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Look at this wonderful surprise I got from @voorhees!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!! I love this ❤️

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red foxes have black sockpaws

truly nature's femboys

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📌 Look at this absolutely AMAZING commission Morgan made for me

A little late for Halloween but nevertheless, vampires don't go out of season ❤️

wow it took me a solid 10 posts to realise that's esvrld

I love Eva a lot she's so sweet and precious to me ❤️

Me and Tulips tagteaming to compliment our vampire girlfriend

i guess a summary of my fediverse experience is "joins instances on a whim because they seem cool only for them to implode a couple months later"

If it sucks, hit the bricks, etc

Don't wait for things to implode first

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And if you ARE on a large instance, you probably know enough people at this point to move somewhere better, and you have close to zero excuse not to

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Basically just don't join large instances. Join small instances run by your friends or your friends' friends. Anything above like a few hundred users is probably a complete trashfire in terms of moderation

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The only instance we were on that got cancelled for showing ass was, which we left just a few months after joining fedi to join hellsite instead

Since then our track record with instances has been pretty solid

I guess I wanna at least give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was just under the immense stress of how fucking awful our biological father was and some of that unfortunately got reflected at us but they still both did shit that really hurt us


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Man, I really fucking wish we had had better parents growing up

Saphie's mom is probably the best we could've asked for nowadays but back then it was pretty different. It sucked

note: i changed accounts for personal identity fuckery reasons not shitty instance reasons

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anyways today is a reminder that

it's really easy to change accounts

get off your shitty instances its only like 5-10 minutes worth of effort

i have not stopped thinking about the phrase "MAGIC MISSILE CASTING MOTHERFUCKER" ever since

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"It's important to remember that most people on Fedi are 40-50"

"I will block you if you use the f-word at me because I can only see that as an intentional offense"


breakcore but three percent less horny and thirty percent less horny in a gross way

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