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So, I joined Ko-fi. Here goes nothing, but I don't know what else to try anymore:

@kat @hoppet scientists: did you cats do listen and like people and also can make connections of names to faces?

Me and all other cat owners: no fucking shit

webdevs stop trying to help me scroll challenge 2022

Today at work I attended a mandatory lecture on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The speaker espoused ideals of making the University an inclusive space.

Good thought, however the talk failed to address the fact that the University exists because of and to perpetuate inequity.

The University is hierarchical and exclusive.
People are admitted on the basis of cognitive ability.
People go to university to obtain privilege.
The University exists, primarily, to ensure its continued existence.

Americans: :Actually: I'd hate to live in a dreary commie land where all housing is identical and I'm not allowed to use it as I see fit

Also Americans: well I'd like to paint my house a nice bold blue, but then it might not resell for as much. Beige it is! Wait hang on, the HOA is emailing me about my food garden they say is unsightly. I'll have to dig it up.

i have been saying this

"Telling kids they have autism when they are younger may be best"

Kofner, Kapp and their colleagues answered that question by asking 78 university students about how and when they found out they had autism. For the most part, the investigators found that telling kids when they are younger helped them feel better about their lives as they grew up.

"we tried actually listening to autistic adults for once"

this is just totally off the dome but i feel like the idea of being "professional" is really just another conceit to alienate laborers from each other. you can connect genuinely with other people while still being respectful of their needs, both personally and to get a job done

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i don’t want to be professional online. hell i don’t even want to be professional at work

Look, I'm just saying if we aren't implementing "for fun" features on a social media platform what the fuck are we even doing here

Just had to force-restart my machine due to a web game that caused the browser to eat up all my RAM and start thrashing too quick for me to react. Large games in a browser are a DDoS attack waiting to happen.

My big problem with those donation economies - patreon, github sponsors, etc - is that they tend to concentrate on a few big people.

People join a mastodon instance and try to give to Gargron, who already gets *checks notes* a bit over 6000€ per month.

Instead of doing that, check if your local admin needs it more, tbh

You dont have to respond to people. If someone is talking about a game they love and you don't. you can just... not tell them how much you hate it.

start your own thread on your own page to talk about your opinion on it. Don't be an ass to someone else for liking something.

TFW you write 80+ lines of code in one hour and get a simple game mostly working.

the modern world, where 4GB is not enough RAM, is very hard on those of us who still think of 64KB as unfathomably huge

when i walk into a park or plaza i like to say "hello 👋" and if i'm not answered within two minutes i say "this server is dead" and walk home.

How ironic that it mentions, which is open source but doesn't run on modern versions of PHP because the language changed too much.

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