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It just struck me that Rogue will be 40 sometime this year.

Hello, everyone! Issue #314 of my newsletter is here, with a big release announcement, an interview with Jon Ingold and a retrospective of The 7th Guest. Enjoy!

Just updated Thinger again! More categories and more examples of descriptions of things in IF works! Spoons! Cakes! Flutes! Sundials! and more! What kinds of things do you want to look at?

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And now... (drumroll) version 1.0 of Tee-Wee Editor is out! Here's the release announcement I posted on Itch:

Tee-Wee Editor isn't even at version 1.0, and there's already a story made with it, an exploration of the Chapbook format. My work has purpose!

Version 1.0 draws near! Tee-Wee Editor now has a second toolbar; I tweaked the widget layout to account for it. Makes the user interface kind of busy: a reason to refrain from adding much more.

Many proprietary software companies are currently using the extended homeoffice situation of many employees to offer lock-in solutions gratis or even labelling them as "free". But take care to build on Free Software. Else your solution today might turn into a burden tomorrow:

A gentle reminder that if you have disposable income for #games and stuff, Nintendo and other big game companies will survive the current crisis fine, and small and lone developers may not. And you can often get several very good indie games for the costs of one big-studio game.

If you're able to support independent developers at this time, please do. Thank you!

#gaming #gamedev

tired: noScript
wired: noCSS

the nice thing about turning off CSS is that you get to easily tell what is usable and what isn't with something like lynx. more ppl should learn to turn off CSS to figure out which websites are accessible and which aren't.

A nice piece of cover art later, my lightweight CYOA tool Tee-Wee Editor is now live on
Itch. Try it out!

It's just an alpha release, but Tee-Wee Editor is out and you can see for yourself what it's all about!

Dear game designers: learn to write. Learn to draw. Something. Anything. You must be able to express yourself properly in a medium. Waving your hands while making vague statements doesn't cut it. Of course people won't get your vision.

Could you imagine the social good you could do if you had all the hyper geniuses making advertising software and designing game addiction loops and making automatic stock trading bots doing things that were actually useful to real people?

I can now load 2 story formats (only some) and compile stories made with my own editor!

With all my talk of Tee-Wee Editor lately, I convinced another friend to pick up . Seeing how easily they took to it, I couldn't help but think how it's the only authoring system I used for three works so far.

It's working from the GUI now too! And as another milestone, source code just went over the 1000-line mark.

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