It took some work, but Glittering Light 2 now has a lo-fi mode. It muddies the , but works much better on slow computers.

Hello, everyone! Issue #304 of my newsletter is here, with news about the site and upcoming game, along with philosophy about strategy games and how they relate to other genres. Enjoy!

tl;dr hobbies are neat, enjoying hobbies is neat, people who enjoy hobbies are neat

If you didn't follow me until just today, but had followed me in the past on another account, this is why:

"Mastodon Account Migration Turned Malicious"

I think what I like about #Bitsy, #PICO8, and other restrictive game-making tools is that the tools themselves give me leads on games I could make with them.

I wouldn't have made "A memory of a library" - - if I were making a Unity game or a LÖVE game or a Twine game or a boardgame or a tabletop roleplaying game. The game exists and is the way it is because I hummed notes into Bitsy's shell until I found a melody that resonated.

LB is really good! It really captures my experience as a writer who also consumes a lot of internet criticism.

One of my favorite bits: "the ultimate solution to plot holes isn’t to fill in each and every one of them. The art of storytelling is one of smoke and mirrors. People notice plot holes and inconsistencies when the story itself isn’t grabbing them. When the reader is emotionally engaged, they just won’t notice."

Copyright is a monopoly right, and monopolies have a tendency to accumulate in the vaults of big companies, who use them to dominate creative industries. #CopyrightWeek

One of the really big problems with the world is that no one values competence or compassion anymore.

No replacing the human touch: some musings on why computers never quite supplanted the living game master.

Creativity: misunderstood and overrated 

"all the citizens generated x bazillion kilograms of garbage each!" no, a handful of people produced vast quantities of trash, but we're expected to believe that it wasn't garbage until it entered our homes

imo if you’re worried about self-publishing just know that it’s 2020 and art doesn’t have to come through a filter created by stuffy white folk anymore. Put it on Distribute PDFs. Whatever. We have the power to grow our own audiences who care about what we have to say instead of a nonexistent, constantly changing “mainstream.”

And... my game now has a working menu screen! A useful diversion: it's a change of pace *and* makes the whole thing feel more real.

looking for work, boosts okay 

hot take on FOSS 

Hello, everyone! Issue #303 of my newsletter is here with a progress report, a write-up on the design of game verbs, vector font recommendations, and more. Here it is:

It just struck me that using `a[n][m]` to access elements from a 2D array in C-like languages isn't a construct added on purpose but an idiom, much like `else if`.

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