The Matrix is unrealistic because it's a movie where a black man and a woman tell a straight white man that everything he knows is wrong, and he just accepts that.

I would swear the script identified Neo as white, but it looks like I'm wrong. Oh well.

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@noelle I mean, he only accepts it because he gets to be a good special boy. Otherwise, Neo would end up being just like Cypher: a bitter douchebag.

@noelle what if neo is a dizney pinochio and all of the supporting cast are like, stereotype insects.

why did i say this, i liked that movie a lot!! ahhhhhhhh

@noelle to be fair it helps that the white guy is being told he's the most special person in the world just for being born

@noelle I mean I also like to pretend it was only one movie xD

@noelle i thought it was a movie where a black man and a woman tell a trans woman that she can just be a girl :blobcattilt:

@00dani @noelle and then she beats the fuck out of the gatekeeping assholes, yeah that’s how I remember it

Fun fact: Switch was supposed to be a trans character, would be one gender in the Matrix, and the opposite gender outside. Hence the name, switch.

to be fair, he first denied it, then yelled and finally threw up on the floor.

@noelle neo is a trans lesbian and that's the only way to make that scenario plausible (also it's canon-adjacent)

@noelle I dunno, as a straight white man, most of the major revelations of my life have come from black people and women.

@omega9 @noelle nope, not even a quarter, though his dad has some Chinese ancestry.

@twistylittlepassages @omega9 His grandmother was Chinese (or mixed maybe) so he grew up embroiled in Chinese culture but yeah he's a quarter or less Chinese, and a quarter or less Pacific Islander.

He does identify as non-white though.

@noelle Don't get me wrong, I find this endlessly funny but I think it's also important to remember that Keanu is Asian and Hawaiian as well as white--though that doesn't detract from the point of the post at all because he gets white privilege from passing.

@noelle it does help that he's from the 90's hacker scene that was before dudebros took over, so he's more of the geeky, open minded anti-establishment type than your typical person :blobthinking:

@noelle I always got the impression that Neo was coded as a white man, even if the actor who was cast was mixed. Kind of like Elliot from Mr. Robot (though they at least cast an Arab woman as his mother later)

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