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selfie, eye contact 

[id: a shoulders and up pic of me lying on my bed; i'm a white trans man; i have a small, round head with short, wide features; my short hair, thick eyebrows, eyes, mustache and chin hair are all dark brown, nearly black; my smile shows my teeth; my cheeks are rosy and my chin is dimpled; i'm wearing a black tank top; my black computer glasses are resting on my head; end id.]

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@esvrld my shirt that says "no twitter celebs" morphs into "one twitter celeb"

a food idea, not vegetarian 

sweet potato fries with marshmallow dip

Urgent! TW: assault and trans misogyny


Kit has been attacked by her roommate, misgendered, and is currently in prison because of wrongful charges filed by her roommate. Bail amd immediate housing are vital for her, as her… More safety is as risk. Please contribute and amplify as much as possible!

We're trying to raise at least 150 for bail funds.


Anything you can send would be extremely helpful.

Cash app: $yesinia1

genshin impact, personality quiz 

i took a which character are you quiz and got razor lol

genshin impact, hu tao 

*adding hu tao to the list of wives*


has anyone ever managed to eat a double popsicle without a chunk of it falling onto the floor?


international female orgasm day is august 8th

@pantransautie we'd be both and be also very gay so we would have to be villains

i used to stress so much about school; i was so scared of failing lol

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it’s funny how much effort i put into getting straight a’s in school only for it to ultimately not matter in the end

twenty-seven years of life and nothing to show for it

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