Reminder that Asexual people exist.

And you should respect that.

Your sexuality is valid and you should feel safe to act on that and be yourself.

But not at the expense of asexual people's safety.

And yet, here we are.

since we're doing ace reminders hey reminder that ace folks are disproportionately gender nonconforming and if all of your spaces for gender nonconforming folks are full of people being lewd in your mentions (Mastodon) you're actively turning away many of the people who need those spaces

adding resin casting to the list of "things cosplay has made me learn"

Huh, tomorrow will mark me not play for a month....
I can access the newbie servers again!!!! :D

I have named all my Necromancer's siblings variations of "John".
Heck, my character's name is also a variation of John.
All of them are John.

both in the news and in my thesis, I'm being reminded the Wayback Machine exists and that reminds me that my old geocities blog is on it. my old teen blog.
It can stay in the wayback machine

On right, it's APRIL

God I hate this month

my brain: .....
my brain: .....
my brain: so.... we're all homestuck, eh

it is a beautiful day to stay inside and write a thesis

my prof, almost a day ago: hey, can you do a presentation this Wednesday?
Me: .... whut? in, like, two and a half days, about my current progress? You want me to stop what I'm doing? To put together a 15 min presentation, to give on a platform I barely know how to use????

the kid across the hall are restless and ~screaming~ as loud and high as they can
this... is nothing new... that kid ALWAYS does this at this time of night. And several times a day...
Gonna get worse as there's two weeks of no school and I have a thesis to write. So glad I have noise cancelling headphones.

I love returning to an MMO and I've been banished from the guild I was currently in because "certain problems in management."
... okay????
I went afk in the game for a bit, came back to an unsolicited guild request, sigh.
This game.

I never thought it'd happen to me, but it is...
I wished that my gaming mouse had more buttons.... so that I could make more keybindings and not have to disturb my cat when she's lying on my wrists when I'm playing

I found an image of my character from the first MMO I ever was on, Tales of Pirates
I was working on being an "aggressive Seal Master" aka healer
Some time later I got into Second Life and then Rift and then DCUO... and Skyrim... :D

I just realized that I can change the colour of my keyboard's backlight
I thought I just didn't have the version that did that.
Also, got my wacom tablet's driver fully working (had to do an uninstall and reinstall) so that it actually sees my tablet and I CAN USE THE BUTTONS!!!!!!
And you know, maybe program it so I can play OKAMI!!!! :D

If you're in the States, open enrollment for medical insurance through starts on November 1st. ACA hasn't been gutted completely yet, take advantage of what you can while you can.

Please boost or toot about it too.

..... that moment when you get a notification sound, but when you open the tab... you don't see why you got a notification sound??????

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