"Then... he pays /you/ thirty-five dollars a day to tell him to work faster!"


but noelle, corporations have also caused good things, so it's impossible to tell if corporations are good or bad

@meena @noelle

if you mean "what good things", technically a bunch of stuff that probably would have happened anyway but was arguably accelerated by the corporate bottom line as a side effect, and personally I don't believe whatever 'good' corps have done justifies the awfuls and horrors and suches

if you mean "WTF are you talking about", it's a joke reference to an old dril tweet about drunk driving getting people to work on time in some cases, which was also a joke

@sydneyfalk @noelle i did mean the first thing

and i'm not sure about the acceleration…

or rather, i think it's poorly skewed: towards areas that are useless or harmful, and away from… things we (i) may have forgotten words for

@noelle Do you know the source on the author of this comic ?

@Sylvhem I found a higher-res version of the cartoon that identifies the artist as Fred Wright, a longtime cartoonist for United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America:


It takes a lot of work to come up with a well-selling product and take the risk to invest in all the equipment to make it. I respect hard working managers!

In all honesty, I wouldn't mind $15 per day. 😅

@noelle Holy fuckitty fuck I can't believe I bumped into you on here by complete accident. That is pretty far up there in terms of coincidences I've experienced on the Internet.

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