Boost if you know what this means:


the solution 

It's a string of Hayes modem control codes.

AT - attention
H0 - pick up the phone, ending any previous call from the same modem
M0 - silence the modem speaker
V1 - set the modem to verbose mode, displaying English-language information instead of number codes
D - dial the following number
T - use touch-tone dialing instead of pulse dialing
8675309 - call JENNY-BBS

@noelle seems a bit redundant to throw what should be in your init string into your dial command every time though.

When you're attack dialling a service, gotta get that redial happening as quick as possible.

@mike well, sure, if you're wardialing with a script that supports init strings. ;)

the solution 

@FiLiS whoops, you're right - I got it backwards.

@noelle Silencing the modem speaker before dialing? Heresy.

@noelle I'm drawing some blanks on M0V1, something about muting the speaker? 🤔

@Jo @noelle For a brief, exciting moment, I thought you had the number for Jenny from the Studio Killers track. ^_^ (Eh, she'd be way out of my league anyway =:)

@hackerfriendly M0 meant I didn't wake my parents up at 2 in the morning. ;)

@noelle Fair. Still, silently calling her and hanging up after printing NO CARRIER is still pretty cyber.

@noelle ...unless Jenny ran a BBS in your area code of course.

@noelle either M or V is the volume? But what is the other?

@noelle Okay but what did Jenny do to deserve a modem handshake screech in her ear when she answers her phone?

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