if you complain about someone pirating a cyberpunk game you're officially on the side of the megacorps


well shit that's just obvious math, damn

how did nobody recognize this before

if corps give you a game with a narrative that encourages piracy, really

it's the corps' own fault if you crime them

(25% seriousish and 75% "IP law is a horrible tragedy Hindenberging humanity by making corps more powerful than anything else and I don't really care if the corps who abused IP law suffer terrible consequences"

@noelle πŸ€” A cyberpunk game that is unwinnable if it detects a valid license. Pirating the game is the only way to win. 😁

@noelle I’m not even sure it’s worth pirating.

@KBY30 I'm a sucker for cyberpunk so I'll at least give it a try, but it's true that it might be a brief and unsatisfying try. ;)

tbf, CDPR is one of the most user friendly game companies out there. If we don't support good companies, what incentives do we give them to be good at all?

Shame they're not trans-friendly or worker-friendly, though. :blobshrug:

I hope they'll be soon. (And it's up to us to make sure they will!)

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