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:boost_ok: Ok I can't decide what I want to write next so what would people be interested in? (Multi-choice to gauge interest of each post on general)

More details about each option on the next toot!

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Real talk :

I unironically love Mountain Dew Baja Blast™, it is my soda of choice whenever possible

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Reminder I got this absolutely amazing piece by the fantastic @pocketghosts !!!
I literally can never stop staring at it T~T

sweet gonna get rid to last minute proof my post and i'll set it live later

time for hades >:3

I got my A5 ruler board out of the next year's package (using the A6 one was a struggle :negative: )

Alright It's 3:30am, I'm gonna moisturize my hands and even get and sleep

Meg's voice actress got me feeling all sorts of things :blobthirst:

The heart section on the bodice is going to be filled in, but the negative space looks so good right now that I had to take a picture. (Maybe I'll have to search out a pattern that uses thick sections of colour and empty Aida sections for my next project?) #CrossStitch

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I want to cross stitch but I want to play more Hades

I did this one in June ; first time trying to do some basic animation and turn my #illustration into a gif. That was quite satisfying ! A #fanart inspired by my #AnimalCrossingNH house 😁
#AnimalCrossing #DigitalArt #MastoArt

"My logic is flawless"
a moment later
"...My logic was flawed"

Buy (now in 1.0 and on Switch) because:

  • fun
  • it's greek myths so it's v queer
  • pet doggo
  • everyone is hot :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

I have to go get blood work done this morning I am not impressed

I literally woke up thinking about it and need to play more

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