Reminder: the only reason your English teacher said "don't split an infinitive" is a rule is because William Strunk and Elwyn White said it was, and the only reason THEY said it was is because they wanted to make English more like Latin and you *can't* split a (present active) Latin infinitive.

Let English be English. If you want to boldly go, do so.

@noelle and then in latin you get to infinitives that aren't present active and find that Ovid (that MOTHERFUCKER) has not only split them, but wedged, like, two fucking lines in between one part and the next,

so basically all language is fake and fuck you ovid.

@noelle SPLIT that INFINITIVE like an OVERRIPE PEACH!!!1!!

@noelle @Pyretta same for the rule saying prepositions are not something you should end a sentence with. fake rule derived from latin.

@noelle see I'm sure my teachers said not to do this but I don't even know what splitting an infinitive is.

"an example: to boldly go"

Wait that's "bad?" Fuck off that's fine.

Grammar exists to facilitate clear communication. I can understand that perfectly.

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