recommended instance block has a stated policy of unfettered free speech and their admin boosts child porn from pawoo and (also at least suspend media from pawoo and

recommended instance block 

@noelle Actual child porn, or drawings? Blocking the latter is perfectly fine, but making the distinction is still important because one of them involves harming a child and the other, well, doesn't.

recommended instance block 

@keiyakins I only looked as far as a drawing, but even the drawings normalize sex with children.

recommended instance block 

@noelle Eh, I'm not sure I'd agree but that's a different fight and one I don't think either of us want to have. I just think it's important to distinguish distasteful-but-not-intrinsically-harmful drawings from things that rob actual children of their childhood.

recommended instance block; pedophilia 

@keiyakins @noelle Fuck child rapists and the people who fantasize about child rape enough to put depictions of it out into a world where chidden get raped and have to see it and your apologia for it, actually. And fuck calling the latter merely distasteful.

I know you have neither insight nor empathy, but put your irrational fucked up apologia behind a CW. Honestly, some of us are trying to have nice evenings and deserve better than to run across this mess

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