In what is not news to anyone who hasn't already decided "fuck the poors", universal basic income doesn't entice people to quit their jobs and actually /increases/ part-time employment rates:

@rdh Sure. An "on average" statistic absolutely doesn't represent everybody.

@noelle Haven't read the article but I'm not surprised. I mean, I have wonderful welfare support right now in my country. Except.. if I'd go start working for money now I'd lose many benefits of support and I'm not sure I can even keep up with the paid work... so I am too afraid to really start with any paid work as returning to the safety net will be very hard. (Instead I do volunteer work, which makes me still useful but keep the benefits of welfare).

If we had universal income and my basic income doesn't get affected whether I worked or not... I'd actually try paid work without fear of 'losing it all' if I can't keep up with the job!

That's just my take on it.

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