uspol, what the heck 

So, uh, George Will, of all people, has renounced the Republicans in light of their actions over the last few years and is actively hoping for a Democratic sweep in November:

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uspol, what the heck 

@lawremipsum @noelle They all seem to have given up or moved to the Libertarian Party.

I'm still disappointed that Mr. McMullen and Mr. Johnson didn't have a stronger showing in 2016.

uspol, what the heck 

@noelle I SAW THAT.

This is the kind of patriotism we need right now, though. It'll count for more after the Mueller report comes in. If that wing of the R's starts baying for impeachment, we might have a chance at getting it.

uspol, what the heck 

@noelle My in-laws are that kind of Republican. I think we managed to get them to vote 3rd party this last time. They definitely will not be voting for T in '22.

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