If you're interested, here's how to change the name of the default branch for your new local Git repositories, as well as some links identifying why you might want to move away from "master":


Im honestly surprised the master slave terminology has lasted so long

@[email protected] d'you know how to change the names of existing branches?

@[email protected] oh, never mind, cal knows how to do that

okay, follow-up, do you know how to make gitea recognize a different default branch name for the purpose of when it loads up a repo in web view

@senbonzakura @noelle you know i said this as a joke but realized too late that it looks like i'm referring to cal as the same person as you which sucks shit so i'm sorry

@[email protected] no don't worry, it is super common for people who know multiple people in a household to talk to a third person who is looking over one of the party's shoulders

@senbonzakura I guess but I thought it might be something you'd be sensitive about

@senbonzakura That I do not know. I've been poking around at gitea's options for the last few days and haven't come up with a good answer, other than the suggestion (from Rey, I think?) to use a hex editor to poke around in the binary, which kind of sucks but may be what I have to do. ><

@senbonzakura Ugh, looking through the gitea codebase, the name "master" is hardcoded everywhere. Sigh.

@[email protected] cal says: "do you think it just loads alphabetically if you don't have a hardcoded default"

@senbonzakura I dunno. :/ And you can't just search-and-replace "master" because a bunch of the instances are references to other repos. >_<

@[email protected] tech software? making something EASY? what is this, bizarro world

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