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Just wanted to throw it out there for reference: I don't approve all follower requests. 90% of the time this is not personal, and really revolves around the fact that I don't know the people trying to follow me.

Sometimes I decline because I use the "follower's-only" mode to keep private things private, and I can't envision how the new follower would respond to some of the things I say.

I also prune my follower list from time to time as I get to know certain accounts. Again, not personal.

For Halloween I'm dressing up as the most terrifying of fictional spectres:

The invisible hand of the free market.

I'm honestly really surprised that Overwatch is so bad on Switch.

Like, they got Witcher 3 to run on it so it's not the hardware. Really feels like this is a situation where Activision rushed the port to try and make a quick buck.

Blizzard keeps getting worse and worse every day.

This is a really good rendition of Hikari from Kingdom Hearts. Not as tight as the original, but she does a good job of really feeling out the emotion of the song and playing with that a bit.

Security threat for Galaxy S10 phones 

Kingdom Hearts 1 Ending Spoilers 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Ending Spoilers 

All of our bots have specific quirks.

Mine likes to use hanging quotation marks. Like this."

Linux stuff 

Arkham Knight, no spoilers 

A bunch of MS-DOS games are free on and are playable right within the browser! This includes Microsoft Flight Simulator, The Elder Scrolls: Redguard, and Descent!

Go nuts and have fun!

Musings about programming, learning, "junior" devs 

Musings about programming, learning, "junior" devs 

Code hygiene reminder 

Tech, colonialism 

Spoilers for Kirby Super Star 

Functional Programming 

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