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Wondering how to pronounce my handle? Imagine the song "Take On Me." Now, replace the "m" sound with an "f" sound.
♪ Take Onfy ♪

Well that was unique. A credit card reader cut my mom's pop open somehow, and I'm now wearing it. They must be making those cans thin now.

Hahaha, wow. The Hulabee games actually run on the Pentium laptop... really badly.

It did. Seems like Hungarian text in DOS (yes DOS) uses the same codepage as Portuguese? Whatever. 

I think the program I used to dump the text data might've stripped out accented characters...

Wow the English version of this game has 3 voice actors

Magyar hangok:
Sinkovits Imre
Haumann Pter
Mlnay Zsuzsa
Cseke Pter
Path Istvn
Zentai Lilla
Szokol Pter
Kassai Kroly
Krpti Tibor
Vitai Andrs

so I just found a game dubbed in hungarian

food, nonsense 

Some random site on the internet(tm) says if you're gonna sit 7 feet away you should have a 50 inch TV. Huh.

(For the record, I believe the HDTV's 32 inches and the SDTV's 34. Keep in mind the SDTV is 4:3.)

fwiw it looks like I sit about 7 feet away from each TV.

Or maybe my eyes just suck. Who knows!

The CRT's screen area is by some irony actually slightly larger than the HDTV's, and that, probably combined with the lower resolution, actually makes it look much clearer from the same distance. With HD I feel like you either need a bigger screen or to sit closer...

For better or worse I'm probably not getting a new TV for a while. Maybe if it explodes... but then again I might just move the huge CRT in front of the couch if the HDTV dies. Eh, 480i's good enough, right? It does anamorphic widescreen, woo...

...Actually, the TV is far enough away that the PS3's XMB interface is kinda hard to look at in 1080p. To say nothing of the browser.

But everything looks nice and big sitting in front of the monitor.

And honestly, my TV's small enough and I sit far away enough from it that I can hardly even tell the difference between 480p and 1080p... It's much easier to see sitting in front of the monitor.

Huh, turns out my monitor supports HDCP... it even supports 1080i, and much better than a computer monitor has any right to. (WHAT COMPUTER USES THAT???)

1080p24 also looks smoother than on my TV.

Are all PS3 games on Blu-ray? Because it seems like that, even though there's probably many games that could fit on a DVD. With PS2 there were some games that were released on CD because they fit on one...

Oh, one other thing. There is also the PS3 controller that goes funny when it's bumped or the USB connector is moved around. I'm not even sure what could be causing that. It may be better in this case to buy a new controller, I don't think they're very expensive.

At least one person has already offered help. If you'd like to offer too, feel free to buzz in. Or whatever... (I really don't know what I'm doing...)

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