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Reminder peeps: I made a bot 👀


It's a countdown post-er for Nintendo titles! With individual #'s so you can reduce noise too.

Talking about Octopath makes me wanna play it sooner...maybe I'll keep an eye out on black Friday to see if the price dips

@seeleymoyed it goes even deeper than that: consider the starting location of each character

starting at Ophilia, going clockwise, it spells out OCTOPATH

@seeleymoyed love that it was a placeholder and then they just said fuck it

Still fucked up about how all 8 protagonist's names in Octopath Traveller spell out .... OCTOPATH

I love it! When people! Call in sick!! An hour! Before they start work!!

Note: I've been taking my sweet ass time with this game

I've put just under 10 hours into and I'm only just at the second badge now... What are other people's time stamps looking like?

New pokemon 

God I need to know what Applin evolves into because it's Type?? Oh my god???

Now back to pokemon while I try to load into another game lol

Ayyyyy got my 4 kill match I needed to finish as one of the Archive Challenges in

I just got given a new, new pokemon and im crying it's so cute

Pkmn SwSh 

It's so funny, IRL im more or less afraid of birds and bugs

But I fucking love bird and bug pokemon... what's up with that???

Real talk tho I'm fucking loving SwSh so far

Like, heart eyes clenched chest swoon

Am I one of very few who actually bought pokemon Shield?

Literally everyone I've seen who's bought it so far has bought sword

Pokemon SwSh // Trade 

Why make a sequel to Portal, rather than a full remake?

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