort of charm to having extremely cursory knowledge of a hobby and running into somebody else who also does

like, I like _some_ jazz, and listened to a bunch of eg. Cannonball Adderley; but I can't say that I'm "into" Jazz to the degree that I even know all the big names

but just then I talked to a fren who turns out is in a similar situation, but with a different subset of Jazz knowledge

and being able to show each other new stuff you know you'll both enjoy is NEAT

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Pro-tip for Firefox users: open a new tab, now prefix whatever you type in the address bar with "%" to search your open tabs and switch to one.

granblue fantasy music 

the world ends with you lategame spoiler 

haikyuu, drinking game, lewd-ish 

really high crit chances just feel like inverted fumble chances

we've just been posting jokes built around these with frens for the past hour, it's glorious

haikyuu season 3 

it's honestly terrifying how lucid y'alls markov bots are sometimes

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so I talked about this on stream but just so y’all know I received a very long, detailed message about what someone wanted to do to Mint sexually and I have uh some things to say

Not a mastodon user afaik but since I haven’t said it in a while: please do not lewd the Mint. I understand she’s cute as heck and has the charisma to charm anyone but I do not need detailed diatribes of your fantasies about my OC

tbf, it's better when it's part of a healthy spread of communication, of course, and sometimes the (intended as playful but not always coming across as such) negativity can be overwhelming, but it can work and when it does it's p great

one thing I like about the aesthetic of video/fighting games sportsmanship is using technically negative phrases as acknowledgments/sign of respect

like, when I say "wow, that was fucking rude" when getting thrown three times in a row, that's praise

idk. It just tickles me in a way.

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