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Hey there! I'm Seeley and I've been on the fediverse since about September 2018. Some fun things to know about me:

• I'm a 27 y/o demi trans guy, been on Testosterone since 08/18/17 💉
• I have undiagnosed + unmedicated ADHD and it sucks lmfao
• Give me any form or flavor of coffee, as long as it's iced, and I will consume it
• I love to and I post a lot of my WIPs and finish products when I actually get around to them
• I live with my partner Ridley and our two cats + a rabbit, Spicy Echo & Sawyer respectively, who are the lights of my life
• I would literally eat sushi until I passed out if you let me (and you should)
• If I could only play one type game for the rest of my life it would be anything

I have a video game & personal blog you should definitely check out:

Nice to meet you!! :blobcatheart:

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:boost_ok: Ok I can't decide what I want to write next so what would people be interested in? (Multi-choice to gauge interest of each post on general)

More details about each option on the next toot!

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Real talk :

I unironically love Mountain Dew Baja Blast™, it is my soda of choice whenever possible

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Reminder I got this absolutely amazing piece by the fantastic @pocketghosts !!!
I literally can never stop staring at it T~T

a closer look at the cover art, again, by pocketghosts. inspiration: obvious. the background is the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. most are probably unaware, but I'm a third Turkish.

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Forgot to record that run, but here's another sub-2 minute I got a little later (My fingers are in so much pain lmfao). If anyone has suggestions for me to go faster, if totally love yo hear them! I need me a sub 1:44 time dude!! Hahaha

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Got my first covid test today! 10/10 would recommend again

Oh ya I finished a yesterday! It's the logo for Sunset Camp, the forum that I'm apart of that @mint runs !

This was super relaxing to do since the logo is cute and minimal.

I've only ordered one thing from aliexpress and it was brought to my attention by @wigglytuffitout and it got here in one piece only a month-ish later

This is a good product

i know it was in my intro post but FYI I did in fact make a Mint Zine it's 96 pages long and it has a bunch of Mint art and fic and fun facts please look at it it took me like a week to make lmfao graphic design is my passion

hhh executive dysfunction is full force right now

There's a demo out now for Immortals Fenyz Rising, if anyone wanted to try it out!

Also probs post a few of my blog posts I didn't talk about on here...

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Oh I also need to do an Atlas photo dump bc I have a fair amount of comms of him now???

Also update on what I'm currently playing:

• Dead by daylight bc I'm always on that bullshit
• Stardew Valley in preparation for 1.5 coming to console
• currently making my way through Gravity Rush 2! Beat 1 at the end of last year. I'm almost done what I think is he second last chapter. Probably finish it today and leave the final chapter for later

Also if you wanna keep track of your games or be nosey and keep track of what IM playing, defs recommend checking out the GG App!

Maybe this week I'll ACTUALLY get my monthly journal post out relatively on time lmao

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