So that's how it all started. Here we are, almost three decades later, after countless scientific studies, still having to defend the reality that videogames don't cause violence.

PSA: dear Mac users, your operating system comes with a Python interpreter, complete with the means to run or make GUI apps (that even look native). Take advantage of it.

Hello, everyone! My news for 5 April 2021 are out, with talk of game ports, preservation, competitions, worldbuilding and more. Enjoy!

Everyone talks about technologies that don't scale (up), but what about those that don't scale *down*? Imagine wanting to buy a city car but all you can find in dealerships is an 18-wheeler.

@dswxyz By the way, Nim source code is included, so you can try to compile it in Windows.

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Here's one for Linux people: a native port of my old game Lost in the Jungle, that runs in text mode:

Great Tip for Linux Musicians/Producers (also handy for users of other OS): over 100 free sampled instruments in ready-to-use format 

Just discovered something really cool (and free)!
There is a website called where people record and upload sampled instruments. Previously the instruments only worked in Kontakt or Logic, but someone converted over one hundred of them to the Decent Sampler format.

Here's the next bit of good news: the creator of the free Decent Sampler plugin recently made a linux vst version so this can be used natively in Linux! On the download page there is also a good tip on how to find the compatible instruments on piano book.

Up til now, pretty much the only sampled instruments I had available to me were via running the free Spitfire LABS and BBC Orchestra through Carla (which was using Wine). That obviously took a lot of CPU. So I'm thrilled about this amazing new possibility and looking forward to downloading loads of new instruments!

(PS Sorry for the mega-post I'm a bit overexcited!)

A lot of characters are self inserts you dunce. Writing is literally often putting parts of yourself and the world around you into fiction whether you admit that or not.

Hello, everyone! My news for 25 March 2021 are here. Roguelikes, interactive fiction and shooters: what a combination. Enjoy!

I dunno, I'm beginning to think that shoving billionaires into tin cans and shooting them into space is exactly what this planet needs, you know?

vague, applicable to plenty of things 

People really need to abandon this idea that you can know someone else's brain better than they know their own. It is never your place to decide for someone else what's good for them without their own input. This doesn't stop being true just because it's something you find particularly weird or hard to understand.

Release 3 of my Tomb of the Snake is now out! In retrospect, the game is painfully weak, but it still means a lot to me:

Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Hello, everyone! My news for 15 March 2021 are here, with talk of old MMORPGs, new interactive fiction, and cultural sensitivity in games. Enjoy!

I was thinking and you know what I'd like to see, more video games that are easy all the way through, and by easy I mean "a five year old could beat it". You know those comfy chill vibes from the very first level of a platformer game? ok I want EVERY level to be like that. just like 60 levels of those then you beat it

I put a blog on Medium titled: "How to Protect Your Art from NFT Thieves on Twitter".

Here is a link to Medium:

If you don't have a Medium subscription, you can read the same blog post on my Book of Jen website:

Here is a link to Book of Jen:

image description: A woman is wearing a white blouse, and has her hair pulled back. She is looking at her laptop with a shocked expression on her face. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Everyone: " is flooded with queer games and dating sims!" has 1731 games tagged "LGBT" and another 1567 tagged "Dating Sim" out of 356603.

My previous puzzle game "The king is gone" is now available for Android.

It has been optimised to look well and behave on both phones and tablets.

Check it out on Google Play:

Try out the demo on Google Play:

#AndroidDev #playstore #3d

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