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perdónenme por ser tan sexy. como si fuera mi culpa.

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if ur a nerd and interested on reading more about the mechanics of sonic adventure, and how the remastered version turned out so shitty dreamcastify.unreliable.networ

this whole website has solid comparisons and explains the technical changes in the ports :blobpeek:​

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📌 intro post 

what's poppin gaymers. here's a long, LONG due / . i go by jul online, but if we've talked before you can call me rox! :polyamory:​ :genderfluid_flag:​ :heart_pride:​ please read a reply here thoroughly before interacting with it

this thread is by no means a manditory read before following me, it's more of a "get to know me better" thing, but there are also some pointers on what to expect on my posting habits, etc. you'll find a through summary of everything i'm about to say attached to this post so take a look at the pictures for a TL;DR! /jokes

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confusion when
you dropped in.
I'm a hardcore
gamer, and I

You are a portable, which portable are you?

Apparently TikTok made sea shanties a thing now. Awesome! Because I'm a sea shanty nerd, I decided to make an "explainer". If you're new to sea shanties, or just want some recs, follow the thread!

#seashanty #seashanties #wellerman


brought like a dozen pairs of cute pokécen socks yesterday amd they're so cuuuute i need more funky socks in ny wardrobe this is gr8

the transformation plushie line, along with the ditto song, might have solidified it as my favorite pokemon

as in technically it exists, but the chance something good actually comes through.... :yikes:

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loving cookie kingdom so far. like as a game it's fun but ik i'm bound to drop it when my luck with it goes sour because those drop rates are lower than my sympathy for centrists

all this mouth breathing has made my throat sore and now it HURTS to EAT
girl help me

you're reading that right - shenanigans levels are at 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

Fun Italian idiom: ‘[for s.o. to have a] straw-tail’: for them to be upset personally at something that wasn’t aimed at them, often revealing that they are involved, are in the group that’s criticized, or have an interest they were trying to conceal. (Implied joke: ‘what, are you afraid of catching fire?’)

Imagine if people were taught interpersonal de-escalation skills and it wasn’t something you had to completely learn on your own if you so choose to

For folks who want to have a personal "internet archive" or similar this is a great quick intro to archive box

i set this up recently and moved thousands of my bookmarks, onenote page captures and more data into it and i am not going back to the old way i used to archive content

the multi-format archive is great and i have ALL the data it pulls on-hand for later. no more broken images, media, shit formatting and similar

i cannot recommend it enough if you want a longer term archive of web pages and the like
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