uspol, moore, bribery 

@noelle Only $10k? To a lawyer? I'd have considered that a high insult.

Either they're really, really not thinking this through, or they're playing a larger game.

uspol, moore, bribery 

@woozle @noelle

> really not thinking this through

oooooooor maybe they're really underestimating people this much

oooooooor maybe they figured they could squash it if it got out

ooooooooor maybe it's that low to sound absurd to make people doubt the whole thing (the "do something absurd enough and when people explain it accurately THEY sound delusional" trick)


let's just hope they didn't think it through

uspol, moore, bribery 

I mean, if you're gonna try to bribe someone to abandon their morals, maybe make the bribe a little more tempting? That's an almost offensively low bribe.

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