shit my DM does:
- decides our party isn't over-powered enough, and makes more magical items for us
- asks us all for images of our character sheets
me: oh, I calculated my passive perception wrong; it's 15, not 18
DM: ... I'm gonna fix that...
- my Aasimar Necromancer is thus getting a SYMBIOTE that does a bunch of stuff, including EXPERTISE in PERCEPTION
and now she has to deal with what is essentially an ALIEN CHILD in her head

I'm gonna stream Mass Effect Legendary in a bit, if anyone wants to laugh with me

20-ish minutes. Not a long walk.
spent the last year not doing much, and now my asthma and back hate me. So, a little at a time

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I have forgotten to update about the antics my DnD group has gotten up to
will do when I get back

some trial and error, but yes, I do remember my login.
It's been at least one year, but let's go for a PoGo walk!!
At least, to the nearest stop, should only be 15-ish minutes...

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okay, let's see whether I remember my Pokemon Go login, cause I feel like going for a walk in the middle of the night...

my group has decided to play an isekai version of Curse of Strahd. Cause "vampire wizard? We gotta fight that!!" is a mood. We took a personality quiz to determine race and class. We're point buying stats to give the module a chance to kill us.
I'm gonna be an Oath of Devotion Paladin that multiclasses to Divine Soul Sorcerer.
our group's main weapons of choice is STAFF
(we have so. many. spellcasters.)
our plan is to challenge the villain to a Quidditch match or we use him as a piñata.
Myself and another player also LARP so yes, we expect to make all the vampire jokes.

I just started KH3 and I’m crying cause it’s so pretty
Also, I’m stumped on the tutorial “pick your build” section

it's nearly 1am where I am, but apparently not March 30 yet on whatever server this game is
I just... I just want Kingdom Hearts 3

Also, I spent my last semester of school writing short stories about my DnD necromancer and now I’m thinking of rewriting it into basically a book

I *just* got back into ESO and wtf happens? I’m finally granted KH3

I am told that tomorrow, KH for PC is being released on Epic Games and OMG

Reminder that Asexual people exist.

And you should respect that.

Your sexuality is valid and you should feel safe to act on that and be yourself.

But not at the expense of asexual people's safety.

And yet, here we are.

since we're doing ace reminders hey reminder that ace folks are disproportionately gender nonconforming and if all of your spaces for gender nonconforming folks are full of people being lewd in your mentions (Mastodon) you're actively turning away many of the people who need those spaces

adding resin casting to the list of "things cosplay has made me learn"

Huh, tomorrow will mark me not play for a month....
I can access the newbie servers again!!!! :D

I have named all my Necromancer's siblings variations of "John".
Heck, my character's name is also a variation of John.
All of them are John.

both in the news and in my thesis, I'm being reminded the Wayback Machine exists and that reminds me that my old geocities blog is on it. my old teen blog.
It can stay in the wayback machine

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