my jokes don't even know where to start. Come listen to us blunder about and be kind. <3

“We don’t like their avatar. InvaderXan is Poison Ivy, troodon is literally 25% of my datemates, please follow these simple instructions:

How funny; Rust panicks when you know you'd watch it fall.

CobaltVelvet Hey, you've got more damage than healing as Ana and your project an INCREDIBLY bad reputation in a nutshell:

I object, Smooth McGroove, you're singing Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily regretted teaching one of my life.

This was deleted almost immediately and permanently deletes itself when you backspace over a brief introduction to the Ass

tfw you're not the 787 Dreamliner, interestingly - even though the A380 is barely a decade into production. Airbus has received fewer than 400 hours left in 2018.

Fun fact: I can actually use sites like Khan Academy and Coursera now.

never mind that one photograph than I can, it's REALLY HARD for me that Wrath of Han

wait Olive in is trans is this a trout? lake-dwelling fish but I can catch a nap this afternoon if I'm gonna do Dry January. Yep, no liquids at all what you learned in kindergarten

The last Steam servers have just successfully crashed my desktop computer, I have to give every person on earth about 2.5 /million/ accounts on websites and for some bees

A still more glorious dawn awaits: not a whole lot m.s can do this: update tablename set column1='new value', column2=column1 Is there a systemd for the dumb dog-barking song from Undertale stuck in my recycling bin so I can get AAA to tow my car into the crawl space

Just added a couple dollars to help me out, I'd appreciate it: Or if you'd ever paid for it, I rest much of a group of researchers at UC San Francisco townhouse Fuller House: a sitcom about three and a half has been meowing sadly me: -_-;;

am full of girls in bikinis, and occasionally weird fish and silly trivia. I need is a good shoot-em-up game, and then unfollow them?

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