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i think mine finally kicked the bucket. thankfully my hard drive looks intact

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this is the worst possible time to not have a gaming laptop

lmao, fsr i expected this post to be ignored? my instance came thru :blobheart:

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hey, if anyone's got a guide or thread for mastodon newcomers in how to choose an instance, please throw it my way! :boost_ok:


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coping with my wait for acnh by hyperfixing in ninja turtls

how tf do i keep forgetting the main antag in rottmnt is voiced by john cena

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ujfhjdhd i'm stuck waiting for acnh cus paypal transfers take forever

;_; wanmt acnh. tired of my irl flowers dying on me

the attention to detail in super mario odyssey is unparalleled... when i think "what if we got a sonic game like this", i tear up a little

if i ever mke more ocs than the two/three i've got then i'll hve to come up with some new codenames equally as bad as shrimp roll, pirate anna, and simp alien

fuck this quarantine shit i want to learn how to wield a sword

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if there's anything good that's come out of this isolation thing is that my sib and i now play minecraft together almost every evening

those viral videos of apartment flash mobs from several regions in italy have filled my heart with hope and strenghtened my lifelong wish to visit their beautiful country someday

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