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star wars, fascism, mixed messaging 

So like I get that the Empire being made up exclusively of visibly-abled white dudes in the original trilogy was more about bigoted hiring practices than it was about establishing the face of modern fascism, but I can't help but notice that So Many of the POC finally being added to a canon that excluded them for so long are on the Imperial side (Fallen Order, the Aftermath series, and now Squadron) and I think that's a big mistake, especially when so many of the creatives behind those decisions are still white, and often white men

This came to me while watching Zu play HZD on the @SquirrelLilly channel last night and I couldn't not make it

Turns out it might be good that I had to scrap stream last night and bump the Alan Wake finale to today: Epic is apparently headassing the Control DLC 2 release so I don't even know if I'd've had time to get it installed before stream ^^;

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pride flags but like pirate flags; once you're a captain and get famous you make your own so fuckers know who they're dealing with

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Horizon Zero Dawn seems like a complete nonsense title, but it's a game I've wanted to play for quite awhile, and now it's on PC thanks to our friend and colleague @overclicked .

Horizon Zero Dawn starts now.


No stream tonight, sudden onset tummy troubles >_< Back tomorrow night with the Alan Wake DLC episodes and then we'll kick Control DLC 2 off next Monday!

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Hey y'all, here's my flag. Mostly I'm posting it so I can have access to it at work so I can print one out and put it on my wall tomorrow, but I thought maybe you'd like to see it also.

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Weak Shitpost 

Me: Wake me up inside

Also me: Can't wake up


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Two men, a boat, and a single gunshot.

Who was the real killer? Surely not...

Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney continues.


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apparently jim sterling came out as gender trash and tweeted this, and the raw energy exuded by this twist is revitalizing my soul for another hundred years

mh (-) 

I can't tell if I've just always been bad about tracking how close I am to burnout or if The Times We Live In is making it impossible to tell Regular Depressed™ from Complete Shutdown Depressed but it sure keeps sneaking up on me either way -_-

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OK, so we've punch a pretty good amount of demons so far. But DOOM ain't done punching demons. DOOM's -never- done punching demons.


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and now, here's a very nsfw (includes donger and usage thereof) meme absolutely taking the piss out of ayn rand devotees

More Alan Wake, or, How Many Self-Important White Dudes Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

My cat keeps grumbling in his sleep and I must have said "mood" at least three times to tell y'all how my day is going so far

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