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Reminder peeps: I made a bot 👀


It's a countdown post-er for Nintendo titles! With individual #'s so you can reduce noise too.

Piracy re: transphobia, dl link 

Warframe Screenshot 

Woke up before ridley for once and now I'm like... What .... Do I do .... Lol

Ribby and mads are talking photoshop and clip art studio and I'm here like

:thaenkin: :thinkhappy: :tiphat: :well_actually:

We're playin'

We're playin'

We're playing beAT SABer


Food l 

We broke out the VR since we have a friend over and I forgot how much Beat Saber rules

I spend yesterday evening complaining about and yet I sit here on my lunch....

Wanting to play more lol

@knittenkitten If you can't handle me at my Arnold Scharzenegger, you don't deserve me at my Cher

The one thing I will give this game though is when you find a weapon that feels good and you get use to the flying controls...

Wow do you feel like a bad ass. The gun play itself it's pretty good, but that in combo with the movement mechanics is very unique and makes me WANT to do more than just run around and shoot. I go out of my way to do flips and use the hover and make it seem like it's an action movie or even a cut scene lol

So I think my biggest thing with this game is like... You don't know where you're going or what you're suppose to be doing???

I technically just did a cataclysm even but like.. I don't know what happened???

Decided to give anthem a go again but this time ignore the story and try the cataclysm so :akkoshrug: we'll see how this goes

I really do wanna give this game a chance since I own but like... :blobnervous:

oh yea i remember why i stopped playing

it very badly marks 4 tombs youre suppose t find with little navigational help and i cant find one of them i need to unlock

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