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Hey, if you wanna send me a follow request, it helps a lot for me to have some idea of who you are. TALK TO ME.

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Wondering how to pronounce my handle? Imagine the song "Take On Me." Now, replace the "m" sound with an "f" sound.
♪ Take Onfy ♪

Well, I found the problem. It was something else entirely... and as ridiculous as possible.

It seems like it's defaulting to Windows NT mode? wtf


Well, thankfully this phone seems to have taken this old MicroG build of Lineage. Stock sucked.

Should I maybe have backed up the stock rom before wiping everything on the phone? Eh not important probably.

"Download a custom recovery - you can download one here."

"here" is some random link to a file on mediafire that's down

There's some bike lanes here now and what do you know? The car lanes are plowed (badly) and the bike lanes are covered with snow!

So I have found a post from someone who uploaded a video called "Super mario fucking die" that got set as being for kids. So the swearing thing clearly does not work. Swears are a-ok for kids!

I don't have the heart to try even WORSE words. I bet those are ok for kids too...

Well, I tried adding gay, queer, and then fucking out of desperation, to a video title, it's still for kids. (Sure...)

wait are "kid videos" on youtube not allowed to be put in a playlist.

the fuck?

fridge homophobia 

Oh good. I found an example of someone who makes videos of Thomas the Tank Engine being violently murdered being classified as for kids(tm).

I mean that literally actually. In many religions it's a sin (or applicable equivalent) for a nonbeliever to take part in certain rituals. So surely it's also a sin to force someone to.

I also believe that if someone is forced to worship in a way they don't believe in, then it's false, and probably offensive to any applicable gods too.

In all seriousness I don't want anything I've done to be use to indoctrinate kids into any kind of religion. They should be allowed to decide for themselves.

I think the false positive I take most offence to out of these is it marking that bible game I did videos of as being for kids. Kids shouldn't be exposed to that kind of filth...

Ok never you fucking mind it marked a Homestar Runner video as being for kids.

In general it mostly marks stuff that's in some way an edutainment and/or licensed game as being for kids, and stuff that's not as not. But edutainment is still most of my channel, so this could be a problem anyway.

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