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my Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon, which (in addition to being a Hitchhiker's Guide reference) will tell you many things that are useful to know about Mastodon, and also some other things:

At this point, I couldn't not add "DON'T PANIC" to the top of the document.

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@noelle This is lovely and thank you for writing it so I'm gonna link straight to the document here and I'm gonna hashtag it with #newbietuesday because I'm trying to make that a thing

I hadn't even considered this:
"Why can't I search for a specific word or phrase?

It's an anti-harassment feature. Harassers often search for particular words or phrases (like "TERF" or "homophobic" or "white supremacy") in order to attack and dogpile people they disagree with. By limiting search to usernames and hashtags, Mastodon allows users to decide how they want their toots to show up in others' searches."


@noelle small edit suggestion: this still says that a toot can be 500 characters long, but it's 1000 now (or does it vary by instance?)

@noelle what does "The Local and Federated timelines can turn into firehoses sometimes" mean?

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