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I've been meaning to post this for a while in honor of Black History month, but the various controversies on fedi over the past few weeks have forced me to delay so that I didn't do the whole "white person chimes in by stepping on the person of color talking."

So here's the deal. We've got to do better about being self-starters when it comes to decolonizing our minds, and not always asking the nearest POC. Tori Williams Douglas created White Homework just for that.

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Just wanted to throw it out there for reference: I don't approve all follower requests. 90% of the time this is not personal, and really revolves around the fact that I don't know the people trying to follow me.

Sometimes I decline because I use the "follower's-only" mode to keep private things private, and I can't envision how the new follower would respond to some of the things I say.

I also prune my follower list from time to time as I get to know certain accounts. Again, not personal.

On a less joking note, April Fools Day is hell on autistic people, because we tend to take things literally unless given indication to believe otherwise. We spend our lives trying parse whether people are being truthful or not, and a day devoted to roughly 80% of the internet *trying* to trick us is, frankly, an assault to the psyche.

So if you absolutely must participate, then you better CW it.

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If you post an April Fools gag tomorrow and don't CW it correctly, I will find you and slap you with a comically large Trout.

"Software shapes our lives, creating connections and pathways that bring us together and define our lives.

I'm Guy Fieri, and this is Devices, Drivers, and Dives."

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Elekk: No no, that's not right... let me start again.

DVDs were released right when wide-screen TVs first entered the scene, and so both formats were made available.

Movie officianados consider Full-Screen to be the inferior version of most movies, as part of the film is just gone. But most parents were oblivious to this and would just grab whatever was on the shelf.

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For those that don't understand the reference:

Movies used to be in two formats: Full-Screen and Wide-Screen.

This was necessary because CRT TVs were squares, and movie theater screens were rectangles.

Editing tricks had to be used to make this work, and roughly 1/3 of the film was essentially lost regardless of how well a job the editor did.

If the director put something important on the side of the screen, it was often missing from the home release. 1/

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Kids today will never know what it's like to ask for a movie for Christmas, get it, and have to fake being happy because your parents got it for you in Full-Screen instead of Wide-Screen.

Gundam Wing live watch 

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Gundam Wing live watch 

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Gundam Wing live watch 

Celebrating a working Plex server by watching Gundam Wing again.


Finally getting around to ripping my DVDs to my NAS box. It's tedious but also kind of soothing, tbh.

Nextcloud asking for help 

FF14 Heavensward Spoilers 

Nintendo Direct 

Uspol, Disaster Aid bill 

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