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I'm catholic now because I said "god give me a boyfriend" and then I got a boyfriend, sorry

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πŸ“Œ Look at this absolutely AMAZING commission Morgan made for me

A little late for Halloween but nevertheless, vampires don't go out of season ❀️

babe are you breadders? are you archonpilled, sharlyanhands, loafchamp, etc.?

welcome to
where you can be anything you want, which is why everyone is a catgirl

Honestly there's a number of y'all I would absolutely platonically nap with

C'mere let's snuggle with our clothes on

i look over and see everyone - z, edgar and guppy - all belly up and snoring on the couch

hey.. hey have-um, have you ever seen a meme? no? I've got a meme u wanna see? yeah I got it right here.. sorry wait I have to find it... sorry hard to find memes these days

sorry for not gaming today ive been busy doing drugs and spending quality time with my family

The masculine urge to buy solar panels i have no use for

I'm basically like cupid if cupid was a twinkish hellspawn with fox ears

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This account serves two functions, those being to flirt up everyone and to also get everyone else to flirt up each other

i think viri is cute and funny, just in my imo

you really can tell how tired i am by how brazen i get

@omni the two states of being: dating viri, and not yet dating viri

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