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selfie, eye contact 

[id: a shoulders and up pic of me lying on my bed; i'm a white trans man; i have a small, round head with short, wide features; my short hair, thick eyebrows, eyes, mustache and chin hair are all dark brown, nearly black; my smile shows my teeth; my cheeks are rosy and my chin is dimpled; i'm wearing a black tank top; my black computer glasses are resting on my head; end id.]

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the concept of a 'leader' got irreparably corrupted since it means someone having a large stake and profiting from it. abolish capitalism and we'll talk about it again

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we need less leaders and i mean shooting at them starting with the men. this is a program i could get behind & it solves both issues

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opens twitter "we need more women in leadership" lol lmao . lol. lmao . god there's work to do

[SHIVERS] songbirds chitter from a nearby cluster of laurel shrubbery. The leaves look green and slick, as though the sun has warmed the waxy coating of the leaves. You feel the fabric of your shirt warming gently as you savor the way it sits on your shoulders. A neighborhood dog barks at nothing. You feel on a shittier day, this noise may have bothered you. But not today.

there’s been some cute trans positive stickers in my area lately.

This one is a plain white sticker with “trans women enrich womanhood” handwritten on it. The sticker is on a shiny metal pole and there are office buildings lit up in the background.

there’s a spotify user called existential playlists; their playlists are pretty amusing

re: the stanley parable, spoilers 

even with her voice on the answering machine; that seems like it would be easy for the narrator to fabricate

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About to be homeless due to unemployment (fired for being trans in Georgia) and I can't tell anyone in-person because my fiancee is already suicidal. Job search is taking too long.


coronavirus, death 

my half brother lost his mom to covid; a former coworker of mine lost her dad and her partner to covid

the stanley parable 

i’m not convinced that stanley actually has a wife; i think the narrator is just fucking with stanley when he the narrator mentions her

the stanley parable, spoilers, museum ending 

curator: can’t you see? they need each other (they being stanley and the narrator)

me: you ship them, don’t you?

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