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Hey folks, we're moving up the Elekk Secret Santa by 3 days so people have the option to buy gifts on Steam using the Autumn sale prices. The event was set to start the day the sale ended and I want to make sure everyone has plenty of options within their budget!

If you'd like to sign up for the Secret Santa, *you may still do so!* Please just let me know as soon as possible and be prepared to fill out your wishlist by 11/30.

Happy holidays!

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Sign up for Elekk's Secret Santa 2019 is live! Please click the link and read the directions to enter. Sign-up is not limited to Elekk, though you are encouraged to start your own secret santa event if you don't regularly interact with Elekk members (secret santa's are best with people you know and love, after all).

Sign ups are due by 11/30, gift purchases will start 12/3, and all exchanges will finish by 12/31. Minimum purchase price is $5 to accommodate all incomes.

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Just wanted to throw it out there for reference: I don't approve all follower requests. 90% of the time this is not personal, and really revolves around the fact that I don't know the people trying to follow me.

Sometimes I decline because I use the "follower's-only" mode to keep private things private, and I can't envision how the new follower would respond to some of the things I say.

I also prune my follower list from time to time as I get to know certain accounts. Again, not personal.


Undertale spoilers 

KH3 dlc trailer 

The Mandalorian, or as it was know during production:

Nerf Herder Bebop.

Line from The Force Awakens that still gives me chills 

I think I'm just gonna go full Star Wars tonight. Mandalorian first, then I'm going to start watching through the new trilogy again in preparation for Episode IX. Don't know if I'll get all the way to VIII, but I'm feeling it and I'm sure there's things I forgot that'll make seeing IX all the sweeter.

Religion, eternal conscious torment 

Religion, eternal conscious torment 

Religion, eternal conscious torment 

Cecilia D'Anastasio is leaving Kotaku to work at Wired, and I couldn't be more concerned for Kotaku and the other Gizmodo sites if Jason Schreier or Stephen Totilo were leaving to work at McDonalds.

Don't get me wrong, Wired's a fine outlet, but Cecilia is arguably the best and most talented writer on any of the Gizmodo sites. She broke the story on Riot sexual harassment and got them to pay $10 million.

I think she's taking a lifeboat before the iceberg hits.

I regret few things as much as I do clicking on a video about the speed running community. Now I'm getting video recommendations from cryptofash accounts complaining about people being banned for having "heated gamer moments."

Just checked in with for the first time in years and was really sad to find that the interactive flash stuff is gone :(. I knew it was coming but it still really hurts.

That's a piece of my childhood just nuked from the face of the earth.

Uspol, articles of impeachment 

Uspol, articles of impeachment 

Uspol, articles of impeachment 

Venture Capitalism, Toys R Us 

Shovel Knight: King of Cards launches in a week :mintexcited: .

Glimpse is a real thing that I'm running and using on my computer right now. I'm so happy.

Hey folks, I forgot to post the day of, but you are welcome to start giving your secret santa gifts whenever you'd like! Giving goes through the end of the year, so feel free to give it whenever you have time/funds!


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