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selfie, eye contact 

[id: a shoulders and up pic of me lying on my bed; i'm a white trans man; i have a small, round head with short, wide features; my short hair, thick eyebrows, eyes, mustache and chin hair are all dark brown, nearly black; my smile shows my teeth; my cheeks are rosy and my chin is dimpled; i'm wearing a black tank top; my black computer glasses are resting on my head; end id.]

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food poll 

best cookie?

food poll 

worst cookie?

my friends mentioned how they watched cabin in the woods in black and white once and i really need to do this bc i bet it’s awesome

*listening to bubblegum dance while exploring in genshin*

i want shittier movies with less famous actors and a cast and crew who are paid more money to work less hours and produce less ""realistic"" content and im not kidding

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Dune is a very serious movie with dragonfly helicopters

I've forever got everyone beat on terrifyingly monstrous pumpkin carvings sorry

me: *looking at men's halloween costumes for sale* why are they all so terrible?

in theory: *cycling through halloween costume ideas* i could wear something sexy or i could be a character that i really like or i could wear something cute

in reality: *won't get a costume 'cause halloween's only about a week away and everything will likely be on sale on the first so it makes more sense to not fret and just wait*

*looking at the fleshkraken in death trash* friend

re-listening to the born this way album about ten years after its release

i would love to join a gay men's beach volleyball team

Dune is about how sand is course and rough and irritating. And it gets everywhere

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