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If you haven't seen my thread about dwarves, now's the time. Just expand this post.

I promise you it's good and not a shit post at all.

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Do you think the people at elastic ever get tired of writing incorrect documentation?

Why do both my phone and computer have an easy to access emoji keyboard, but neither has an easy to access keyboard for extended unicode characters like §?

When you're holding a pair of tongs and want to clack them together? Thats your natural instinct towards carcinization rearing its head.

"What do you want to learn from this class?" Lady, I'm in university, I don't have time to actually *LEARN* anything.

The takeaway I have about is that if you see a document that was obviously written in LaTeX, the person has some level of standards.

They may not be good, or even reasonable, but they exist.

I love how easy it is to create great looking documents in . But I hate how difficult literally everything else in LaTeX is.

A good way to tell if a program is over-engineered is if it's man page tells you to go to the infotext.

If it tells you to go to a web site, delete the package immediately.

Yeah they say skate or die, but I haven’t been on a skateboard in 20 years and I’m still here.

Trials and Tribble-ations is the greatest television event of all time, you can’t change my mind.

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re: Sexuality, but in the context of Star Trek 

Not to mention Alexander Siddig with that haircut! But he oozes sex in the every time period

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Sexuality, but in the context of Star Trek 

Also Terry Farrel in 60s attire is the hottest human to ever exist.

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Trials and Tribble-ations may be a great episode of but it suffers from a disappointing lack of Quark.

I wonder if there are any games like Eve Online that are actually fun.

Reading over my public toots to make sure they're SFW and damn. When taken in small doses I'm hilarious.

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