Every year I have to ask Chinese relatives when exactly to wish a happy New Year, and Christian relatives when „Merry Christmas“ is.

Is today the Shopping Day or the Praying Day? Is it 24th or 25th?

Want to finish NG+ Golden Deer, but FE3H after 160+ hours feels like a drag. Perhaps a break to play the (g)Awakening mod is in order.

Sometimes I miss the simple dialogue menu for story and support. No need to hunt them down to talk.

Am I hungry, or am I just bored?

Have to be in Detroit either in February or in June for work.

And I, like a dumbass, chose to go in February.

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Hello German/European #knitting #crochet #yarn bubble, here's a PSA:

The German store lanade.de is getting rid of their Drops stuff, so there's 30% off everything from Drops until supplies last. Happy shopping!

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I don't remember who in the federated timeline originally posted this (it wasn't anyone I know, I was just browsing, and didn't favorite it) but I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. It's extra fun if you know a lot of Japanese.


It's all according to keikaku*, folx

*keikaku means "plan"

DQ, lewd? 

Me: I wish game developers would stop oversexualising teenage girls.

Also me: I want to play Atelier Ryza for two main reasons—


Of all the places to finally find Horlicks that’s not over €10 a pack, it’s in this one tiny Vietnamese shop.

I don’t know why they have it. The owner doesn’t seem to know why exactly she placed it on order either. But I’m not going to question serendipity, and will just hoard as many as I can pack in the bag and scurry back home.

Room booked for Gamescom Köln... I really don’t want to be there alone, but who else wants to go :/

Wher seems to know when I need a bit of cuddling.

Breathe in. Unclench my jaw. Breathe out. Feel the purr...

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Apologizing Online, a guide-

We all make mistakes, and we will all need to apologize at some point. This is hopefully going to help with that.

1. Step away and THINK. Not of a response, or how to win, but what you did and the ramifications of it. If a lot of people are mad at you, it's not because you "spoke the truth". You know how if you encounter one asshole, they're just an asshole, but if you have assholes all day, you're the asshole?
That's you right now, PLOT TWIST.


Slowly, tentatively making plans for this year, just so it seems less like a gaping void, and to have something to look forward to.

I‘m still here. What is one more year?

awkwardly saying hi 

MH-/+, alcohol, doodling 

MH-/+, alcohol, doodling 

Inktober log 

Inktober log 

Inktober log 

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