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So, I joined Ko-fi. Here goes nothing, but I don't know what else to try anymore:

These days everyone's talking about AI art, but remember when very smart people tried using AI to replace game writers? How did that work out?

After a brief attempt to switch from Creole to Markdown on the wiki, I went back. Obsolete and baroque is better than incomplete and broken.

Lots of people: "Why is the horror genre so popular these days, and staying popular?"

Me: "Have you seen the world these days?"

There's a new kind of dubious account around the fediverse, that only posts capybara pictures. Not sure what their deal is, but this ain't good. If one of those follows you, background-check the domain right away.

A trick bad people seem to use lately is to show an error message (probably fake) in the browser if you look directly, while the server actually works. If that happens, use a search engine; most likely you'll find them already on another instance's blocklist.

People now find my stuff on through Duck Duck Go and Brave , while Google appears to have stopped working entirely.

But that's just the problem with it: we can perfectly emulate obscure game consoles, yet somehow we still can't emulate Flash properly, after decades of efforts. Just how badly was it made?

techbro "Check out this cool new technology. I can tell its cool because I pay attention to developing tech"

*link is for some elon musk type person claiming to be creating a flying car or some scifi engine or space thing*

me "how will this improve people's quality of life?"

techbro "idk hahaha I just want my *insert lazy daydream of scifi vehicle here*

what I want to say "ok cool, so you don't actually give a fuck about genuine progress then"

Started a category for tools that let you make games (and probably other things) with just a text editor.

Any suggestions?

Currently just:

- ChoiceScript
- Ink
- Jupiter Engine
- Tombed Deluxe (level editor)

I know there are more level editors, at least. Vaguely remember some way of making music with little text files...

Great news, everyone! Thanks to a new app I developed for just this sort of thing, the old articles that went into Book One of No Time to Play now have their own section on the site, complete with illustrations. Links have been updated, and the formatting cleaned up, but little else. Space on the wiki will be freed in the near future.

Added a new link round-up, with links about representation, gamebooks, the influence of classic movies, and game culture in general:

I fired up OutNoted and was waiting for it to start. It had already started. That's what bloated software does to our minds.

New blog post! I wrote about Eriko Tamura’s Oz, a Wizard of Oz pastiche for kids with shockingly good photography and some pretty cool CGI design.

It’s kind of sad watching chunks of Fedi having to relearn lessons from the 90’s like “running a community website is hard, and the ‘community’ part is harder than the ‘website’ part”

And “any entitled, demanding users in the community will tend to rapidly push the people donating their time and money to run the site to just pack up and quit”

Maybe don’t be a dick to your instance admins and mods — when it’s not worth it to run a community as a volunteer, corps end up doing it for profit, and we’ve already seen how that pans out

Wrote a few words on what's been going on lately, in the way of code and wiki work:

I still can't believe that Teen Vogue is one of the best news publication in the well funded media world rn.

Time and again people need reminding that "cheating" in a single-player game is a nonsensical notion, that DRM doesn't work and it's a bad idea anyway:

Quick hint: they're the loud ones who don't read, don't wait, insist and return.

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