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I wrote the beginning to a thing, cw: character being chased, knives, gunshots (nothing graphic) 

The girl had been running through the warehouse for a while. Huge, dark halls populated only with shelves and palettes of nondescript boxes and the occasional heavy door and hallway behind, everything with ugly grey concrete walls stretching infinitely all around like a horrible oppressive firmament.

But it wasn't able how fast you could run. It was about who broke first. And it was her, stumbling to the floor with aching legs, backed against the wall of yet another unreasonably large feeling storage room. She had no idea who wanted her dead this badly, or why, but it seems like they were going to get their wish, finally.

A hand picked her up by the back of the neck. "Got you now, bitch", her hunter growled, the metallic snap of a switchblade ringing out beside her. She was done for, the only question was how long her pursuiter would celebrate his victory for.

Long enough to not notice the monotone whirring and whizzing of the ventilation system suddenly come closer.

Wwhhhhhhiiiiizzzzz... /bang/.

With the heavy thud of a boot impacting a human face, her captor suddenly flew a few feet to the side and slammed into the floor, the knife clattering to the ground. Then things went quiet. She finally got up, legs trembling, and turned around. And before her was... a boy?

"Aye, little lady! All's well?" he called out, with a strange accent she couldn't place anywhere. Even stranger was his appearance. His entire outfit looked several sizes too big, from the heavy leather boots, to the baggy work pants, to the colorful large jacket. The only thing that seemed to fit was a plain white shirt, stained all over by dirt and oil. His bright orange hair fell around his head in messy curls, and one eye was covered by an eyepatch. He... they? looked odd to say the least.

His young, freckled face bore a bright, toothy grin, like he couldn't be happier to be there.

"W-who..." the girl stammered out, her heart still pounding too much for sentences.

"Aye! Name's Riley! Was told to come get'cha!" the maybe-boy beamed back at her. He had to still be a child, she thought. No older than 16. But before she could as much as wonder what someone like him would possibly be doing here, he had already begun collecting some of the still unconscious hunter's belongings, like the knife, and his necklace, and pocketed both.

"Musta been scary, eh?" he asked her, with a slightly more calm and serious tone. "Promise I won't hurt'cha, pops says hittin' girls is the worst. Just gonna bring ya home, ya?"

The girl swallowed nervously. She didn't feel confident in her ability to find the way back in a reasonable time, /especially/ if her hunter had backup holding out somewhere. Oh yeah, about that.

"Little lady, cover yer ears for a sec, ya?", the boy suddenly asked.

She obliged, watching the boy step over to the hunter still laying on the floor, pulling out a revolver. He took aim at the head, then... covered his eye with his free hand.


The gunshot rang out deafeningly through the hall, and the brief silence after felt even more grimly oppressing to her.

"Ya know how that guy was chasing ya? Was told ta not let 'im do that. I won, aye!" the boy laughed. How could someone be so cheerful about taking a life? She felt like she was having a strange nightmare, but the aching in her legs was quite real, indeed.

"Can ya walk? Let's go!" the bright-haired boy asked, gesturing to a door on a near side of the hall.

She nodded, and followed a few steps behind him.

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if the only reason for you pressing "follow" is the word "femboy" on my profile or the fact I look cute in a picture

please consider biting down on a nice chunk of asbestos to get your humours back in order or whatever else it is that's gone wrong with you

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Speaking of Omnis

Check out this sweet commission I got from @zaya!!

Ain't he a treasure? (He will cause problems, on purpose)

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Since it's a new month tomorrow I might change my pfp

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Basically though, as an indefinite offer, if you order me cute clothes you can request any number and type of pictures of me wearing them

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📌 Look at this absolutely AMAZING commission Morgan made for me

A little late for Halloween but nevertheless, vampires don't go out of season ❤️

@Paradox it was my only possession with which I woke up at an orphanage one day

⭐ < nice gender where'd you get it? þe soup store? ⭐

bad lyrian imitation 

@omni < þats true tbf ⭐

bad lyrian imitation 

@omni < þats true i started wiþ "i am but a poor orphan" but i felt like þat wasnt really you enough so i changed it but it still wasnt very accurate i þink it was just from someþing u said and i called it lyriancore ⭐

noone can imitate me. or when they try it's the least funny offensively reductive "haha I'm gay uwu" thing ever

holy fuck though it feels good to lay down. I'm slain

I will be getting zero peace and quiet this weekend

On account of German Patriotism Celebrations Nonsense deciding to this year be happening immediately outside my goddamn apartment

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