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Time for a proper !

Hi, I'm Phil. I'm 25, and live alone in the middle of nowhere in Poland (which in itself is a middle of nowhere).

I play a variety of games, though recently metroidvanias (Bloodstained hype) and platformers (CELESTE.) have dominated. Plus whatever comes out on Switch.

My timesink genres are fighting games (Guilty Gear) and Monster Hunter (my all-time favourite).

And I play FFXIV, so there's that.

Other than that, I like cycling. And wall climbing.


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"If you had to recommend someone play 5 games to really get a feel for you/your tastes, what five would you pick?"

- Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
- Hollow Knight
- Guilty Gear Xrd -Rev2-
- Path of Exile

they're not yoyos

they're Bridget Spinners

fourth loop done

with that, I've officially started the actual second week of exercising every day (over the weekend I've done beat saber until proper tired both days).

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watching evo strive matches with my friends, it's v fun

followup question: Once you have maxed out glove length, how much can you remove from the finger end before it stops being a glove?

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how long can gloves get before they stop being gloves

also in this last game my opponent offered a draw twice, I played on and eventually won with 4 seconds left on the clock

I noticed a pattern to my chess playing

on days where I play a lot of games, I lose rating
on days where I play 2-5 games, I gain rating

third loop done

I inadvertently picked up a social engagement for 4:30 today, and usually I leave the office at 4:00, so I wouldn't have had enough time to do the loop

so I actually got up and to work an hour early

who even am I anymore lmao

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syke, today I inflicted an hour of beat saber upon myself instead, equally if not more beat lmao

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"Hmmm, I want people to remember me forever. Let's fuck up the calendar even more."

apparently the game is going "full price" on August 10th, currently it's pretty cheap to pick up

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played Alina of the Arena, a Slay the Spire/Into the Breach clone by a Taiwanese studio

that's pretty much the pitch, actually. The cards are largely legally distinct StS cards, there's 1-2 extra mechanics, and the combat is grid-based with enemies that tell you what they're gonna do

sometimes taking the good parts of two distinct games and mashing them together works just fine. It's still in EA, but it's already worth looking into if these kinda games are your marmalade

this post was sponsored by my grandpa and his girlfriend, respectively

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you can really tell the difference between somebody who is good-faith trying to adjust to new pronouns and just slipping up sometimes, and somebody who doesn't care and is making excuses

day 2 of "new year new me" completed

next is on friday, because tomorrow I'm in home office, and on thursdays I don't go straight home after work

just like his father, the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter is Gon

that's 1000 monsters hunted in MHRise

I never know where the hyphens in "kulu-ya-ku" go

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