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Hey there! I'm Seeley and I've been on the fediverse since about September 2018. Some fun things to know about me:

β€’ I'm a 27 y/o demi trans guy, been on Testosterone since 08/18/17 πŸ’‰
β€’ I have undiagnosed + unmedicated ADHD and it sucks lmfao
β€’ Give me any form or flavor of coffee, as long as it's iced, and I will consume it
β€’ I love to and I post a lot of my WIPs and finish products when I actually get around to them
β€’ I live with my partner Ridley and our two cats + a rabbit, Spicy Echo & Sawyer respectively, who are the lights of my life
β€’ I would literally eat sushi until I passed out if you let me (and you should)
β€’ If I could only play one type game for the rest of my life it would be anything

I have a video game & personal blog you should definitely check out:

Nice to meet you!! :blobcatheart:

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:boost_ok: Ok I can't decide what I want to write next so what would people be interested in? (Multi-choice to gauge interest of each post on general)

More details about each option on the next toot!

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Real talk :

I unironically love Mountain Dew Baja Blastβ„’, it is my soda of choice whenever possible

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Reminder I got this absolutely amazing piece by the fantastic @pocketghosts !!!
I literally can never stop staring at it T~T

I commissioned @pocketghosts to draw my boy Atlas and I am OVER THE MOON

Thank you again ghost πŸ’•πŸ˜­

Unexpectedly, I have another blog post out this month! I managed to grab a ps5 on day one and decided to write about my experience with it so far.

Let me know what you think! :blobcatheart:​

The snow reflecting the light so much outside is really messing with me because it makes it seem like it's so bright out but it's like 1am lol

its finally done! i wrote about the game Ikenfell; it captured my heart so much I just had to gush about it!

thanks for reading :blobcatheart:​

its finally done! i wrote about the game Ikenfell; it captured my heart so much I just had to gush about it!

thanks for reading :blobcatheart:​

*for reminding me to

Jesus I left out like half my sentence πŸ˜‚

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Alright yall can expect my blog post tonight bc I just need to grab one more screenshot to replace one of the current ones and I'm gonna post it after work

Just finished Miles Morales and all I can say is, that was fucking fantastic

Wow I completely forgot I had a blog post basically ready

I changed my phone case from the wallet one I had on and I forgot how thing it is ahhHH it's also much nicer lmao

Update I am getting absolutely obliterated but I'm loving it

According to my profile I've played 91 hours of FFXIV, 295 hours of overwatch, and over 400 hours of Dead By Daylight

I think that checks out

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