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financial aid request, fundraiser, boosts please? 

if you have money to spare, it'd mean a lot if you could direct some of it towards helping my partner pay off his medical bills. he's a full-time college student on his 3rd year, and can't take a part-time job because of schoolwork and disability.

wait times for dentists in his area are up to 2 years, he had to go see a private one on an emergency when part of his molar chipped off a week ago while he was eating dinner.

the bill for the procedure he went through, and for future treatment of his dental health, costs a lot of money that neither of our families can afford

like him, i'm also disabled but on canadian goverment assistance; and i've already pitched in with what i can give to him this month which was only like 50 gbp.

he's currently sitting at 135/2000. thanks for looking and please, only give if you can thank you so much for just looking.

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📌 intro post 

what's poppin gaymers. here's a long, LONG due / . i go by jul online, but if we've talked before you can call me rox! :polyamory::genderfluid_flag::heart_pride:​ please read a reply here thoroughly before interacting with it

this thread is by no means a manditory read before following me, it's more of a "get to know me better" thing, but there are also some pointers on what to expect on my posting habits, etc. you'll find a through summary of everything i'm about to say attached to this post so take a look at the pictures for a TL;DR! /jokes

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"oh man this doing numbers" --me looking at my calculator

jet is so sweet its like she reminds me to take screen breaks by asking for cuddles. i have to wonder if its intentional

omg my instructor asked me to help her with a plant and i cant find my species identification book

Oh, Ditto? I'm writing a paper about how good they are.

i hate lucid dreaming actually. i overslept for class today and the whole time i was dreaming that i kept waking up like oh finally im awake! then something impossible happens and i realize im not


being a conflict solver sucks actually i may do things calmly but i am scared shitless the whole time.

the three major types of inadvisable bio:

-here are all my psychological issues
-here are all my kinks
-here is where i work and the state that i live in

Sonic Heardle #72 



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what wouldnt i give to be sipping on this pinneaple juice, but while on a beach chair and under a parasol

i've defragmented my drives, cleaned my disk, deleted temporary files. discord opens just fine on my.browser, so why won't the app work? i'd appreciate any help here :( i'm using windows 10 home if that helps

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Sonic Heardle #71 


ah fuck i missed #70
anyway this track... is so tender. calm. it soothes my heart of course i'd insta recognize it

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I am begging you to stop saying "humanity" is destroying the planet.

The destruction of the planet is a direct consequence of European colonialism and ongoing cultural, political, and economic imperialism.

White people are destroying the planet.

i've restarted my computer AND reinstalled the program multiple times but it won't run on my laptop at all. mobile's just fine though

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reminder to pause your doomscrolling
take care of urself

If you're based in the US, today is a good day to check the privacy settings on your health trackers and find out what sort of data they store.

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