Hey if you think Mastodon 3.0.1 should not display unread notifications in the title bar by default, go here and give the issue your 👍

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Notifications count in 3.0.1 

@noelle Interesting! I'd never been aware of that, but then, I normally keep a Notifications column open, so I presumably don't get to see it. That, and enough tabs Firefox doesn't have room for more than a Masto favicon and nearly two letters of the title. =:)

@noelle when it first started I wasn't even sure what it meant (new notifications, new posts??) Tweetdeck doesn't do anything like this, it makes very little sense for a multi column layout

@wolfie Because of my Firefox setup, with Tree Style Tab, it means that when I have a notification the Mastodon tab just says like ":mastodon: (1) (65)" and it just looks weird, so I'd certainly opt out if I could

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