In what is not news to anyone who hasn't already decided "fuck the poors", universal basic income doesn't entice people to quit their jobs and actually /increases/ part-time employment rates:


before i start let me say i'm completely in favor of ubi. but i know a ton of people who would quit their current shitty job if they got ubi. of course, this is what makes ubi work, because now shitty jobs have to pay a decent wage to get people to do them.

that said, most of those people who *would* quit, would also keep working if they got the raise they asked for, or got better hours.

@rdh Sure. An "on average" statistic absolutely doesn't represent everybody.

@noelle Haven't read the article but I'm not surprised. I mean, I have wonderful welfare support right now in my country. Except.. if I'd go start working for money now I'd lose many benefits of support and I'm not sure I can even keep up with the paid work... so I am too afraid to really start with any paid work as returning to the safety net will be very hard. (Instead I do volunteer work, which makes me still useful but keep the benefits of welfare).

If we had universal income and my basic income doesn't get affected whether I worked or not... I'd actually try paid work without fear of 'losing it all' if I can't keep up with the job!

That's just my take on it.

@noelle Personally, I'd even be OK with a bunch of people quitting their jobs.

There's a lot of jobs that I'd argue are a net negative to society (whether it's because it isn't positive enough to offset the emissions of the commute, or because the actual job itself is a detriment to society, or the worker is just so bad at their job that they hurt everyone else's productivity), but we have them because it's societally considered important to have full employment.

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