Greetings, new users! Welcome to Mastodon and the greater Fediverse!

You may want to consult my Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon:

It covers topics like:

* How do I get verified on Mastodon?
* Why should I caption my images?
* What the hell is with all the pineapples?

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From the Guide: "What does 'CW' mean?" 

From the Guide: "What does 'CW' mean?" 

@noelle man, i've seen significantly less pineapples of late

Very beautifully written. The recommendations for smartphone apps have changed a bit...
#Mastalab has been called #Fedilab for a few months now. In the Google Play Store it costs something, in F-Droid it is free.

@dsw28 Thank you! and good catch, thanks! I don't have an Android phone so I'm a bit out of touch. :)

@noelle @dsw28 (i allo wouldn't recommend fedilab, being the one by the dev who made a big huge deal out of how it would be wrong to block gab)

@alexa @dsw28 I removed it. I get to choose which software to endorse in my guide, and I've chosen not to endorse Fedilab until they choose not to support Gab.

@noelle I have a couple of suggestions, but I need to find some time to sit behind a computer to fork and send in a #PullRequest :)
Feel free to poke me as a reminder if you haven't seen one by next week. :)

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