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Wondering how to pronounce my handle? Imagine the song "Take On Me." Now, replace the "m" sound with an "f" sound.
♪ Take Onfy ♪

It also contains references to MD5 hashes. So maybe the game performs MD5 checksums on its data, and that's why hacking the datafiles makes the game crash, because the hash doesn't match. But where is the hash then...?

It does look like this dll is linked against zlib.dll! Also the HE files are indeed normal ZIP files. Although they all seem to use store mode it looks like it supports deflate too!

I think there is interesting stuff in yagares.dll!

When Nimbus disappeared they were working on adding some seriously-needed improvements to SPUTM. It's a shame, not only did almost none of that ever get released, but even what was released was just discarded in favour of badly hacking ScummVM.

I still have no idea how Tommo can legally have GPL-licensed ScummVM on the iOS App Store. Maybe it's not legal. Maybe it's not ScummVM. I have no idea.

In this sense Nimbus Game's business model was kind of the complete opposite. They ported games, but they put in effort, converting the original game code rather than emulating it. The problem? They didn't own the games, they were just licensing the IP from Atari. When Tommo bought Humongous, they decided to cut Nimbus out of the picture. Why pay them when you can have all the money to yourself? So goodbye revenue, and with nothing else left of value, poof goes the company.

Their business model is entirely made of buying old games at fire sale prices and just sitting on them for the free money from licensing them out, mostly as cheap ports on various digital stores. (By "port" I just mean the original game wrapped in an emulator-ish program.) They won't do anything without a huge profit margin attached.

I'm also told the amount Tommo would be willing to sell Humongous... or ANYTHING, at all, is well outside the realm of reasonable. Millions, or maybe billions of dollars is what it was.

If what Curator's gone through is any indication, any new official HE game is outside the realm of possibility as long as Tommo owns the IP.

I remember one time I partially remade Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon, in an attempt at selling a remaster of it to Nimbus Games. It didn't get very far. Them going out of business didn't help me.

The sound quality in the original SCUMM games really does suck. The small bits of studio-quality audio that have been released from the original master tapes is beautiful. I want the games to sound like that...

Maybe I just want to hear the characters at something other than 11khz 8-bit.

And clearly the best way to fix that would be to spend a lot of money to hack the games apart, employ the original voice actors (and translators?) to dub it professionally, get the music stems to dub that, and not get permission from Tommo to do any of that and instead release it as a free fandub. Logical.

I guess logically this could never happen anyway, I just wish they had been dubbed in French and German like the other games. what point do you go from "fandub" to "professional except you don't have permission"

Hmm, I guess for a fandub you'd need Rosenberg's help anyway, since you'd need an instrumental of the Sock Song in order to dub it. And don't forget George Sanger!

Of note: Pajama Sam's Games To Play On Any Day actually does have its audio in 22khz 16-bit in SCUMM, which is normally 11khz 8-bit for HE. But the way this is done is by just putting WAV files in the data, complete with header, and linking SPUTM (the interpreter) against Miles. I don't know how feasible that'd be to hack in.

I think the graphics are in a lossless format, so it might be possible to convert them to a more modern and friendly format, and it might be possible to get Nathan Rosenberg to cough up the original music recordings, so maybe that could have a quality and format upgrade.

This kinda beats SCUMM by now, I'm not too sure it'd be possible to hack in higher quality audio to that.

In all seriousness the engine seriously could use some quality of life improvements first. Actually running properly on modern versions of Windows... or old versions of Windows... running on other systems... maybe some updates to the way the engine handles data, depending on what can be done. You think the original voice recordings still exist? Probably not.

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