2013: Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion, which is to say, $1100 million.

2019: Automattic buys Tumblr for less than $3 million.

2025: I buy Tumblr for $5 and an A+ rating on eBay

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@noelle Not lifting the ban on adult content, interesting.



I'll give you $3.50, and a six-pack of fresh clones.

@noelle wow it's almost like not listening to users about how they use the site, not addressing longstanding harm being done to them, and deciding dodgy algorithms can do all your thinking for you, means that a social media platform drastically loses value or something

well done, yahoo!

@noelle conclusion: furry tits are worth $1,097 million dollars

@noelle "but mr. tumblr mod there was no mention of enby-presenting fox nipples"

@noelle damm "enby-presenting fox nipple haver" is too long to be a valid username

Tumblr sale 

@noelle It's pretty clear Verizon was basically leaving Tumblr by the kerb, with a "FREE" sign by it - all the moreso when you consider some 200 devs, at maybe $100k each per year (at least, given it's the City; probably somewhat more), making for a payroll of $20-30m a year.

But how are they going to fare better under even a good owner? Seems to me the exodus has been underway for a while, kicked into high gear with the porn ban, which the story notes will stay in place.

Ah well. Sites rise, sites fall, communities migrate. Here, at least, we're not a monolith, and entirely sustainable, without any need for data harvesting in conjunction with 300 "partners".

(And for fun, I see in the HN comments they're apparently planning to migrate the back end to WordPress..)

re: Tumblr sale 

@porsupah @noelle god, seeing that list of tracking companies for the first time ... good grief almighty

re: Tumblr sale 

@packbat @noelle It was a real eye-opener for me. We'd probably all suspected/known they might sell data to some company or other, but such a /massive/ list, all operating entirely behind the scenes, unknown to most people.. wow.

re: Tumblr sale 

@porsupah @noelle I just looked and found the fediverse thread about it that someone shared on Tumblr

nineteen pages screenshotted on a smartphone

@noelle putting the billions into millions to compare with the other millions is such a helpful thing for contextualizing the sheer difference between the two
It's so surprising how rare that sort of thing is though

@noelle imagine buying one of the world's larger social networks and losing 99.99% of the value in six years

Holy shit I probably have shoes that depreciated more gracefully

@noelle can't wait to buy Tumblr for 20 bucks in two years

@behold3r @noelle we all pass around the tumblr whenever we want to make a post

@noelle woah! maybe they'll actually do something decent with it?

Hehehehehhe. Weren't we all saying this shit was gonna just basically die with no pronz on there? I mean, what's left besides nazi's and bullshit on that platform?
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