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hi i’m murz

i like video games and making fun of myself. my other interests are cats, lp records, yarn stuff, tarot and whiskies(hic).

sometimes i follow randomly during my forays into the fed timeline. i read a couple more languages, but my messages will mostly be in english.

i also tend to make dad jokes unironically—that’s prolly cause half of people on here seem to be half my age, and i don’t know the other half‘s taste in humour half as much as i should.

i’ll add when i can think of more. else this message will probably self-destruct soon.

nintendo direct 

any game with playable bowser is a good game

cab driver told me take the bus to save money the next time ;___;

why do you think i took the cab in the first place??

@lapis sibling, you will get your next mission today

having a project of my own to lead feels so good

finally working full-time again after a year of „sabbatical“.

and three days in i schedule meetings beyond 18:00 again. bad habit dies hard.

throwback tuesday

when the two had a peace treaty #394

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It's not a Kraft Dinner if you're not cooking a Kraft-brand box in Canada, otherwise it's sparkling Mac n Cheese

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folks in & surrounding area, feel free to join us in plein air/urban sketching on the weekends :)

(boost welcome)

folks in & surrounding area, feel free to join us in plein air/urban sketching on the weekends :)

(boost welcome)

going back to the old capital this weekend. for the lack of things to wear i’ll just go with a full-black wardrobe. except the shoes. they are red.


and so we play the game „how long it takes to make gin&tonic“ again.

at least this time we don’t have to ask, do you have A, do you have B, can you put A and B together?

i wonder if i should make a new group in meetup for plein air painting around the area. some day trips into the national park might be good as well.

how hard can flat hunting be?

as it turns out, very, very hard.


finally got a haircut that i like. it’s not so short, but short enough to survive this summer. and it’s low maintenance :radeline:

because it’s expected to be 35degC+, we are cancelling a lot of this weekend‘s activities (T___T)

hell site 

this is why i’m still on tumblr.
for top content such as this.

it takes a lot to digest tumblr feed... but it’s worth it (most of the time)

embroidery sounds like some hobby i can get into.


must be therapeutic.

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Ich glaube ich brauche ein Wochenende vom Wochenende.

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