Hello, everyone! My news for 5 May 2021 are here, with talk of game communities past and present, and a capsule review. Enjoy! notimetoplay.org/blog/gamedev-

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Turns out I like the genre a lot. They're cute, and fun, and so easy to control. fantaseel.itch.io/fateful-lore

Satire and parody in general are kind of dead tbh. Too many people just don't get the joke and the satire keeps happening unironically in real life.

vaguely meta, not about anything specific 

There's this frustrating tendency for people to use “listen to [insert marginalized group]” as a shorthand for “listen to the members of that group that specifically agree with *me*, and everyone else doesn't count”.

Like, of course you *should* listen to marginalized communities, but that's always going to be a very complicated process. No group is a monolith, and there's inevitably going to be a wide range of opinions on any given thing. You can't just listen to a single person or subset of people and act as if they speak for everyone else.

The sheer insecurity of male gamers in the 1980s. Afraid to play a female protagonist. Afraid to play an easy game. Of games marketed to a broader audience. if50.substack.com/p/1987-plund

So I came up with a new thing to make and found a new game to play on the same day. Not bad, really.

Just found out that Google's attempts with Stadia are practically a beat for beat recreation of the failings of an old service for the Atari 2600 called GameLine.

Tech industry insisting on not learning its own history would be funnier if it didn't waste so many resources and time in the process...

« It’s behind you » bizzley.com a book about R-Type development on the #zxspectrum was a great read.
Do you know any good book around historical software or games development like this?

Hello, everyone! My news for 25 April 2021 are here, with tools of all kinds, talk of interactive fiction, and more. Enjoy! notimetoplay.org/blog/gamedev-

After a surprisingly short time, I 'm ready to show you my native port of WireView 3D, a simple previewer for 3D models in STL or OBJ format: ctrl-c.club/~nttp/toys/wirevie

One more day, and WireView 3D is at feature parity with my old Python code:

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Really, all categorisation systems break down at some point. You need to be careful to use them as tools for a purpose and not as a replacement for thinking.

Another day, and my new old toy is actually working. Now to make it load models:

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After a couple weeks of work or almost, my WIP has a face. That feels good.

That said, it's worrying how often users of any OS blue-screen at a simple ZIP archive, and it never occurs to them to simply double-click.

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People used to criticize Windows for breeding ignorance about computers, but typical Windows users are a lot better informed than that.

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Can't help but notice how Chromebook users, usually young people, are especially helpless when it comes to doing anything except click links.

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