alcohol, shaggy dog joke 

One of Leonard McCoy's lesser-known vices was his love of chilled rum drinks, but he liked them prepared in a particular way: instead of being shaken, he preferred them to be stirred with a juniper twig, to impart a certain evergreen bitterness to the drink. Every year, he presented the bartender on the Enterprise with a new, fresh-hewn juniper wand, to renew the taste, and the bartender had, after long experience, learned precisely how to make McCoy's preferred daiquiris.

One day, however, the bartender saw to his horror that one of his subordinates had left the juniper wand in the sink, where it had warped and cracked - and the previous year's wand had, as always, been recycled. He looked around desperately for a replacement, but the best he could find was one the Captain offered him - a shaving from one of his hickory lacrosse sticks. The bartender took it, mixed up McCoy's daiquiri, and hoped for the best.

McCoy came into the commissary after a long shift in sickbay and sat down, and the bartender gingerly sat the drink in front of him. McCoy raised the glass in a toast to the barkeep, took a sip, and grimaced. "This doesn't have the aftertaste I was expecting," he said. "You used the juniper twig?"

The bartender sighed. "It broke. I'm so sorry. That's a hickory daiquiri, Doc."

alcohol, shaggy dog joke 

@noelle Gods damn it :ellie:

alcohol, shaggy dog joke 

@noelle that got boosted, liked and instashared to my mum via another medium. Bravo!

alcohol, shaggy dog joke 

@noelle I like this #DadJoke

Got a sort of *woody* quality about it.

alcohol, shaggy dog joke 

@noelle It was in the CW. I blame myself.

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