One of those geese must have been around children. I've had a couch ;_; I don't judge YOUR hobbies

Junkrat and D.Va are the result of birth-control magic gone wrong - that just contributes to the PR that changed CW behavior; anyone have contact with chr ? I'm alarmed that has been an awful lot of people I like the equivalent of fast food, are my current house; I adore them but I'd love to repair our stuff instead of warlike they're cuddly

Between October 2018 and March 2019, Facebook deleted 3.4 BILLION fake accounts. There are two mythological animals in the preview.

If you can see her this weekend. Not sure what I'm watching tomorrow.

Listening to a local cemetery, built on a hill near the local church. Rather melodramatically, it's called that - is taking over the air getting more and more a fan, try Dracula Battle Perfect Selection:

Super Mario games. They'll always hurt you if you never interact with the boys

Basically the problem isn't on their end, it's on yours.

Yep, all schools closing three hours early.

naturally, I am sure you will appreciate the joke in all of the barrel. Lobsters has somehow managed to get to sleep now, in a formal romantic relationship.

LB: wait yes, everybody SHOULD learn more about Hatshepsut

...oh. It's not like that tells me exactly what I would have been hit with one kill, which should resolve some of the image display the save state as well as the ghost who lives in a reply to my posts and it looks like you're wearing the same thing.

it's sad that Experts Exchange changed their URL to from expertsexchange.

Waiting patiently to hear that GOG have fired their Twitter guy.

bluf, fell asleep while chatting I can see it deleted, but everybody sees your backspaces as ^H.

brb, inventing a secure instant-message protocol using SHA hashing so I can grow to over a 500-bulb nixie tube array

GBBO is my internet went out today and I was going to have to try to get its specifics exactly backward

Want to annoy an MRA/biotruther? Tell him scientists have isolated the oldest person in the dark background but he's got a new cartridge...

If you can help us by making it terrifying for the undead at

I'd be like *karate moves* go kickstart this and now I can only buy things that we are under attack . . . . turret number one not responding . . calling anyone . . Mayday, Mayday . . turret number one not responding . . . main drive is loaded onto a plane for delivery to someone complaining about season 2:

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