So, who would win in a fight?

V'ger or the DMA?

I want to be a clever Star Trek
communications officer

So that I'm a cunning linguacode-ist.

Wait, hold on, that doesn't work does it

I can't stop being mad about declaring that a five-digit pin lets you remotely hack into another ship's control systems.

Spoiler: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 

On the other hand, TWoK does bring up a number of questions about design considerations in Starfleet ship design.


WTF, a five-digit pin code to order another ship to lower its shields?!

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Spoiler: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 

... to further support that this is a bad idea, that is exactly what Reliant does in the very next fucking movie.

"They knew right where to hit us," Spock says.

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Spoiler: Star Trek: The Motion Picture 

Okay, it seems like a really bad design choice to channel the energy for the phasers through the impulse engines.

I mean, what if an enemy targets your engineering section and you don't have impulse power?

#StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds s1e1 spoilers 

I appreciate seeing Ethan Peck's, uh, pecs.

It would be nice if Spock had looked at Pike's beard at the start of the episode and asked if he thought it was really working for him.

#StarTrek #Picard season 2 finale 

I like resolutions that lead to healing and understanding, reconciliation and growth.

This season finale did that; it's very Star Trek.

It kind of feels like recent Trek adventures (other series, the latest movies) have concluded with blowing up the bad guy -- and this feels like a return to form, very in the spirit of what Star Trek can and should be: showing us that we can make a better world.

#StarTrek #Picard season 2 finale 

So this is the episode where the guardian angels almost walk up to the point of telling their charges that they're in love with them, and then don't.


It's okay, we understand; we know.

#StarTrek #Picard season 2 finale 


#StarTrek #Picard season 2 finale 

I love so much.

She's been hurt so much and yet she thinks the way to protect the people she loves is to control them and keep them safe.

And then she gets hurt by them pulling away from her.

That's really realistic.

I love how the character has not had very many appearances but she has been more fully filled out than _any_ TNG character was even by the end of the series.

#StarTrek #Picard season 2 finale 

Oh, I quite like 's reprise of , and the way they tie him into the Gary Seven mythology.

Spoilers: #StarTrek #Picard season 2 spoilers 

Tallinn is _so_ in love with Renée.

I _know_ I've seen the "guardian angel falls in love with their charge" trope before, but my TVtropes skills have failed me and I can't a name for the trope or other examples of it.

re: Upcoming U.S. supreme court decision 

And, just a reminder: even before this, a hell of a lot of people in the U.S. did NOT have bodily autonomy except in a theoretical sense.

White, mostly-abled, non-impoverished, health-insured people (like me!) need to remember that even before this, there were so many people in this country who did not have access to reproductive freedom.

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Upcoming U.S. supreme court decision 

Augh the last two mornings have been horrific, waking up to check news to see if we still live in a country with bodily autonomy or not.

@Draekos The swallowing is the easy part, sometimes they jump in there themselves. It's the stuff they get into inside that's the problem.

I know you're complaining of a tummy ache but my Sister in Tiamat, you ate all those kobolds yourself.

It's odd to me, as a Very Old Person, to remember that the "woman's right to choose" phrasing -- and even the term "pro-choice" itself -- was picked because pro-choice people were afraid to say "abortion" out loud.

See, it would turn off the nice Christian people if we said what people are allowed to choose.

wrong: "a woman's right to choose [to have an abortion]"

right: "any person's right to choose for themselves to have an abortion, or not"

I guarantee you that while I am certainly flattered by your concern, my right to an abortion is not currently threatened -- but some trans, trans masc, and/or non-binary friends *could* get an abortion, and their autonomy is being threatened by this.

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