Beat a mere 3 games this year. Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites, Technobabylon, and Undertale. (Technobabylon was awesome!)

So I was thinking of making this my public/main I guess? (I actually have no idea what I'm doing.)

Waiting to see if this makes anyone uncomfortable first. If not, guess I will?

Maybe this is why I put up with Linux. I was already used to not mattering my whole life, so I don't notice any change.

Aaaah yes of course. It's temporarily broken in Proton because of some code changing or another (of course) but if I run it in plain ol Wine it'd work. Of course.

Ugh, Euro Truck Simulator 2 randomly stopped working in Proton. It has a native Linux port but it runs like a dog's breakfast. In Proton I get pretty consistently over 50 FPS on high and I only go up to 50 usually (sometimes shoots up to 60) with the native port, but it's more inconsistent with it often diving to 20 FPS, which is great because it makes the speed the game runs at inconsistent, and so harder to play. Basically Saints Row syndrome for the port.





ontario politics 

I posted this clip with the end part removed specifically because I wanted to see if anyone would actually believe the House Hippo is real. Thankfully it would seem everyone here is smarter than that, or at least very nostalgic and Canadian.

Normally I don't redraft any toot that's been boosted/faved/replied, I consider it final even if I notice a mistake. I decided in this case an exception to my rule was necessary.

context, mention of a slur (repost to add cw) 

"Trans rights, motherfucker!" -Proton Jon 2019 (and 99% of the chat)

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