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Mulder accuses a civil war reenactor of being an alien. Smoking Man reveals secrets about Mulder's sister. AGAIN.

First gym session went really well 💪 excited to get back into it

I signed up for the gym with my coworker and oh boy the anxiety is starting to kick in already

We are going tomorrow and aaahhhh

Went on the road and visiting my mom today which is a nice change of pace

Will get a chance to play switch in a bit and relax

Gonna eat dinner... Then I might drop my telegram link lol

Alright time to finish vesperia while im waiting for dead by daylight queues lol

The new time opened up for and I'm so pumped to be able to get a jump on it

Forgot to start the update before I left for work tho... Rip lol

My manager asked to move my shift up tomorrow for more coverage so now I have to be up in.... 5 hours 😬

I had a bunch of my coworkers over tonight and god was it loud and ridiculous but it was so fun and I'm so tired

Feels weird being back on windows after having a mac for so long.... But im enjoying it so far

I caved and bought the laptop I was considering.... Its the Surface Go and its honestly? Exactly what I was looking for.

The size of a larger tablet with full computer capabilities, and its a fraction of the weight of my old brick of a laptop

I didn't get the type cover yet because its.... Pricey but even just using the on screen keyboard and treating it like a tablet - im so in love

I thought I was closing with my manager and ASM tonight which is..... Ugh

But turns out one of my favorite coworkers is basically pre closing too and I'm so relieved

Reading up on the vesperia side quests and... Oh? My god. There are so many and theyre so hidden and missable ???

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