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If anyone else is playing Cafe Mix, feel free to add me!! Or give me your friend id and I'll add you!!


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It's live! I finally finished up my piece on Control and it's up on my blog if you want to give it a read!

I'm super proud of this post and worked harder on it than I have with anything else I've written so far.

I hope you folks enjoy it :blobcatheart:​

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Real talk :

I unironically love Mountain Dew Baja Blastβ„’, it is my soda of choice whenever possible

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Reminder I got this absolutely amazing piece by the fantastic @pocketghosts !!!
I literally can never stop staring at it T~T

ayo! it's been a productive evening apparently! edited and finished my June photo journal post! It feels a bit shorter one this month, but take a peak:


Love post that possibly doubles as follow friday (if you reply, please take out everyone else's name. I'd feel awful if I started a hellthread) 

@c0debabe first friend I made on here.

@sato1108ss You're one of the people I treasure the most. Mi amigo

@JordiGH Always eager to teach me stuff, I appreciate that. OjalΓ‘ que nos permanecemos amigues.

@Juju I don't know any German, so I can't say I appreciate you in that, but you enrich my life.

@Morgan You're a star. Let's talk about videogames sometime. GET ON TELEGRAM. * shakes fist *

@MairuzuRoxs I don't feel like I know you that well, but I want to get to know you

@magicalmilly My cursed friend I'm Hashtag Blessed to know

@mint Fucking Mint is the Fucking Best. Give him your Fucking Money, especially since his fucking birthday is this fucking month.

@WagonStar I appreciate you, and I feel the need to apologize for having only played the SNES kirby.

@kelerak2 I know you aren't on here much anymore, but I enjoy talking about Mother 3 with you.

@seeleymoyed You are my favorite barista.

@wigglytuffitout You have the best taste in clothing. Thanks for all the beauty advice!

@revolverocelot I want to get to know you better, but do know that I love your stuff.

@MercuryZelda Thanks for being my friend on Ravelry!!!

@noelle Best Admin, favorite Snake Mom.

I'm stopping here, because while I have 5K characters to toot with, it's starting to get very unhappy. I appreciate the rest of you too!

Oh boy the update is out and rid is showing me the diving and I think I'm gonna get back into playing now lol

Mornings friendos

I better than I did before falling asleep last night even if I'm very tired lol

I'm just gonna go to bed, it's not worth being awake right now

Normally I find other ways to voice these feelings and choose to boost other peeps who are more articulate than me or in a better place to speak but I'm just so fucking done with everyrhjng lol

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This is a combination of all the meta stuff happening on here recently and the usual trash fire with this new terf flag bullshit

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Why do people police others?

Like how self absorbed do you have to be that you think that actively excluding and essentially bullying people is for some "greater good" and you're doing your good service and somehow these invisible lines and boxes that DO NOT EXISR, need to be Firm Lawβ„’ that you must protect and uphold.

Just let people fucking live their lives, how and why do you have so much time and energy that you put so much effort into reinforcing your terrible ideals onto random people on the internet.

Get a hobby, punch a nazi, idk man it's not that fucking hard to occupy yourself

ayo! it's been a productive evening apparently! edited and finished my June photo journal post! It feels a bit shorter one this month, but take a peak:


ok ok ok ok ok
gonna type up my character sheet

and THEN i get to play dragon quest

since starting a new habit tracker always creates a burst of actually following my habits, but i fall off a couple weeks later the obvious strategy is to switch to a new habit tracker every two weeks

youtube videos 


these videos i think do a decent job going over the important details not really explained in game outside of a lot of help notes?

channel with some good basic tips, no other ninjala videos currently tho:

more in depth channel about how to max points:

same channel about the importance of break attacks and when to use them:

someone: can you CW this?

same person: NO NOT LIKE THAT

and let’s not forget our lovely ugly boy edgar

he likes to nap

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Normalize letting POC talk about race and race struggled without sanitizing it or hiding it for white comfort

Home from work finally and all my motivation to do anything has flown out the window

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