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In other news

I wanna hop on board...

Which role energy do I give off πŸ‘€

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Reminder peeps: I made a bot πŸ‘€


It's a countdown post-er for Nintendo titles! With individual #'s so you can reduce noise too.

I'm temporarily breaking my online haitis to say out loud

Woops, my bot hasnt to been posting lmao

Gonna fix that tonight and then disappear again for a bit longer

Also you are all so heckin sweet I feel rejuvinate already

Thank you for the good vibes πŸ’•

Just had a guy tip us $30 and told us to split it three ways between the three of us on the floor as a thank you for working over the holiday weekend

Sometime people are pretty ok

I think I'm gonna take a break from Masto for a bit, not very long

But work is really taking a toll on me right now, with our supervisor sick I'm probably working more than overtime this week + next week

So I want to try and take the time I have outside of work to really focus on doing things for myself (like playing games or cross stitching) instead of scroll online

You'll still see me in your notifs probably with a Fav here and there but I want to try and cut down my online time for a bit

I bought Heaven Will Be Mine and a simulation game called Blockhood on steam since they're on sale, and because I also forgot my old roommate bought me a steam gift card like last year for my birthday and I hadn't used it yet lol


Pro Smashers don't know who mint (or peppermint) is, so here's a discovery feature we just added!

Hmm do I try and squeeze in a haircut before family thanks giving dinner tomorrow? :thinkhappy:

I've been telling myself to just get through this week and you'll be fine

But then I actually -looked- at my schedule and it's..... Ugh

All I want is to toot and complain about work but I'm trying to stay positive about this week so I'm just gonna focus my energy on how much I want to dump money on this stupid piece of technology

Does anyone on here have a switch lite? Anyone beyond elekk?

Always love and appreciate first hand experiences and gripes from peeps

I'd keep my current switch as my non-primary console at home for party games and tv playing


Folks I made the mistake of holding a Switch Lite and fuck me up I NEED ONE


There are a few video game podcasts I've wanted to start but they're all........ So... Long.....

I'll admit What's Good Games is hella long episodes too sometimes but they're the only one I've come across that has a female only set of hosts, and they also provide time stamps for EVERYTHING including their ads so it's very easy to skip over uninteresting topics

The Daily Fix: every weekday give or take, but less than 5mins long so a nice quick bit of info

Wednesdays: Podcast Beyond (IGN's PlayStation Chat)

Thursdays: Nintendo Voice Chat (IGN's Nintendo Show)

Fridays: What's Good Games which ends the week on a wonderful note, love my girls 😭

It works out well because the video game podcasts I listen to all line up really well with enough time in between for me to listen to each one more or less when it drops!

This give or takes depending on work and stuff but it makes the end of the week extra nice

Oooooooooo its Wednesday!!! Which means it's the start of game podcast weekendddddd

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