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I'm Vince! I was a Genius at Apple for way too long. I currently do Mac IT in Portland, OR but will be moving to the Twin Cities in a few weeks for another Mac IT gig.

I started writing about Mac IT on @smc &

I like evolutionary biology, dinosaurs and whales, diy tech, games, & trashy girl pop music

I went to school for animation and I'm v proud of my short film, Dear Dad, Love Maria (

Also I learned that my family came from the Puglia which was originally colonized by Mycenaean Greeks.

An interesting linguistic analysis of why Italian-Americans have such wacky accents/slang in comparison to an Italian who speaks English as a second language.

USpol, but general comment (+) 

Fuck this marketing bullshit.
Fuck Silicon Valley.
Fuck the startup culture.
Fuck capitalism.
Have a good day! :)

“Chef’s table” but pronounced like “vegetable,” send toot

Finally after getting Gunbreaker to 70 and playing through the rest of the Stormblood story quests this potato is ready to throw wide the gates.

USPol, slavery/racism/sexism mentions, sarcasm 

Did early access for start today or is it just the pre-patch?

Defed from gab!



I got the honor of merging this into today \o/

We will not facilitate Gab on our app.

kind of want to figure out how to build a steamlink on an RPi that has a switch style enclosure for remote play.

This is literally the gayest thing I saw yesterday and I can't believe I forgot to share it here.

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